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  1. And for something a bit different from Peter Gabriel....
  2. Good answer. I thought it was Nosegobblins.
  3. They are so bright they are dark. If dibs are dobs and sogs are snogs what is a toe?
  4. Ran KSP1 on a "new" rig that I got for free. -Lenovo M series Thinkcenter -4th gen i5-4670 processor with intel 4600 graphics -I dumped in a few parts (WI-FI 6 PCIe card, 16 gigs DDR3 RAM, Samsung 870 EVO SSD) and did some cleaning and repasting. It's a whole lot jammier than the old 2012 Mac Mini (3rd gen dual core i5, intel 4000 graphics) but it's a stepping stone for the potential new build or I will be dishing $$$ out a base model M2 Mac Studio (more than enough horsepower for my needs, KSP2 or otherwise). I think the only thing I will do with the Lenovo is install a i7-4790 processor, maybe a graphics card (around 6 gigs DDR5) and that will be it. At least some of the parts I can use for a new motherboard that is 13th gen compatible if I choose that route. EDIT: I already know that KSP2 has not been ported to Mac OS, so lets throw that out of the discussion. I'm considering a long term solution for my computing needs, and if KSP2 is in the Mac world, great! If not, I have alternatives.
  5. On the subject of first purchased albums....... Then.........
  6. Me either. I knew he was good, but this video proved just how good he was. X2 on that.
  7. I'm thinking eGPU case, power supply and Bob's your uncle.
  8. It's been some time since I've posted and I have to admit I'm impressed with the current entries.
  9. Not much. Building a Hackintosh with a Intel i5-4570 quad-core processor with plans to upgrade to a i7 4770 or 4771. Computer started out as a used Lenovo Thinkcentre M73 small form (Free from work when we moved and upgraded all the computers. Was a 100% working unit) Test run cleaning, stacking in 8 gigs of RAM instead of 2 and installing Ubuntu and it works fairly well with a old-as-dust 160 gig 5200 RPM HDD. That will get changed to a SATA3 SSD or a PCIe x1 M2 SATA drive. GPU is going to be tricky, but it will be a Nvidia Low Profile format. Stay tuned........
  10. Played with it once or twice, but it was glitchy in 2012, and by 2014 it was pretty much done. That's how I got my Avatar <====
  11. No I didn't. I asked about potential requirements for KSP2, not whether or not my current system will run it. I already know my current system is lacking. Please refer to my OP. Another request has been sent to lock and/or delete this thread. Please refrain from posting on this thread.
  12. I've been doing that since 2013. I'm kinda tired of doing that, so that's why I asked the question. Thanks anyways peeps. I'm going to close this thread.
  13. @AlamoVampire You have struck a new low......I will return with ammunition to destroy anybody's ears and eyes.......I will return......
  14. Oh very true. This 10 year old computer still does a lot of things very well, but games it started to fizzle out about 4 years ago. Looking at the new Mac Mini M1 with the maximum RAM (16 G) or Mac Studio Base model (hotter M1 processor and 32G RAM). Either one of those should work just fine....for a while.
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