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  1. I got Overwatch when they had their free weekend, and have been playing it since. It's the most fun I've had in a game in a while. The only frustrating part is that seemingly half the time you get paired up with toxic players who want to complain about a team mate picking a 'troll hero' or outright throwing. I mainly play Mercy/Lucio and other heroes that don't require great aim.
  2. Of course there is more than one conclusion that can be drawn from an observation. Whether or not your conclusion is logical depends on your foundation knowledge you are drawing on to formulate your conclusion. As far as electricity goes, it relies on the complex number set (the name imaginary does a disservice). In fact, what we consider normal numbers are just a subset of complex numbers with the i term held at 0 (e.g. 5 +0i). Pi and e are irrational numbers and we use them all the time and the sine and cosine functions are also functions of e and complex numbers. Just because something relies on complex mathematics doesn't make it mysterious. As far as electricity goes, we can explain what happens and why nearly every time. If we didn't understand electricity we wouldn't be able to have this exchange right now. This is the problem with applying methods that work for history and social 'sciences' to real science. This sounds like you are arguing that there is no objective truth, that everything is subject to interpretation and that we can never be 100% certain of something. Might I also ask, exactly how would acting on climate change be a bad thing? Even if it turned out to not be as big of a threat as it currently seems to be, nobody really stands to be hurt by climate change action, if anything, the air will be cleaner, our vehicles and power plants more efficient, and our people healthier.
  3. You have a right to demand more proof and facts, but that doesn't necessarily mean you will get them. Many people are satisfied with the evidence we have right now. It is also important to realize that climate change is time dependent. Time spent debating whether or not climate change exists, is caused by human activity, or is a threat means is time not spent acting to reduce the impact of climate change. If climate change is caused by us, we need to act now to minimize the damage. I also find it kind of sad that we require less evidence to go to war in this country than to act on climate change. The problem with fusion is that it 1) has yet to actually produce any net power and 2) is incredibly expensive to research. Fission is actually not as bad as you make it out to be. New fission reactors are much safer than older ones, however anti-nuclear reactionaries don't understand that. All of our nuclear reactors in the USA and western Europe are 30+ years old, IIRC.
  4. Yes, successfully landing a first stage capable of delivering a payload to orbit has been done so many times before! And so many rockets have flown twice! Show me another first stage with grid fins and landing legs (New Shepard doesn't count). Unlikely given SpaceX just flew, then landed a used booster. Huh? IIRC, that F9 leg would have failed regardless of height. It's also landing at sea, last time I checked Mars didn't have any. I'm not sure why you are saying it is unstable. Also I'm fairly certain the engines and mounting hardware will be massive enough to pull the center of gravity down far enough for it to not be at too much risk of falling over, and if it would the design would change. The ITS as it is now is a first draft. Ok, and an abort system couldn't fail? Obviously high TWR SRB based abort systems (like Soyuz) are more reliable due to their simplicity, but there's no reason the ITS second stage couldn't be engineered for reliability. The helium tank in the second stage blew due to fueling IIRC, not a fault in the tank itself. SpaceX has been developing better heat shield material for use on Dragon. Again, this is an engineering problem that can be solved. We can never make any endeavor perfectly safe, but we can make accidents extremely rare. Like I said earlier, this version of ITS is a first draft. I'm sure SpaceX will go through many iterations of the ITS before it is ready to launch. None of the problems you list would be a reason to completely scrap the design and start over.
  5. Not Zelda though. (You can find the older ones and play them with an emulator though).
  6. This had to happen some time. If the cost of continued development is DLC, so be it. However, I do hope they don't increase the DRM (or basically add any DRM for those of us who bought it from the store or GOG).
  7. I finally put a build together on PC part picker and was almost ready to pull the trigger. I asked my thermodynamics TA (who built his own PC) whether to get a 1060 (EVGA SC Gaming) or RX 480 (Sapphire Nitro 8GB), and he suggested a 1060 for CUDA cores and better quality. I'm not sure if this is just his opinion or whether that is a good reason to go with the 1060 over the RX 480. I intend to use the computer for gaming (KSP with graphics mods mainly), a bit of development (Unity, Monodevelop, GIMP and Blender as of now), and Solidworks (which doesn't support CUDA or gaming cards at all) for a class (and maybe Matlab (which supports CUDA) and some other programs later on). Should I get the RX 480 for better game performance (which isn't extremely important to me) and better long-term support from AMD (something I do care about), or should I get the 1060 for CUDA cores and hope they will become useful someday? Edit: Should I be concerned about RAM clearance with the CPU cooler?
  8. You need an excuse to stay up till 1 AM over spring break? You aren't breaking right. As for the launch, I'll try not to fall asleep (I'm also on spring break, I've just been staying up too late/getting up too early).
  9. Would KSP benefit from the multicore performance of Ryzen?
  10. KSP reignited my passion for space, and I'm now pursuing an Aerospace Engineering degree in the US. I also learned some programming and game dev due to my attempts at modding (this has made Calc 3 a bore as a I already know vectors from my game dev experience).
  11. "What's horse man ship?" -A friend reading a belt buckle which was a horsemanship trophy. He actually read it as horse (space) man (space) ship.
  12. Chess, reading (books, news, a lot of reddit lately), not much gaming lately.
  13. There is really no point in a port to a dead console. Maybe a Switch port instead?
  14. Assuming we don't wipe ourselves out/get wiped out, yes. It's not going to happen anytime soon, and there are much more pressing concerns (climate change, AI, and sustainable energy).
  15. I'd like KSP to work on Mac again. IDK if its Unity 5 not working with MacOS or a problem with KSP specifically, it won't run (lowest graphics settings and still get lousy FPS).
  16. 1. People use the launcher? 2. Hasn't the launcher always been crap?
  17. Thanks, I'm waiting for Ryzen, especially after the disappointment that is Kaby Lake. BTW, what resolution/GPU is that at? I currently have a 1440p, 27" monitor (all in one) and I'm not sure if I could go to 1080p without shrinking the screen a lot.
  18. Could I expect much performance improvement in KSP (and other CPU intensive games, i.e. Dwarf Fortress) by overclocking? Specifically looking at i7 k vs non-k for Skylake and Kaby Lake.
  19. Same. If it were like:meh:dislike for me it would be 3:2:3 I like ANH, TFA, ESB, mixed feelings about R1 and ROTJ, and dislike the prequels. The prequels should never have been born made.
  20. Which ones are awful? I mean, other than the prequels.
  21. I'm a reformed KSP addict, AMA! Though this is more due to the fact that MacOS and Unity 5 hate each other, and that I'm a uni student now Asthmatic here. Hanging around smokers is the best way to have an asthma attack (or just get short of breath and a headache). 0/10 would not hang out again.
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