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[REQUEST] Low TWR Maneuver Planner

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Is there a mod that converts or creates maneuvers for low TWR burns? I forget who had the pre-calculated dV for Kerbin escape burns in their signature which is kind of what I'm looking for but that's only helpful when you're doing only-prograde burns. A lot of planetary transfers require some amount of normal/anti-normal and it would be nice (easier) to get proportionately the right amount of normal burn to get to your departure inclination. 

Ideally, it would be cool to set up a maneuver node (typical maneuver node procedure) that gets you the transfer you need then click a button that converts the node into multiple nodes of some lesser dV.

This may be suggested somewhere else or maybe there's a mod that does it, I don't know. I looked and didn't see anything; also, it doesn't look like PreciseNode does it which was my best guess for something that might.

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I remember a particular moment with a low TWR craft where I ended up having to pass the AN or PE numerous time before getting the desired orbit. You're looking for a mod that would allow for simplified maneuver planning for situations for that right?

AFAIK there hasn't been a mod like that. The closest I've seen towards a low-thrust craft aid is Solar Sail Navigator. Gotta say a mod like you're asking for would be mighty nifty.

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