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  1. After landing on the Mun I launched into a 10K orbit then saved and quit. When I returned to the game and switched to the craft it was on a trajectory that had it impacting the surface about a quarter of an orbit later. KSP2 v0.2.1.0, Mods: none
  2. I noticed you changed the A/B on the intercept markers to a pod icon and a target icon - I like it!
  3. I saw this last night on a simple stack (cmd pod, env sampler, heat shield, decoupler, fuel tank, engine, decoupler, fuel tank, engine) after the side boosters had been staged. Was a small but noticeable translation to the side in two spots.
  4. Made a rover and drove 20Km south hitting 27 m/s and didn't hit any of the invisible bumps - looks like that bug has been squashed! (also found a starfish on the beach - nice touch Intercept!)
  5. That's an impressive list of additions and fixes! Looking forward to taking this for a spin.
  6. An unordered dump: 1) PAW menu as in KSP1 in addition to the current all ship parts menu - each have their advantages. 2) Robotics. 3) Have alternate UI - While the current retro UI was an interesting idea it's hard to read and bigger than it needs to be - blocking my view of what I'm primary interested in. If not this then please make it modifiable so a mod can replace the UI (actually this would be a good idea regardless) 4) Weather (with wind) to enable aerostats/weather balloons/More interesting flying. Should probably be optional. 5) More wheels, more torque for current wheels - unable to climb 5 degree slopes with some of the current wheels. 6) Alarm Clock/Transfer Window Planner 7) Procedural fuel tanks 8) Something similar to Precise Maneuver Node 9) A functionality similar to MechJebs custom windows. I liked to make custom windows for launch, landing, docking and roving - gave me a window where I could select the parameters to display. 10) Ability to loop structures like the KSP1 Recoupler mod
  7. Seeing this here too. The one difference is the text is always normal size or smaller (sometimes to the point of not being visible) - never larger than normal. Processor 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-12700KF 3.60 GHz Installed RAM 64.0 GB (63.8 GB usable) Edition Windows 11 Home Version 22H2
  8. @NerteaI found this very interesting and look forward to these dev blogs. With that said I would understand if you discontinue them because it takes too much time away from bug development/bug hunting.
  9. Reported Version: v0.1.3.1 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 11 Home | CPU: i7-12700KF | GPU: GeForce RTX 3060 | RAM: 64GB When switching to a vessel on the ground in map view the AP/PE markers for both vessels are shown in the wrong place. (Note: The screen shot didn't pick up a second set of AP/PE markers) To recreate: Put a vessel in orbit, switch back to the VAB and put a vessel on the launch pad. Go to map view and switch to the vessel in orbit (Control and Focus) and then take control of the vessel on the pad (Control). Expected: AP/PE markers on the orbit line of the one vessel, absent on the landed vessel. Observed: AP/PE markers for both vessels in the wrong place. Zoom in and out and the markers don't move. Included Attachments:
  10. A QOL suggestion. In map view you can click on an on rails vessel and select control or focus. When I switch control of a vessel I almost always want to focus on that vessel too. It would be nice to have the control option also focus at the same time. I do like that the map view doesn't change to flight view when control is clicked as I often want to check the orbit/maneuver node/etc before going to flight view.
  11. Reported Version: v0.1.3.1 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 11 Home 64-bit | CPU: i7-12700KF | GPU: GeForce RTX 3060 12GB | RAM: 64GB In the VAB Place a part. I used the Mk3-5. In the lower right corner click the parts manager button to open then click the engineer's report button. Observed - engineer's report opens under the parts manager. Expected - Last windows opened opens on top of previously opened windows. Of the four window buttons - only the Engineer's report seam's to have this behavior.
  12. Would like to second Sea Kerman's ScanSat comment. ScanSat involves planning orbits based on scan width, orbital period and planet rotational period - all very rocketry related. Plus it not only gives you points to advance the tech tree but it gives you useful information for planning further exploration. This is the kind of science I would like too see more of (though I have no idea what else would hit so many points). Edit: Agree with this for the most part - would think docking ports would be a bit more wobbly than a stack of same sized parts as IRL they aren't really meant to take large loads (assumption on my part).
  13. I really like this idea. I had not noticed the SOI ring motions indicated entry/exit and had figured the 1A/1B, 2A/2B were the position markers but was not sure if the 1's need to match up or the A's need to match up for intercept. As "The Aziz" suggested colors that are easier to distinguish would help (especially for the color blind) and different colors for later orbits would be a big help. The new AP/PE markers are a good idea but having played with them a bit I must say I prefer the KSP1 markers - they are more compact and lining up the points just seems more intuitive and a 1 for first intercept and 2 for second intercept makes sense to me. PS: I like how the maneuver node now has a arrow in it when it can be clicked to drag.
  14. Thank you! Looking forward to this patch and next weeks Dev blog. This reminded me of the ReCoupler mod from KSP1. It would be great to see the ReCouple functionality added sometime in the future (post 1.0?) as it would open up additional design possibilities - anyways - just a suggestion!
  15. Had a save with a rover parked in the hills around the KSC. On returning to the rover by way of the tracking station I found the rover upside down 6 or 7 meters in the air and rising - having apparently been flung from the ground on loading.
  16. Really like the new format - I know the it doesn't make the bug fixing go any faster but it's easier to see the progress with weekly peeks behind the curtains vs. once every 4-8 weeks when we get an update. As someone who codes I also find interesting the explanation of the problems you uncover. Thanks! and keep up the good work - looking forward to the next patch.
  17. KSP2 no mods. Seeing this in Hit bumps on the streets around the KSC a number of times. Hit one bump in the hills near the KSC at 3 m/s and it flipped my rover end for end - it almost appears the suspension is trying to adjust and making things worse.
  18. KSP2 I'm having trouble getting up a 5 degree slope with the TR4. Also seeing the wheels dip below the terrain and hitting invisible bumps - one of which flipped my rover end for end when I hit it at 3 m/s.
  19. Was going to note that some parts work and some don't - but Filed.Teeth may have the answer - the parts that weren't working were placed with symmetry.
  20. KSP2 I made a six wheel rover and used the move/rotate tool to move all six pair of wheels down one notch (was in mirror symmetry mode with snap on), launched, reverted and moved the wheels back up and launched again. The middle pair of wheels where noticeably higher than the other four wheels and they didn't touch the ground. As the rover started to roll - not under power - the middle wheels started to turn as if they were touching the ground. Turned the motor off for the front and back wheels and I could still accelerate forward when the rover wanted to roll backwards. OK - I seem to be doing something wrong - insert image isn't working - here's the link: Note the middle wheels appear off the ground.
  21. I've seen this on Minmus too, multiple times. Saw somewhere that if you were below 25km this happened and the (single) time I tested this a 30km orbit didn't appear to have this problem. KSP2 version 0.1.2
  22. Had a small lander on the flats of Minmus. Saved the game and when I reloaded and returned to the lander it was underground and falling. I hit the thrusters and returned to orbit but had no orbit lines - KSP showed it as still landed.
  23. To add to the list above: Planet circumference has a few more digits than the orbit SMA. Kerbin gravity is 1 m/s - should be ~9.81 Kerbin atmosphere is not 1 atm
  24. When extending the fairing the fairing only extends about 1/10th as far as the cursor is moved making it awkward to build fairings.
  25. Have two assemblies. Click "Launch Assembly" and select the non selected assembly. Click "Selection Tool" - does not return to selection mode. Click "Rotate/Translate" tool (now in R/T mode) and then the "Selection Tool" and you are now in selection mode Note: Same with "Assembly Anchor" and "Select Tool"
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