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Found 2 results

  1. Hey forumers! Glad to see you click on this post (unless you finger slipped when trying to open "ksp memes megathread", dont blame ya!) For a while (well, for a few days) I have been doing a xenobiolgy project on a forum for speculative evolution and its well received. So I though to expand my audience The project is centered on a planet called Sudarium, its a gas drawf rocky planet with a thick atmosphere of nitrogen and helium (originally hydrogen and helium) and a large percentage of oxygen. The atmosphere and higher gravity push life to evolve into crazy and weird aliens totally different from ours (though some may have attributes that look similar to our plants and animals.) Too give a taste of how alien the ecosystem is, one large group of bacteria is the slime`s, a group descendant of a prehistoric water colony of microscopic bacterium that evolved to dominate the land. The most dominant of the group is the creeping slime, a black unicellular plant that live in pools of its own species (and sometimes other slimes) covering the landscape with a average thickness of 1cm and a width of 10cm (largest one discovered is 56cm deep and 4m in width.) You can read more here!:
  2. “Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space.” ― Douglas Adams The Jirtays Project The jirtays Project is a game, but not like your average, fun forum game. This game is more of a project, a project to see what life would do on other worlds. How far would it go? how much would it develop? The possibilities are endless. And you will be a part of it or not, its your choice to join. The Project is going to be aimed to those who love these sort of projects. Better known as xenobiologists, people who study the behavior of evolution and imagine its potential on other, alien worlds. I am a xenobiologist, and after look at the Sagan 4 Project I too wanted to make my own world, get the community interested and develop a thriving planet filled with lifeforms both big and small. So, i present to you, the Jirtays Project! Rules 1. No animals/plants that are invincible, immortal (cannot die, animals that cannot die from old age is allowed however. as some earth animals dont die from old age, but from other reasons) or downright god-like. 2. No inappropriately shaped animals/plants. (you know what i mean) 3. lifeform submissions must include a picture to accompany it, dont worry, it doesn't have to be grade A+ perfect, a simple drawing on MS paint would do! 4. Lifeform submissions MUST look slightly like their ancestor, either from body plan, color, behavior, intelligence etc. 5. Lifeforms Must have a Latin or Greek name, no other language is allowed! 6. Dont be rude to others. 7. Have fun! Steps and Era`s Steps will be the nickname for the next evolutionary stage of life, when a lifeform becomes too different from its own siblings that it become its own species. That would be classed as a step. steps will not be increased by the amount of species that run into Jirtay, instead it would account for the amount of life before the species came to be. for example, if we were to evolve the precursor of all species, that would be step 2, if we evolve another species from said precursor, that species is also in step 2. however, if a species is evolved from a step 2 lifeform, then it becomes a step 3 lifeform. Get it? If you dont, keep reading that statement until you do understand it. Era`s are basically what they are. Era`s, a time which would separate specific time periods of Jirtay`s. Similar to the Earth`s Era`s, Era`s would also be split into periods. simialr on how we do it on Earth aswell. Gava Era Saltabci (salt-ab-ci) Period The saltabci Period was the time between Jirtays Creation to The beginning of life. during this Era, The landscape was mostly lava and fire, a horrible time at be alive. luckily, anything alive at that time would of been blasted, incinerated and completely annihilated before it could gain a foothold at evolution. In the end, 3 Large seas formed at the equator, and millions of lakes, ponds and puddles had formed all across the planet. Quirtays (Quit-ays) Period The Quirtays period picks up from the Saltabci Period, where 3 large seas and countless ponds, puddles and lakes had formed across Jirtay. Here, life shall blossom... Solar System Valata A large, middle sequence star, about 1.2x the size of the sun. It is, of course, white in color. And has more energetic solar flares than our own sun, its solar wind is slightly more power. and due to its higher heat output, the habitable zone is further away. Hityr A moho mercury like world. It is blasted constantly by the solar wind and heta by Valata, however, it isnt hot enough for its surface to liquidize. kinda sad. It is 2x the size of mercury. And its surface is around 600*C. Kras Another Mercury like world, except Kras is the size of Mars, well near. it is slightly larger. It is actually a binary world With Utiaps. The surface is around 200*C. and has a small greenhouse effect going on. Utiaps Similar to Venus, except the size of mars, it has a high density, so the surface of this world is similar to Earth`s gravity. Allowing it retain a thick, carbon dioxide and methane atmosphere, due to this the heat here is very high, around 575*C. and is in a binary dance with Kras. Jirtays A Earth like world, has 3 moons, 2 large, 1 near asteroid size. It is 1.8x the size of the earth, but with 1.4x the gravity at its surface. Its surface temperature is around 67*C, though its surface is cooling slowly. It has a thick atmosphere of nitrogen, methane and argon. Fitoras A small moon, about 0.7x the size of ours. It is also very similar, rocky, dry, airless, lifeless. it is barren and pocked with craters. Crawsta a desert world, the size of mars. sure its planet sized, but its gravitational influence on Jirtays is so low that it doesn't make it a binary world. It has a thick yet low atmosphere, so the progression in the atmosphere is quicker than here on Earth. It has no oceans, but has a ton of ice locked underneath its surface, out of reach of its very hot surface (which is 100*C+), which is thanks to its atmosphere containing a lot of carbon dioxide. Grivits a small Gas giant, it doesn't have much moons, about 13 small boring asteroids and a small ice moon, nothing much, it has a thin ring system and has a Saturn like texture on it. It helps get rid of most asteroids that are on a collision course with Jirtays... Admins GalacticVoyager - Owner, Thread Maintainer & Management ProtoJeb - Admin Step 1 Prodromus Rubrum (Precursor Red) Creator: GalacticVoyager Size: Microscopic Diet: Chemosynthesis Habitat: All Water Step/Era: 1/1 Taxonomy:Archaea Reproduction: Mitosis The first lifeform on Jirtays, after abiogenesis happened, Prodromus Rubrum was born. At first, the populace was small, but it quickly grew out of control. Prodromus Rubrum is a Archaea, a cell without a nucleus. And also the most basic lifeform in existence. Although being chemovores, they could survive in practically any environment, making it an extremophile. sort of, i cant survive in temperatures higher or lower than -30*C to 80*C+. Prodromus Rubrum somehow managed to spread across all the seas before they all connected, mostly because of meteor strikes sending fragment of Prodromus Rubrum across the planets surface. (you must include a description)