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Kerbal Kountdown!!!!

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Venera 9?

Just flinging metaphorical darts at the metaphorical dartboard and seeing what sticks.

An attempt at googling (which thinks mares is meant to be mars) brings up stuff about horses, the goddess venus, and some other wierd stuff.

That's gotta be it. From that Wikipedia page the Mission Duration for Venera 9 was 200 days.

So there's that and as said earlier the spacecraft was designated 4V-1 No. 660.

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Oh hey, this:

"A system of circulating fluid was used to distribute the heat load. This system, plus pre-cooling prior to entry, permitted operation of the lander for 53 minutes after landing"

Coincidence? That's how long the lander lasted before succumbing to the heat.

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So summary

Venera 9

Mission to Venus (what Eve is an analogue of)

Lasted 200 days.

Designation 660.

660 kg surface payload.

Lasted 53 minutes after landing.

Yep, too many coincidences.

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There's also two debris craft, the launcher was a Proton-K/D, which had three stages, presumably the second and third stages made it to orbit to become debris?


Do we have to find them all? It's Venera 9

We don't have to, it would just be cool if we found them all.

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