Two-Way Interplanetary Travel with MKS Life Support

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How might one plan an interplanetary trip (2-way) to planets such as Moho, Eve (ive done Duna already and it was difficult), Dres, Jool system or Eeloo? Its easy in the base game without life support but with life support it adds extra difficulty as you have to haul along several years worth of supply containers with you, which in turn drastically reduces the total Delta-V for your ship. 

Even shipping it up in two parts was difficult for duna as there was literally only 830 m/s of dV from low kerbin orbit to get to duna and back. 

Please can someone give some tips if they know any? Thanks.

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3 hours ago, Kermanzooming said:

Recyclers can drastically reduce the supplies needed, so it's not only a matter of ensuring proper habitation for the journey but also recycling. But it requires installing MKS

With some of the MKS parts you can save up to 60% in supplies.

Regular old USI LS has some recyclers as well. I would also recommend installing PBS, due to it including a greenhouse, that when supplied with fertilizer allows you to grow food en-route, instead of lugging it up with you :).

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