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  1. Nah, at the time it was posted, it was afternoon on 15th in Seattle.
  2. There it is! I knew it would pop up at some point
  3. "you shouldn't have tried to have kids if you took that job" -some people on reddit/steam forums, probably
  4. No no, that would be repetitive just like neverending bickering here. People clearly don't want that, right?
  5. Flew this Almostcircumnavigated Kerbin (probably should've gone the other way)
  6. Wrong. Dirt Rally 2 is 4 years old. And that's about it. Do you know how well Unreal handles complex calculations required for the type of game KSP is? Of course you don't. Meanwhile completely omitting the mountain of work required to switch engines, get a new team experienced in such engine... Pretty much rewriting the game from scratch. Do you really want KSP2 EA 0.1.0 in 2035? Yes, and it would introduce physics bugs Unreal has. Stop the fantasies, it ain't gonna happen, not this far into the development.
  7. You clearly missed the last few pages of this thread. It's not about what they can handle (because that can differ for every single person), it's about what you can say to express your disappointment without being an ass and resorting to unpleasant words directed at devs. Criticize the product, not the people behind it.
  8. I don't think I'd have any fingers left if I counted all times the "incompetent developers" phrase was used around here. In my notebook, those count as abusive comments.
  9. You know this could be very much turned around and still be true, right?
  10. Great opportunity to turn the interface into something more readable, instead of fixing problems that wouldn't exist if the above was done right from the start.
  11. You warp towards an interplanetary transfer window with your ship active?
  12. That's something I brought up a while ago
  13. They have been from the start, and have been in the top priority ever since first KERB appeared in July.
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