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Found 5 results

  1. Counter-Coriolis Space Explorations Systemic Body Collection(SBC) it add the best* planets Delta Space Engineering: Competent parts for Competent people STATUS: UNRELEASED GITHUB REPO:
  2. cratercracker

    Look at this video!

    Wow. Just look at it. Worth mentioning that the footage presented was made by HiRISE camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Enjoy~
  3. Zeffy

    This game is great

    Is there anything else to say?
  4. Mordecai_Ender

    Screenshots of Duna

    I was sening a rover to Duna and i saw this so i tought it would be good to show it Tell me what you think about them
  5. Hi! I wanted to show you what I did today. I made an SSTO capable of reaching orbit with a lot of Delta-V. Making use of that, I plotted a Mun mission. Here are some pictures: Ascending into space: Almost there! : Yeah! : Look at those numbers!! : Preparing a free return manouver. This wasn't difficult at all since the mun's orbit has no inclination: Sweet! : See you in about 3 days! : Look at those views! (taken a little further away than the original closest approach because of time warp issues) : Second Atmosphere Entering (No photos of the first one because I was nervous as hell. I lost the front intake andtwo batteries on the first pass): Recharging the only battery left: Succesful landing!!: Mission stats: That's it!! please let me know what you think. if you so desire, I will upload the craft files. There is a crew and a cargo variant. The craft uses B9 Aerospace and Adjustable Landing Gears. EDIT: And I made it to minmus!!