[Solved] Config Node Rounding Issue - Silly me!

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Hello everyone,

Whitecat again! Another issue hindering my progress has popped up lately;

I am saving values to a config node for example:

ConfigNode newVessel = new ConfigNode("VESSEL")

newVessel.AddValue("SMA", vessel.orbitDriver.orbit.semiMajorAxis);

Upon saving the node to a file, a rounded version of the actual semiMajorAxis is saved, this happens regardless of adding   .ToString() or .ToString("F3") etc. For example, rounding to 6643460

To check I printed the semi major axis in the debug log and the actual value was displayed;


With the actual value being 6643459.62314,

Can anyone explain this and provide some work around?

My Orbital Decay mod requires precise values and for some reason the ConfigNode system wants to round values. - This seems to be a recent issue, I cannot remember the same thing occurring  before KSP 1.0.4.



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Ignore this one, was an issue between floats and doubles - converting from a double to a float under some circumstances will round the double to the nearest integer!

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