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I have purchased your kerbal space edu version and I need help, please. I am trying to get them installed today while the students aren't here, but have not yet received a response from the kerbal space help email.
I have created an account and I see my 25 downloads there that I purchased. I downloaded one to my computer using the link. It asked for a license key. What number is this? It is not the code sent in my license key email. I have tried it several times. Please help....

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Hi MsMarque.

First, I'm sorry for the delay in answering and I hope there is still time to resolve this issue.

Have you tried contacting TeacherGaming for help with KerbalEdu?  They license KSP from Squad to make KerbalEdu and all keys and activation for KerbalEdu are via them, there is no activation on Kerbal Space Program.

This may be your issue:

Nothing happens when I click the Accept button after inputting the license key.

KerbalEdu is unable to contact the license server. Check that your firewall allows it to connect to port 443 (https)

I suspect you will need to contact the administrator for your schools network to ensure your copies of KerbalEdu can be activated.

I hope this helps.

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