U.N.S.C Pillar of Autumn

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After inspiration from the movie Independence Day: Resurgence I decided to build myself a Intergalactic Cruiser.

Now, the reason this craft is utilizing 10m parts is basically because of the following reasons I came up with for myself:

1. Alien fighter jets seem to swat out regular fighter jets instantaneously, thus they must be protected inside the ship.

2. Larger size means larger engines and a lot more fuel, thus allowing this bad boy to essentially fly outside of kerbal galaxy

3. It's designed to replenish it's humongous fuel supply through ore mining/conversion, and requires big tanks to store ore.

Usage: Interstellar Travel, transport carrier for nearly any sized spacecraft (under 10m wingspan)

Part Count: 60

Weightage: 1100 tons without fuel

KSP Version: 1.0.5

Download Link: Soon






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1 hour ago, tg626 said:

Thought pillar of autumn was HALO...

Yeah, the title is only "slightly" misleading :huh:. But, is guess we can't complain since it doesn't say Replica on the title :wink:.

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I was honestly checking my memory, I've only played the original HALO, and that was many years ago... :)


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