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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to Empress of the Stars, the last word in luxury space cruises. This beauty lifts effortlessly (and without unintended explosions!!) from the pad to arrive on LKO with nearly 600 delta-V left over, while carrying 7500kg of ore. Attach a mining dropship to the front universal dock and this SSTO can truly take you and 35 of your favorite (or wealthiest) Kerbals anywhere you want to go! Now I know it may seem a tall tale given some of the other launches I posted screenies of, but this launch went exactly as shown here. No muss, no fuss, no unplanned rapid disassembly, straight to space! I didn't monitor the flight path, but I got the impression she was a little high, so might have got there a little more efficiently, but I'd be surprised since I started with about 3800 and arrived on orbit with almost 600 left. Anyhow, of course, YMMV. Exposition of the ship to simulated atmosphere or vacuum voids all warranties expressed or implied. Have fun and be safe! And also of course, this craft may be downloaded from KerbalX! Danny. Ad Astra in Luxuria!
  2. A few days ago I came across some of @Rune's new designs and @PointySideUp's stuff and was inspired by their pure awesomeness. I thought, how could I get just a little of their awesomeness into all of the ships that I launch? That's how the SexyLifter series was born. But then I was trying to loft up this behemoth fuel ring that the God's own firecrackers would just run and run from. The mammoth engine wouldn't even get me a TWR of 1 with the smallest S3 tank and I've been playing mostly without part mods lately, so I needed a new solution for a heavy lifter. Well, not really a new solution, clearly people have plastered lots of engines on the bottom of a tank before, but still I think there's a certain grace and elegance in these particular designs, heavily inspired by the aforementioned and my good friend @Cupcake... Anyhow, to cut this short, here is a pack of lifters and accessories stored as subassemblies for your building pleasure! From left to right, we have: 1 - MainSail+ Two Big Reds on top of a MainSail with struts, fuel hose, raidal decoupler, and two separatrons. Add tanks to the top to adjust per-stage TWR and add dV. 2 - Mammoth+ Two Big Kerbos on top of a Mammoth with struts, fuel hose, raidal decoupler, and six separatrons. Add tanks to the top to adjust per-stage TWR and add dV. 3 - SexyLifter9k Powered by a Mammoth 9 (another subassembly in this pack - not pictured separately), lots of fuel, stack attach. 4 - SexyLifter9kL More fuel... 5 - SexyLifter9kXL Still more fuel... 6 - SexyLifter18k I'm really proud of this... Building on the success of the 9k line, our engineers (ok, it was just me), decided that if we turned around the internal fuel hoses, we could split the side stacks of the SexyLifter and add a second Mammoth 9, providing a whopping 18kN of pure awesome THRUST! Stick that under a huge payload (I lifted about 400t to orbit today) and add radial asparagus stages and you're good to go! Well, KerbalX doesn't take anything but craft files and this is multiple craft files, so I put the SL18k on KerbalX, but the whole pack can be downloaded from my dropbox: Click here to download the archive! As always, thanks for looking! Danny. Ad Astra per Potentia!
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