Around-Kerbin Airliner Challenge

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Sorry Octa, but I would say that mechjeb autopilot is not a stock game mechanic. The whole point of it is how fast can you pilot a large plane thing around the world with as many kerbals as possible, not what settings can you put in a box.

I would personally allow Mechjeb. All of the modern airliners are using an autopilot too, AFAIK, no real pilot would just be sitting in the cockpit for 3 hours carefully watching all the dials and making corrections after every small turbulence. On the other hand, I would also say that it's not that hard to engineer an airplane that will naturally keep itself at more or less constant altitude and speed when told to hold the right direction, which is pretty much what Mechjeb does - so it can be done without it, albeit with more of an engineering challenge on the side.

But then again, one could argue that if the point of the challenge is to pilot the craft yourself all the way, a plane that basically flies itself with the help of SAS seems against the spirit of the challenge as well.

Just my two cents. The final call is, of course, yours to make.

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Maybe Mechjeb in a separate tier? Dunno. Hoping to update my entry today.

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On 5/9/2015 at 9:23 AM, Vectura said:

I jsut think that using mechjeb hardly counts as piloting a plane.

Then again, most modern day planes have an autopilot

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