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{Modded} Nautical Non-nonsense!

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Hello everyone! I've been very interested by ships in KSP. The resent? changes to the water physics have greatly expanded the possibilities of watercraft manufacture. This thread is dedicated to showing of your nautical masterpieces. Warships, Research Vessels, even massive abominations are welcome! You can post your craft files, but you must specify the mods involved.

I'll start with some of mine!


KRS Wilson       https://kerbalx.com/TheSealBrigade/KRS-Wilson

This Research Vessel is perfect for exploring continental shelves. It might not be the best for other things, but it's a boat, and a boat's a boat.

Mods include:

Infernal Robotics, SM Marine, USP Otter Submersible, Maritime Pack, and KAS (and KIS)



KRS Hooke         https://kerbalx.com/TheSealBrigade/KRS-Hooke

Kerbals like the deep ocean for some reason, and they wanted to go in that direction. So we built this vessel so we could take a CLOSER LOOK. (Get it? Hooke? Closer Look? Aaaa, forget it) 

Mods include:

Infernal Robotics, SM Marine, USP Otter Submersible, Maritime Pack, and KAS (and KIS)


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*rubs hands*

Ooooh boy, let me tell you about KSP watercraft...

Or rather, how about you take a look right here. 

It was built before the water overhaul, but people tell me it's a legend on the forums. I also have a reboot scheduled for release later this month.

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7 hours ago, kapteenipirk said:

Nautical masterpieces you say. Well, i might have a few :wink:.

They might not be the best naval creations around here, but they certainly do their job.

Your ships are really neat!  On a side note, how do you stop the ships from flying into the sky when physics loads them?

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