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  1. In general I'm pretty agostic on the v2 vs v1.10 issue - but I think it would be really confusing to have a KSP 1 v2.0.0 and a KSP 2 v1.1.0 (or whatever) at the same time. Better to keep KSP 1 in the 1.X series, just to make it easier to keep track of.
  2. The zip is just the source code, not the compiled mod. (Triple-checked.)
  3. Given that there's an Orion Drive in the trailer - no bet.
  4. Wheels. Not the ice-skates-with-rocket-engines that the wheels in KSP1 to often reveal themselves to be, but something that works like real wheels.
  5. There's some: Being able to set up a new VAB & launchpad would be good, especially if you're able to do so lightyears from Kerbol. EL mostly works, but isn't quite the same. Even better if you can recruit from that colony. Also, from what we've seen they have addressed the issue of things not on absolutely flat surfaces being likely to move/explode over time.
  6. I don't think it's particularly likely either - though I think it would be a very nice addition. Still, just wanted to point out that multiplayer doesn't have to mean competing space agencies, in any form.
  7. Multiplayer could also mean something like Telemachus is in the base game, and you can have a full mission control center as well as a pilot at the same time.
  8. I'll admit the science system in KSP isn't very realistic. However, without adding a *lot* of busywork to it, I'm not sure what I'd replace it with - it does a pretty good job at what it's supposed to do.
  9. I'd actually argue that the Orion is early-game. It's actually likely *within* what we could do even twenty years ago - if not forty. We just decided it wasn't safe enough to try.
  10. I have another thought on how to tease info out of what we have: What are the tech trees? Let's assume they haven't changed the tech/science system much - you still gather science and advance through the tech tree to more advanced technologies, each influencing what's available next. Looking at it that way, I think you could consider the Daedelus as the end-tech on the same tree as the Orion - both are about dropping a fuel nugget behind you and detonating it, the Daedelus just has advanced the type of fuel and detonation, as well as the evening out the bursts of thrusts and getting better at collecting the energy. Then Epstein drive would be a different tech line - it's conceptually much more similar to an evolution of chemical rockets, though is obviously a few steps up the tree. What's in between? And what would be on the same tech line as ion drives? Or would they be a dead end, never really useful for anything other than small probes? (And of course this is just a tech tree that came to me quickly. There's reasonable arguments for other layouts obviously - but I thought it might be able to give us more of a framework to speculate on.)
  11. If that's the same bell, then those chamber modules aren't likely part of the engine, or at least not stackable - the ring of ports in the side of the bell wouldn't make sense then. They make sense for an inertial confinement fusion engine, where they would be ports for the confinement beams. The modules could be the laser generation array, which is where much of the heat would be generated. Or it could be a bell with similar structural reinforcement. That's the type of technical detail that would likely get shared between designs after all: Any large physical engine bell operating in similar temperature ranges is going to have similar engineering constraints. (Which actually leads to one reason not to think it's the mirror cell fusion drive: That would have a magnetic bell, not a physical bell. Lighter weight, and it's the same tech as you're already using to build the mirror cells - and you don't have to worry about the exhaust melting your bell.) There are a couple of other designs where a long drive segment comes into play. An interesting thought though is if it *is* the same bell, and those aren't engine chambers - they're fuel. (This would then be a resource-transfer ship, most likely - which is consistent with it launching that lander at the end.) If so, with that bell and the ports, it could be a mini-mag orion drive: smaller nuclear bombs, and they're remotely detonated instead of internally fused.
  12. If it is a Krepstien, it's likely magnetic-confinement fusion.
  13. That's definitely a different engine than this: I think it looks more like the engine clustered around the mini-Daedalus than the one above. From the mini-daedalus shot and the disintegration shot they appear to need quite a bit of cooling. I'm leaning towards it being one of the Krepstien drives - the ship being designed to use the mini-daedalus for interstellar travel, and then Krepstien for interplanetary.
  14. Sorry, I did look - but I think I spent more than 30 minutes writing my post.