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Male wedding rings

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But when I worked out a couple days, I complained to my wife about my ring and sometimes it's a bit of a risk to my career. We really want to ride and have actually robbed a ring before. She showed me some silicone rings today, saying they looked and sounded sort of neat, so we bought a few to see how they felt.
Will anyone have experience? Yeah, my gut kinda says they're cheesy and they're going to be far apart, so we'll see. If so, they're pretty cheap too, which makes them easy to replace too, I suppose.

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My ring is stainless steel with a walnut inlay.

Stainless steel because it's the strongest of any ring.  (Tell me a stronger metal found in rings,  i dare you. ) Such is my love for my wife.  Also i cut myself handling stainless steel before,  so there's this association in my head between stainless and blood.

Walnut because it's a pleasant, complicated wood that has a color that reminds me of her.

The only downsides are: is the varnish on the wood is wearing out so that'll need to be redone. (We've been married for a year and a half so that coating certainly didn't last long) and the high strength of steel plus the inlay means the ring can't be resized. I unfortunately got a ring slightly too big. I should have sized more carefully using silicon ring or something.

I wear it for special occasions.  Otherwise i wear a silicon ring so it has no risk of scratching things. 

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Mine is white gold I think. I didn't care, and wanted it as unobtrusive as possible. I take it off every once in a while for a few minutes, it probably have been off well under 1 hour total in... pushing 23 years.

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