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Empress of the Stars

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Welcome to Empress of the Stars, the last word in luxury space cruises.  This beauty lifts effortlessly (and without unintended explosions!!) from the pad to arrive on LKO with nearly 600 delta-V left over, while carrying 7500kg of ore.  Attach a mining dropship to the front universal dock and this SSTO can truly take you and 35 of your favorite (or wealthiest) Kerbals anywhere you want to go! 

Now I know it may seem a tall tale given some of the other launches I posted screenies of, but this launch went exactly as shown here.  No muss, no fuss, no unplanned rapid disassembly, straight to space!  I didn't monitor the flight path, but I got the impression she was a little high, so might have got there a little more efficiently, but I'd be surprised since I started with about 3800 and arrived on orbit with almost 600 left.

Anyhow, of course, YMMV.  Exposition of the ship to simulated atmosphere or vacuum voids all warranties expressed or implied.  Have fun and be safe!

And also of course, this craft may be downloaded from KerbalX!

Danny.  Ad Astra in Luxuria!

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