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Using black holes to time travel into the future

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So there's this phenomenon called "Time Dilation", where i roughly recall, means that you will observe time to speed up for others when gravity increases. This means that when you fall into a large gravitational well, you will observe the rest of the universe to move more quickly.

Using this concept, that means that when you fall into the event horizon of a black hole, you will observe the rest of the universe to speed up, right?

I have a thought: When you enter a black hole, you will observe the universe to speed up. If the gravitational well is deep enough, you can see the movement of stars sped up by millions of times, you will see civilizations rise and fall, stars explode and stellar systems form, galaxies collide. The very last moment before you enter the singularity, all of time would have passed (since g approaches infinite).

To keep the story going, lets just assume that you're wearing a suit that's resistant to heat, fire, and any other elements that would destroy it (spaghettification included).

Black holes are known to dissipate by hawking radiation, but they take a very, very long time. However, since "all of time" would have passed once you reach the centre of the black hole, would enough time have passed such that before you reach the centre, the black hole would have dissipated away (And you emerge from the other side a googol years later) ? 

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Kind of? No one really knows. The light reaching you will be highly red-shifted, so you won't really be able to see anything.

Also, no useful discussion can reall be had about what happens after crossing the event horizon. As far as we know, physics as we know it ceases to matter at that point

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your time perception should more or less be a constant, but the black hole in itself might be sort of a storage for a few thing, might depend

if accessing the storage (whatever it store) sound cool, sorting/unpuzzling/extracting the data is an other concern sort of and may be

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