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Found 1 result

  1. As I was watching a documentary on American military aircraft, a thought struck me: if planes are chosen to be used in competitions, why not do it that way on the forums? So I came up with this. Weekly, I will give out loose specifications and requirements to build planes, and then put all through a assignment to prove it can fulfil its role, and finally put entries for that week in a poll, for people to vote on the best ones. It will work in two parts, the first part being the voting, and the second part being the plane completing an "assignment" I'll prepare a save of. The winner gets a shiny badge I will make in paint, and possibly get to choose the next set of specifications. Week 1: Light Bomber Class: Light bomber You are to design a light bomber designed to be able to fly inter-continental solo missions, with one refuel stop. It should carry at least 4 Radial ore tank bombs, and have at least a crew of 2, with the IVA providing front and back field of view, to spot interceptors or missiles. Rear mounted weapons would be good, but definitely not necessary. Weight: maximum 35 tons Speed: at least 200m/s under 10km Payload: at least 4 full Radial ore tank bombs Range: at least able to reach the desert continent with one re-fueling stop Crew: at least one pilot and one bomb-aimer, possibly a gunner, if your plane has a rear gun Voting poll: Winner: @NotAnAimbot's RBF-6 Longbow Week 2: Military Transport Proving mission and voting poll: Winner: @Servo's C-120 Meridian Week 3: Naval Fighter Proving Mission and Voting Poll: Winner: @sdj64's FX Falcon Week 4: Cloud Seeding Plane Proving Mission and Poll: Winners: @Speeding Mullet's Mullet Dyne MD-82 Twin Equinox and @Vexnium's A107AH Hinox Week 5: Poll: Winners: @Vexnium's CA179S Mass, @Ozelui's Wasp and @NotAnAimbot's MDL F-2F+ Super Predator Week 6: Amphibious Aircraft Poll: Winner: Winner: @Vexnium's CA600N Humpback Week 7: Poll: Winners: @Joseph Kerman's Gilder and @Bob_Saget54's Falcon Mk1 Week 8: Rocket Plane Poll: I hope you enter!