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  1. Passing along a message from our team regarding the current status of Kerbal Space Program - Enhanced Edition:
  2. It's come to my attention that KSP 2 will only be released on the newer generation consoles instead of the previous generation. This frustrates me greatly due to the fact that the PS5 and other newer consoles are greatly over priced. I think that we should all invest in potato farms, specifically in a place where labor costs are low and demand is high. I personally recommend Denmark, as it is only exporting around 2.171 million metric tons of potatoes each year, which means that the market is ripe for gripping. It uses 60% of its personal land mass for agriculture and much more of it is arable or can be bought from other farmers. Their minimum wage is 110 Danish Krones or 14.73 USD, this is higher than I would wish, but after gaining enough money, it would not be hard to take hold of other farming businesses there in order to develop a monopoly. Then we exploit this monopoly as well as our massive stock pile of money to use the good old fashion trick in business called "lobbying" law makers (DISCLAIMER: LAW MAKERS ARE NOT POLITICIANS, I REFUSE TO SPEAK OF POLITICS ON THIS FORUM| DEFENITION OF POLITICS: the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.) in order to ensure that our exports and potato making operations are uninterrupted. This monopoly will allow a 3900% increase in agriculture workers (from 2% to 80%) as well as a good raise of 16.99 Danish Krones, allowing their minimum wage to now be 126.99 Danish Krones. We will greatly improve the lives of the Danish, as well as raise their rank on the world stage for income per capita to the third best world wide. After this, we acquisition SONY, Microsoft, and Strauss Zelnick the parent company of both Take-Two Interactive and Private Division. This means that we can now drive down the pricing of both consoles and KSP 2, as well as dramatically increasing our profits. I'm a business genius, I know.
  3. So? Can devs at least confirm we'll get the updates at some point?
  4.  Kerbal Space Program - Enhanced Edition is now available on PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X|S!  ► https://bit.ly/3Abadja Featuring: - QHD w/improved framerate  - More stable game experience  - Upgraded shaders & textures  - Keyboard & mouse support & more! If you already own a copy of the game on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One your next-gen upgrade is free.
  5. I am playing a modded ksp instance and it was fine for the first few hours, it is now unplayable. I have no clue why this is happening except for this error message, can someone please help me?
  6. I understand another company ports the game but cant you tell us anything about next updates? Its been a while now. Can you ask them for us?
  7. When will 1.11 come to consoles. I’m just curious.
  8. Struggling with duct fan and current blades on xbox. Were there not duct fan blades? I swear I saw them. They don't seem to be on xbox.
  9. This question is pretty simple, but how will consoles behave with multiplayer? Will they be cross compatible with other consoles and pc players, will they have full multiplayer but limited to other users of the same console. Will they have limited multiplayer (for example only co-op, no servers?)
  10. XBox One, sound file for Twin Boar is corrupt, produces regular pops/crackle that speeds up as engine throttle is increased. I can see this error was raised in 2018, but it is still broken on XB1 today. Any suggestions, other than to play with no engine noise for that engine?
  11. PS4 Pro, radial preset, Parts and History, Breaking Ground, EE patch 12. Seriously. I feel like the program error and corrupted save screens should be added as stock loading screens, because I see them just as much as the title screen. Sarcasm aside, this latest version crashes significantly more than the game previously did, which is saying a lot, because it crashed daily to begin with. I have had five already today. My latest incident; I was literally doing NOTHING. I had the map screen open, and I was texting my brother about target inclinations. I looked up right as the game was autosaving, and that's when it crashed. Loaded the game back up, and sure enough, corrupted save data. There are no steps to reproduce this, because it randomly happens with everything in the game. Creating a ship, saving a ship, looking at the tracking station, attempting to control another vessel, autosaving, the list goes on (although, if I'm being honest, a large majority of the crashes occur during screen transitions, ie VAB to launch pad, vessel to tracking station, etc.). So I guess the steps are to just play the game like you normally would. It's even crashed when I go to load a quicksave file. So frustrated with this game now.
  12. On the PC version, when you right click something on the map (your PE marker, for example), that label gets pinned. The label persists until you right click it again, even if you toggle the map view. On consoles, this is not the case. If you press square/x to pin a label, that label only persists as long as the map view stays open, and as long as it doesn't pass too far from where the camera is looking. This behavior is annoying AF, constantly having to re-pin a label because you looked the wrong way, or toggled out of the map view for something. Please change this to have functionality that's similar to the PC version.
  13. How do you get ducts for the fan blades on console? I use a PS4 and cannot find any duct parts. I tried looking at the motor part action window to see if it was in the form of a shroud but I couldn't find it. I may have overlooked something but I've searched everywhere I can. Has anyone found out how?
  14. This is my first craft I am posting here and a part of my Mystery Inc. Space Solutions playthrough on PS4. We damn near MISS everytime lol This is a stock craft utilizing parts from the DLCs. This craft went through a few evolutions as you can see by the designation and just like Preparation H you will wonder what happened to A through E. The last 3 versions ended up yielding a craft I was truly surprised with and hope to be able to see all of the non atmosphere bodies. It has a full science compliment along with 3 complete sets of science equipment for atleast the first few stops. 2 large drills, 1 large ISRU and 1 set of medium heat sinks at 11% saturation, refueled it on Mun in 6 hrs. It holds 18.2k LF and 220 oxidizer to power the 8 fuel cell arrays...realize this is probably excessive but testing always had skewed results. There are also 4 rtgs to cover keeping everything topped off during flight. It weighs in at just a hair over 150t and with 8 Nervs it has a TWR of 1.97 and 7.2k DV at Mun Launchpad. It was launched under its own power from that location. Due to part count issues and fps I kept this build as light as I could at 123 parts. Fps was the demise of the E3e which did successfully make it and land on Dres. This is a SS of the E3e and its original mining startup at Dres before my fps plummeted for some reason using the drills which prompted the comissioning of the E3f and the same current outfitting. I'm sure it could use improvements and obviously is why I am posting here but I am really looking for an opinion also on if this would keep capable of visiting the no atmosphere bodies in a single run. I'm not sure I can even make Moho or Eeloo. Unfortunately with PS4 the only gravity assist i can do consistently is Mun to Kerbin and exit SOI. It is currently the route this craft is taking to Dres. So sorry this was soo long winded but I really did enjoy this build as of so far. Im just unsure I can manage to see them all with this craft and no grav assists. Side note, those pylons were a nightmare to design and the E3e had to have external struts added to them to keep the from krakening lol I' m not sure I will try it with the F class when it is commissioned. Thanks for reading Shag Going to post a mysterious pic of the MISS Kerbalprise D1b. Its lander inspired me to build the E class. I'll post the pics of that build and details of its landing at both Ike and Duna as soon as I upload pics.
  15. Today Meeh Aerospace is finally going interplanetary and to signal the arrival of this momentous event, engineering presents the newest class of vessel.... The KSS Kerbalprise D1b This vessel is another Nerv build and is equipped with living quarters for 6 , full science compliment, and a rover with full science compliment and medium scanning arm. Jeb, Bob, and Helrick are the senior crew for this mission and they will be bringing Cernand, Valentina, and Dinie along for experience in future interplanetary missions. The crew become familiar with the apsects of the new explorer class and prepare for escape from Kerbin SOI....as Bob inspects the ouside of the ship he calls over comms, "Hey guys, you see there is ANOTHER ship attached to this thing!?!?!?!? Looks like they expect us to land with that...that....THING!!!" The crew contemplates on the looooong trip to Duna if this KerbBrain idea the enginners have to save fuel will actually work!!! Let alone land at both bodies........... The crew prepare and enter Ikes SOI and seperate from the new "Mothership" as Jeb coined it and yells at Valentina, "Don't get any bright ideas and go for a joy ride!!! We are a looooong way from home!!!" The landing goes far smoother than Jeb expected almost having autopilot of a sort with the new prograde and retrograde locks. As they land the debate becomes which body wpuld be better for the new deployed science....Bob presents his argument, "Surely Duna would be better because it is BIGGGER....BIGGER is BETTER!!!" Helrick speaks up and says, "BUT from a fuel standpoint we could technically jettision the extra weight here!!!" Bob stomps his boot "Bigger is better because bigger equals more research!!! End of discussion!!" Bob decides to scare Helrick back into his way of thinking lol They redock with the mothership and head for Duna.... Upon circularizing at Duna they realize the lander used over 85% of its fuel on ascent....the decision is made to refuel from the "Mothership" and continue the mission...... Once on the ground the crew get hard to work deploying the science tech....meanwhile Bob and Helrick go for another ride...... Once the crew returned, as enjoyable as the D1b lander was to fly, the decision was made it must be left behind to conserve fuel.... They say farewell to Duna and begin the long journey back to Kerbin hoping the rendevous ship is on time......someone at ground control thought it would be funny to give Jeb some Taco Night MRE's... sigh R&D revels at the sheer amount of data brought back from Duna and begin turning the gears on the next interplanetary mission..."If we can do Duna AND Ike then surely we can do Dres!!!!.....get to work!!!" The Kerbalprise E class was then commissioned.....Duh duh duuuuuuuuuhhhhh Side note: To those who struggle with piloting rovers especially small wheelbase rovers, I stick a small reaction wheel on the rover and set it to SAS only....I could make almost full speed turns and stay entirely level while also changing this resulted in no longer pitching forward with the throttle. That aspect only helped me greatly in PS4 and piloting my rovers. Hopefully that helps someone so until the Dres episode.....Fly safe!!! Or the appearance of it.....
  16. First off, hello, names imagine. I'm here because i have had at least 5 contracts flat out break for no apparent reason and ive only had the game for about two days. Current one, after restarting 3 times, several hard resets, redownloads, etc., is the flea booster test. Several times ive had all conditions green, ive tested, ive hit through sequence, i have done everything i can think or find to get this to work, to no avail. Im going crazy here, litterally losing sleep over it. I love this game so much its depressing how bad career mode is breaking. The saddest part is, i know there's nothing that can be done other than a patch, and there are posts just like mine dating months and months back, so what the hell is going on? I'd be satisfied with at least a reason to why the game is broken, and has remained broken for so long. I paid good money to be able to play career mode, so i want it to work properly and it just doesnt seem like anythings being done about it. If i would've known career mode was unplayable, i absolutely would have thought twice about my purchase. Any replies, good or bad, are appreciated. I think its time the developers get with the program and at least explain to the people paying their bills, why our games arent working. Thanks. -Imagine
  17. I keep seeing people talking about the enhanced editions big update. Well it came, and still no delta V readout. Is there any word from the dev's as to when they plan on adding this? I mean, I can make an excel spreadsheet that does the equation, and I dont really see how it would be that much harder to add it on console than it was to add it to PC... to be fair, I dont design games and I dont know what challenges it holds, but it is the single most requested feature, it's kinda silly that they left it out. Anybody else agree, or does anyone know if they are going to add it at all, and if so, when?
  18. Hello. I have just checked the KSPedia from the website and was wondering if changes are planned, as it feels like a very cheap placeholder at the moment. Based on the post by UomoCapra UomoCapra says "Now you won’t need to mess with the flow of your ongoing mission and you’ll be able to use your mobile phone or any other display to consult it via our website!", leading me to believe that one of the reasons KSPedia has been removed from the game was that it felt a bit inconvenient to be accessed while playing. Well, that's false. Having to open an app through the game was never a problem. And, just like when openning KSPedia through the game, if you do have to access KSPedia through your mobile phone you will also have to pause the game; the only difference is that you'll have to take more steps if going for second method. Ideally, having it both in the game and as a .pdf in the website would be better, although the first method feels more interactive and easier to access! Is the KSPedia app ever coming back to the game, or is this a permanent change? I wish this is only temporary and I do believe other players feel the same. At the moment the .pdf file is simply a very cheap compilation of screenshots from the KSPedia menus - showing even the Xbox controller button icons on the bottom. It would be interesting if it became interactive instead of a .pdf, plus with some section makers so you wouldn't have to scroll through the many pages trying to find what you're looking for. Was there any other reason for the app to be removed? UomoCapra says that it will be easier for the devs to update the KSPedia through the website (even though it's just a .pdf file). But this doesn't seem like a reason, especially when the PC version still has the app without any issue. It would be interesting to hear/read why it's been removed, listen to the community feedback before permanently removing features and saying wether it might come back or not. Communication with the community is always welcomed! Thanks.
  19. I own KSP Enhanced Edition, so naturally I was psyched when the new update finally came out. So I built a Mun Rocket with the "Pea" Re-Entry Module. I was excited to try the IVA. I click the IVA button. First thing I notice is the velocimeter. The meter looked something like this: O R B: 2 3 0 0 M / S Instead of like this: ORB: 2300 M/S Basically, the velocimeter reads vertical instead of horizontal like it should. At first I thought it was limited to the "Pea," but it turns out that EVERY SINGLE COMMAND POD has this problem. Does Squad know about this? Will they fix it before too long? Or will we have to wait another year for this agitating bug to be fixed? EDIT: It was fixed by the patch. Never mind!
  20. After buying KSP on the Xbox one (when my PC started giving me too many problems), I found the game to be nearly unplayable (compared to the PC version) and was intently waiting for Microsoft to allow developers implementation of mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One. Now that Microsoft has confirmed developers will be able to update their games with this feature on a case by case basis, It seems this would be an expected update to KSP enhanced edition. Do the developers even plan on supporting the XBox One playerbase in this way? Or are we out of luck and just have to deal with the difficult controls? As a long time KSP fan, I really hope they do plan on a mouse and keyboard update, because I'm not likely to return to KSP unless I can play it on Xbox without getting frustrated. Thank you
  21. PS4 version with the New Making History DLC, and the newest patch loaded this morning. Default controls, normal difficulty. Thrilled about getting the new DLC, also thrilled about the fast patch. This game is awesome! My concerns.. Parts wise: -The new parts, specifically the pile of new decouplers don't have Sizes listed, I know I'll eventually remember, but 1.5m or 2.5m would make it easier. -No new Aeroplane cockpits, no new aeroplane engines, and I think only 1 new wing... Hmm.. Game play: -Internal cockpit views, why on Kerbal is the up/down view inverted? How does a console player correct this? -New missions need to totally pause while the 'Kerman storyline pop-ups' are present. X is the button I use to Stage, and you've got me mashing it to clear the screen. -Also, the new missions are difficult, calling them Beginner is hurting my feeling... -Scenarios, The Duna EVA kerbal will not respond, will not move. I took soil samples and an EVA report, then stood there. - Some players will notice that there are no re-entry effects... unless you zoom in. I kinda liked the old long line of fire. - Started a new career, and in the science tree there is a 'lock' icon on Advanced Science Tech, I didn't earn my way up to it yet, so I don't know if this is an artifact from the patch or normal. - The new fuel flow diagram seems to always show one of the fuel flows appearing to run backwards. 3 of the 4 boosters appear to flow correctly. I was building a Soyuze- ish craft. Is anybody making a console tutorial for these advanced tweek-ables?
  22. It's been a long time coming, but Microsoft has delivered the promise of giving Xbox One owners the ability to use mouse and keyboard controls for a variety of games on the home console. Phil Spencer publicly revealed in September that Mouse & Keyboard support was coming In the November 2018 console update. Major Nelson later confirmed after the update went live in November 2018, in his blog, that keyboard and mouse support is now enabled for the Xbox One. This gave both developers and players more choice on how they want to play, gifting the user the choice to use a keyboard to type and carry out commands and/or use the mouse to navigate through menus, UI and play their favourite games the way they want to. The option is there for the Developers if they wish to do so states Microsoft. So I'm really wanting to know as a fan and a long time player who has bought 3 copies of KSP for 3 different platforms, when will Mouse and Keyboard support for KSP come to Xbox? The reason of typing such a fuss, is that the enabling of K&M for the console version of KSP will transform the console version for the better guaranteed. Compared to its PC counterpart, the console controls have never felt natural since its console release turning many fans off to the console version. I do understand that the Enhanced Edition (KSPED) brought many improvements but there is still one glaringly obvious function missing to make the Console version truly complete. What we need ia someone from the KSP Dev Team to please give us an answer on when and if this function will be coming to Xbox now that it is possible on the platform? As Xbox have said, this is down to the developer, wether to enable the function or not. Thankyou For Your Time.
  23. PS4 Enhanced Edition, 1.01, default controls, normal difficulty, career mode. I haven't messed around with any settings at all, I have only ever played Kerbal on my PS4 console. Lots of useful chatter going on here. I'm glad to see the KSP community and Dev's are still actively pursuing the Kerbal Space Program for Console. I'm thrilled that the EE 1.01 patch fixed so many of the problems that were plaguing the console version. I have now for my first time, completed the science tree in Career mode, Year 2 and 50-ish days. Was really expecting some sort of party, but research is never really finished. My first interplanetary sortie to Duna was a partial success. I was able to get there with two space probes, deploy some comm satellites, and attempt landings on both Duna, and Ike. Unfortunately I didn't install proper relay (any relay comms ) so, yeah. Partial success. Duna has a new crater with some litter around it, Ike has a lander that only occasionally wants to talk with Kerbal Space Command. My Probes currently enroute to Jool will no doubt have the same success rate... if I'm lucky. Right now my Kerbals and I are learning to spell the words efficient launch profile, and I have discovered a couple of different ways of how not to do interplanetary transfers. Also found out how to level Kerbals skills up, way, way, way late in the game. The Space Tourism market seems to be a reliable source of Income , so hopefully I'll eventually be able to land a fuel rover on Mun and Minmus for less cost than the Kerbal Space Hotel I'm currently assembling in orbit. I love this Game. Current gameplay concerns; -Physical Time warp, sounds like the nuke and Ion engine crowd want this. I've only been using chemical rockets so it haven’t bothered me... yet. -Since I started playing early on in the console release phase, I do not like the new throttle arrangement, because it's backwards to how I learned. Console controller is very busy and could use some work eliminating overlapping command button combinations. -Something needs to be sorted out with the trim setting being so easy to accidentally turn on, HAL keeps trying to crash my spacecraft. I suppose somebody might want to set the trim while making a burn in space, But I sure haven't wanted to. -Kerb-net remains a complete mystery to me. I haven't even accidentally landed on an anomaly yet. If I turn it on, I need to escape back to the space centre to get it off the UI. -Kerbal skills and abilities, I have landed bases on Mun and Minmus, I have Space Stations orbiting Kerbin, Mun, and Minmus, and I'm building a 40 room space hotel, I have docked , clamped, landed, recovered, rendezvoused, transferred, rescued, space walked, Mun walked, drilled and refined... while the pilots have gained useful skills, and the scientists have gotten faster, the engineers have only learned how to pack a chute or to fix a flat tire. -Seriously, the contracts need a proof reader. Please. For real. -The Admin building... just... why? I guess it might add something to the game, I just don't know what it is. Haven't used it at all, until recently I didn't bother opening the screen. I'm done the tech tree now so I guess I'll sell some science... -Interplanetary travel, Console Career players need some sort of alarm clock. and some sort of rough transfer planner. Unless I'm suppose to attempt all my interplanetary stuff in sandbox mode, the game needs some sort of alarm clock. - Haven't touched an asteroid and I don't want to.... yet. -VAB I haven't made any use of the advanced tabs, subassembly seems to be a mysterious method of telling me I can't attach things I might want to save. -I hear that console players can use a keyboard and mouse, haven't tried. If this is true, great, if it's not the game should have this option. -Flight controls for planes, I've read that there is an option for using a joystick, this is a must have for flying aircraft. I haven't tried yet. I like the idea of building and flying my own planes, and I have built and flown a few planes in KSP, but I mostly avoid it because I personally don't enjoy atmospheric flight with a controller and I abhor flying with a mouse. My suggestions for the console version, -Kerbal Alarm clock, add this function to the admin building ( even as a paid level unlock )..."Admin wants a mission to Duna, the transfer window is in three weeks." this will give console players an in game transfer planning resource that is sorely needed. Same for an interplanetary course correction Alarm clock, " Admin wants you to know your TPS reports are out of date, and Duna 1 is due for a course correction..". Or alarm reminder "That Duna 1 probe should be hitting the atmosphere by now, did you turn it on yesterday like we planned?" -Kerb-net, turn on this power hungry application and anomalies will show up if and when they do, also acts as a science reminder, "we're over Mun pole, should probably take a picture or something..", "Admin wants to know what this anomaly is on the front page of the newspaper", have Kerb-net show console players the Biomes and the places they haven't explored. -Kerbal skills, seriously. Engineers need to be able to scavenge parts from one craft to another, that's kinda how engineers become engineers in the first place. Science guys should be able to find/identify biomes and anomalies in the game. Pilots should be able to make a guess as to where they will land on a given trajectory, I'm talking about trying to land a pod at KSP. By level 3 these skills should be completely possible. -Contracts. Really really need to more clear. I can't stress this enough, they need some proof reading. If I'm continually missing a specific biome or science objective, you could offer a contract and show me what it is I'm missing. Same with Historical records and milestones. Also, If I have a Space Hotel, don't ask me to build another, ask me to fill it. As I suggested, Flight Joystick is something I'm missing in this game. I offer these suggested changes to the console game, mainly because it's a console game, not a computer game that has a readily accessible google tab I can refer to. I can and do play this console game without Kerb-net, um, without internet connection. That's all I have for now, I'm sure most of the problems I'm having are mostly because of me. I just wanted to add my input thus far as a console gamer. I'm looking forwards to any expansion or DLC for this Fantastic game!!! Cheers all!
  24. This is a thread that is completely focused on the console version of K.S.P. I started this request thread because I feel that it is unfair that us console players are restricted from mods from a game that has one of the best mod support. So in this thread hopefully it's reviewed and considered by the devs is a list of mods that i think should be added to the console edition as stock parts and features. K.A.S (Kerbal attachment system) so players have better attaching options. K.I.S (Kerbal inventory system) so players can have more inventory items BD Armory continued to give players more diversity with flight. Giving them more things to do with space planes. Hullcams vds because what is space without telescopes. And cameras are everywhere now so let's bring kerbol to the 21st century. Magic smoke industries Infernal robotics so that we can have more robotic parts an control over them. B9 Aerospace and airplane plus giving the player a wider variety with space plane parts Kerbal planetary base systems giving the players better base modules to build on planets Feline utility rovers for better Rover builds. Tac live support (as a difficulty option) to give the players a more realistic space travel experience. If you support this notion please leave a list of your own requests or comment about why certain request should or shouldn't be.
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