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  1. It's not UTF8, at least by the time I get to it. I get warnings when I try to open it in that encoding, and I get missing characters. (The missing characters could be a font issue.) That's why I asked. I tried ISO-Latin-1, Windows-Latin-1, Mac OS Roman, DOS Russian, Windows-Latin-2, and a few others. I wonder what's mangling it.
  2. Out of curiosity - what editor are you using for the readme.txt file? (It's in some oddball text format that I can't identify - I can read the English text just fine, but the Russian text never looks right.)
  3. DStaal

    Nuclear Jet and Orion mod?

    For nuclear pulse propulsion, there are two mods - I'm not sure how well either work with 1.5 though:
  4. DStaal

    Any way to achieve neutral buoyancy?

    I don't know any utilities for this either - but it's also worth checking out the Buffalo, which recently added some buoyancy controlling and underwater engine parts. But no, no readouts that I know of. (Might be worth mentioning to the Kerbal Engineer maintainer - it could be something they might be interested in, if you ask.)
  5. There are a couple of mods with parts you can walk inside of - mostly mods for building planetary bases, though I know Omicron is a bit like that as well. (And I haven't seen any that are updated for 1.5, though some are pure parts mods so should be fine.) Are you just looking at doing a set of parts, or are you looking to overhaul the entire game? If it's a set of parts: The more the merrier, I haven't seen many pods and such like this and as long as your part is different from what's offered I'd say go for it. If you're going for the full overhaul - godspeed and good luck. It'd be an interesting project, but a large one.
  6. And a bit of testing, and I found my issue. The fix is to add the second line here: KEI_EXCLUDED_MANUFACTURERS { manufacturer = Station Science Directorate manufacturer = Wild Blue Industries } I'll put in PR. Edit: PR created.
  7. And here's the player log as well: http://magehandbook.com/owncloud/index.php/s/gsbWW0bBfwj6dsA
  8. I'm having an issue with KEI not opening the window. (Could be similar to what JoE Smash is having). For me, it initially appeared to trigger by changing the setting in Toolbar Controller for it, but that could be red herring. I just tried re-installing KEI and got the same issue. Log here: http://magehandbook.com/owncloud/index.php/s/MW4kpQG7DPS1TZP (I tried changing which toolbar the button was on a couple of times, but otherwise not much else in there.)
  9. *Never* use :FOR[] unless you're the author of the mod you're specifying. That’s sure to cause issues. (I'll admit I may be off on the :NEEDS order/timing issue - it was one I was thinking didn't make sense and I may have been conflating it with the a different recent MM error-reveal change.)
  10. Yes, it's explicitly telling you that :FOR[*]:NEEDS[*] contradicts itself. (Both specify - among other things - which order the patch should be applied in. If it has both, you're telling MM to apply the patch in two different places in the loading cycle. Personally I think this is a weakness in the MM syntax, as both of those have other meanings as well, so they've overloaded the syntax, but that's a separate discussion.)
  11. A reaction wheel - with the SAS settings modified to *not* take input while driving - also can help a lot.
  12. Drop the IVAs, you'll save a lot of RAM. Other than that - I've run KSP fairly well on a gen-1 Mac Pro, with over a hundred mods. Some mods slow things down more than others, and having more ships/debris in flight will slow things down. Near Future - or this mod - have very little effect if you're already swapping RAM.
  13. DStaal

    [1.5.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.3.1

    You can put the part in a container, and build the container. (Or make some one-part ships and build them.) Or take a look at this mod:
  14. The timer you're seeing is actually now from stock KSP, not from this mod - at least for maneuvers. Read back through the thread - Snark doesn't feel the need to override the new stock behavior. (Especially since the countdown itself is actually more accurate than his system was.)
  15. I'd argue, but that pack does contain four dependencies. Still, it was just one example and doesn't impact my main point: Complaining in this mod's thread doesn't get you anything. You aren't being forced to use it, and there *are* mods that do what you want. You don't like this mod? Fine. Ignore it.