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  1. Not even in the right-click menu? I thought I remembered it was. (I'll admit I don't harvest all possible science from that experiment regularly.)
  2. Sure you can: Just attach batteries to the ship with the experiment.
  3. DStaal

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    In addition to what tsaven said above - There is a PR in which fixes the issue, which is expected to be part of the next MKS release.
  4. DStaal

    [1.3] REKT Escape Pod Mod - v0.4.5.1 (more fixes)

    If I was sure of that I'd have the problem fixed. Basically, I've copied my 1.4.3 GameData over to my 1.4.4 install, and have been trying to update each as appropriate until I can switch my career over to 1.4.4. (Which needs Kopernicus.) I've obviously dropped something with a complied DLL in the wrong GameData, and haven't had the time to debug. (I tend to update regularly with a lot of mods, and play infrequently, so I don't have a list off hand of what's likely - though I do have a suspicion.)
  5. Quick question: Is this a station in orbit, or are you landed? (MKS+Landed -> Check Planetary Logistics.)
  6. DStaal

    [1.3] REKT Escape Pod Mod - v0.4.5.1 (more fixes)

    I'd test to make sure, but my 1.4.3 install has some 1.4.4 mods in it, and won't launch. (Will take some debugging to figure out where I messed up.) As I said, I did pull them out in the VAB and they appeared to work, but I hadn't actually gotten around to deploying them in the world.
  7. The Buffalo can also be used for this - build out using the structural frames and wheels, plus a command seat. It's not as nice (for this) as the other two options though.
  8. Check out SEP - it has it's own golf club, I believe.
  9. The main autopilots are MechJeb and Throttle Controlled Avionics, so I would start looking there. Pathfinder/Buffalo has a similar feature to that for it's VTOL craft as well.
  10. DStaal

    Building a more realistic warp drive

    In theory, if you kept lowering the mass as you accelerated, you should be able to go the speed of light at zero mass - and faster with negative mass.
  11. I can't remember exactly when it happened off the top of my head, but the buoyancy model has changed slightly since this mod was last updated.
  12. Unless he's confused about the original 'this toolbar is required by another mod I like' - Possibly the mod just has Toolbar Controller as a requirement, and he saw that as the toolbar itself. But yeah, if 'I need X mod, but I don't like other mods using it' + 'uninstall mod X' != 'workaround'. Either you need X or you don't. If you don't, a solution is to uninstall it if you don't like it. If you do - then we are trying to work around having to have it.
  13. It's from Near Future Construction - Different mod, same mod author. (And honestly, they set the standard for structural girders in KSP.)
  14. Ask the modders to support the above mod? They may also have options someplace where you can switch which toolbar they use - I can't recall if any of those do, off the top of my head. (I tend to prefer everything on this toolbar, as it's easier to use in my opinion.)
  15. DStaal

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    I believe the default home limit is actually something like 20km - so you have to have it be able to enter the atmosphere on it's own, but your Kerbal's should be able to pull the chute for you.