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Found 6 results

  1. SpaceMouse

    I'm bad at this whole 'job' thing.

    So I've been having a bad year, to put it mildly. It started off well enough, I got a message from a former co-worker that he was running the warehouse/tech dept at a separate company and I should put a application in because they could get me out of my dead-end job (for another dead-end job). Put my application in and I got the job! It went well enough for a few months until one day (mostly) out of the blue I was fired for not being fast enough. Although I never missed a deadline. (I think my bosses boss just didn't like me but I have 0 evidence to back up that claim.) I was out of work for a few months and then something awesome happened. I found a job still working with the printers I was familiar with that paid a whole 65% better and was for the most part... a piece of cake. Until one night I was running the one big complex copier I was unfamiliar with and got a message that a certain supply was low. Several Google searches later (and a few bad judgement calls) I put a liquid where a solid was supposed to go. Derp of derps. Needless to say, I got a call the next day and was promptly fired and the company is probably out a month of time and a considerable amount of money. And that brings me to a few days ago. Aside from being nearly out of money entirely to pay my bills, I accepted a job offer than may have actually been a bad idea. The job is virtually identical to the place I was at for 5 years, they even have pretty much the same machines. Problem is, All three of these jobs have the same tech support for their printers. The job with the machine I broke isn't on my resume and it's almost certainly going to come out when one of their lead techs comes in to fix their machines. He didn't like me before this all happened to begin with. I've already talked to several people and they've all agreed I didn't need to have it on my resume and that I shouldn't mention it unless questioned. I don't like being dishonest. The new place doesn't have any of the machine I broke. (I don't think) I've never been this apprehensive to start a job with a interview that went so well. Week 1 is gonna be rough. Hope there's a week 2. I'm really lucky to be living with a group of friends that are supportive. But this is a bad year however you slice it. Feel free to yell at me or otherwise give your input.
  2. Imbadatksp

    Please help me!!!

    Please help! Every single rocket i build slowly slides off to one side, no matter what. Everything is in line, center of mass is in the bottom middle if my rocket, i am using fins, sas is on, and im not touching the engine. I have no idea what is going on and how to fix it. The game is nearly unplayable because i can't reach orbit to collect science so i can't unlock halfway decent parts. Please help
  3. Im having problems with making planets in unity, its laggy when there is multiple planets in one scene. When i make them small, i cant get the particles proper size. When it is large it laggs and i cant get the collider to match the planets surface. In my case the planets are spheres. So i took a look at the KSP planets but i cant seem to make them like that in unity.
  4. cutlercollin99

    School Project

    Hello fellow Kerbals, For my engineering class project, I have to make my own problem- solution project. Me, an avid kerbal lover, I want to incorporate KSP in any way. I have to propose a problem, give a possible solution for the problem, and execute the project I made. It would be a cool way to integrate KSP into school. I can download mods too if the problem requires it. I just would like your guy's thoughts and ideas for a problem that I could solve. All advice is appreciated! Send me a personal message if you want to have a conversation about your project idea. Thanks a lot!
  5. sevenperforce

    Living in space

    There have been a handful of threads recently about possible ways that colonizing Mars could prove economically viable. We haven't really gotten much solid consensus. In the near-term, it just doesn't seem like there is any slam-dunk reason to live on Mars. Why not look a little closer to home? Let's suppose, for the sake of argument, that some entity was willing to build a space station in orbit for long-term habitation. What, other than space tourism, would cause people to move there? On a basic economics level, people will endure a higher cost of living if the income they can receive is correspondingly greater. Living on a space station in orbit would be the extreme example. The cost of living is very, very grossly understate...but if there was a way to generate correspondingly greater income, people would live there. The trouble is finding a lucrative income source in space that is not available on Earth, while also requiring you to actually be physically in space. The current jobs in in space come from NASA and other government-sponsored space agencies. That is mostly scientific research. While important, it doesn't serve as an immediate stream of revenue and so it probably doesn't fit. I could imagine other types of research that would be more lucrative. I'm sure there experiments which could only be conducted in microgravity, yet would result a lot of profit for companies here on Earth. Another opportunity would be zero g manufacturing and assembly. I don't know whether that market is big enough, or if there are aspects that would require human presence. Then there are more interesting possibilities. It might seem like a lot of trouble to set up a tax haven in space, but there may be certain business models (investment banking, stock option manipulation, encryption services, gambling servers, streaming servers, etc.) which would benefit tremendously if they could be conducted away from government oversight or control. The same goes for manufacturing of restricted substances. Finally, there's space jockey stuff -- going to repair satellites in orbit, assembling satellites, and so forth. Any other ideas?
  6. As a sister thread to one of the threads I find most fascinating in this forum, I've decided to create a thread on professions. This first topic will very likely have a better formatting over time. The inspirational thread has categories for levels of education; I figure there are no such things as 'levels of work', but some categorization is preferred over a long list of names and professions. I'm open to suggestions! The reason I'm creating this thread is that a lot of people here come from very different backgrounds, are at or past working age, and from the little I've seen so far professions are all over the place; you'd never know, but you just might have a buddy here who's a truck driver or a medical doctor or a fighter pilot. I certainly wouldn't expect everyone here to work on space-related subjects (if only for the reason that space-related jobs aren't so common), but it surely surprised me how many work on subjects entirely apart from science or technology! So, without further ado, I'll start: I'm a data analyst, and I work for a healthcare provider. I've been in this job for four years now, just recently moved to a different company, and I really like what I do. I develop indicators, figure trends, find problematic spots in annual price negotiations, and many specific odd reports, for which I enjoy a) discovering what data I have available on the subject, b) how do I get to process it into something meaningful and c) how do I present it in an engaging way, if possible with interaction. I've also enjoyed learning about healthcare in the process, and working for a different company but in the same sector was a little joy I had this year.