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  1. I am attempting to install Pathfinder Pristine mode, so that I can have just the parts without needing resources. However, the direct download from Github does not have this mode, and while CKAN lists it as available, it will not allow me to install. Was this mode removed from the mod entirely, or am I installing something wrong? Update: The problem was I had installed the mods wrong via CKAN. Its fixed now!
  2. For anyone curious: This mod appears to work fine in 1.12, as I have been using it for weeks with no issue. I haven't explored every single part in it (am doing a science mode so I do not have access yet), but the ones I have used seem to work fine.
  3. @Stone Blue , @ColdJ turns out I was a dumby who forgot the basics of setting up UVs in blender. After spending 5 hours staring at my mesh tree I finally figured out why my texture was purple instead of an actual texture. My apologies!!
  4. Does anyone have a tutorial for using this plugin? I've found 1 tutorial about it but I'm running into a roadblock using it and I've not been able to find anyone who knows how to help me on discord . Using Regular Blender Version 3.3.0
  5. Purchased KSP2 yesterday. Did an orbital flight with Jeb and then sent all 3 veterans to the Mun, only encountering the kraken occasionally but not enough to stop any of the missions.
  6. More ocean science is exactly what I've been looking for! . 1 Question for clarity: If I don't have Linux's Experiments Take Time mod, do these experiments take longer than stock ones? (I don't mind if they do, just curious ) Never mind I am a blind fool who can't read XD. Just reread the OP and saw the answer. This is great!
  7. Hello all! I am currently playing through a modded science save that includes ocean related mods, including boats and submarines. I was wondering if anyone knows of mods that specifically expand the science side of oceans, such as underwater-only experiments, etc? Thanks!
  8. From a Safety perspective: understandable From an aesthetic perspective: BOOOOO (My fav color is black so I'm biased XD) Now whos going to mod this into KSP 1?
  9. Was just about to make my own thread about this . Seems kind of strange to upright put KSP 1 on the bottom of the screen when it will still be the predominantly used version of the game for the foreseeable future (if for no other reason than an extensive modding community.). I get putting KSP 2 up top, but KSP 1 should be right next to it, not regulated to the basement.
  10. Another mod for building Walkable IVAs for screenshots!
  11. For anyone who wants to a work-around for using this mod: There are wheels from the Kerbal Foundries Mod that fit well with the rest of the vehicle parts. I've built 2 vehicles that work great using these mods combined. (and both mods work in 1.12 for me)
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