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I hate that you cannot access major parts of the game in sandbox mode. I would like to be able to start a new save game and have all research completed, all buildings upgraded, and infinite funds.

Currently, I have to start a new career save, go into persistent.sfs, give myself 11098 Science and 1000000000 (1 billion is close enough to ∞, right?) Funds, load up the save, upgrade all the buildings, and research the whole tech tree.

Does anybody want to make a mod that achieves the same goal as my save editing, or know of a mod for this?



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The science system and related parts do not function. Crew reports, EVA reports, and surface samples cannot be gathered. Attempting to observe experiments will not earn the player anything. However, it still displays the window. Also, the Research and Development Facility cannot be accessed.

Mission Control cannot be accessed, and Contracts are disabled.

The Administration Facility cannot be accessed, and there are no business strategies available in this game mode.

The reputation system is disabled.


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Well, this mod will make such a setup easier: A funds, science & rep cheat menu for testing purposes

Just keep giving yourself science/funds as needed.

Yes, it's annoying to unlock everything at the beginning.. but how often do you start a new game?

(If you do start new games often, then start one game, set everything up, and then leave it alone, as a template. When you want a new game, copy the persistent.sfs file to a new directory)

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