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Make steering togglable by action group again.

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It used to be standard on my rovers - 0 used to toggle between driving mode and fine movment mode. Especially useful when the rover has more complex wheels.

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Not only steering but also the motor must be toggleable again too with an added shutdown action that was always missing.

And at the same time the huge roverwheels must be fixed, currently they totally ignore the motor enabled/disabled setting, They are always enabled which sucks electricity whenever you don't have throttle in middle (such as when flying on rockets/jet engines).

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On 22/12/2016 at 9:32 AM, tseitsei89 said:

Yeah. Why not just make all the tweakables you can change during the flight usable through action groups?

Came here to say just this. Hoving more things to do with action groups would be welcome. Also some sort of UI panel thing on which you can see which button does what (and the ability to click on it with the cursor).

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