[1.2.2] [0.9.5] KPBS/MKS Integration Pack

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2 hours ago, DStaal said:

Sorry it took so long, I went over this every way I could think of...

I still don't see what's adding that 'Dump Excess Oxygen' button, or what's causing your behavior.  Obviously something else is affecting that part, but I don't see evidence of a patch doing it.

This is definitely a mod interaction, not something purely with this mod (which doesn't actually do anything to that part, besides add MKS weight-balancing).  You're going to need to start checking other mods you have that might affect it - I'd start with anything that might have added that Oxygen button in.

Yeah, I thought it was Nertea's Station Parts Redux, which had added some issue related to adding TAC-LS resources during one update, but I removed it and the issue remained. I'll look into it. Or not. I do need to cut back a few mods and KBPS is on the list.

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My first though for you was Kerbalism, but I don't see evidence of that being installed in your log.  I'd say think about that style of mod.

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