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Subnautica Grand Disscussion Thread!


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To me Subnautica is a beautiful game. The immersion is great and the graphics are stunning, especially in some of the newly added areas. Of course, being early access there are a few bugs, much-needed optimization (the graphics made my old computer/toaster bring my FPS down to 2), and some of the survival aspects could be tweaked, but overall it's a great example of an early access game done right. The developers are extremely open too, having several Trello boards with roadmaps and upcoming features, and keep a continuously updated experimental mode with two updates every day. Plus they actually interact with the forums significantly, and respond to a lot of questions and things.

I've had 47 hours in the game so far according to steam, and have definitely gotten my money's worth. It has been fun watching the development of the game over time.

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An early access i enjoy too like Dres genuinely interested per the choices made per unknown world, and how they interact with the growing community and share concept ideas, implement and balance things wisely regarding the progression curve.

A few hundreds  hours and lot of enjoyement here too. Not played since the exo-suit update but sometime i just delay replay of games i appreciate.

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