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  1. You can also build them using EL, and EL can be configured to use custom recipes for specific parts and/or resources. Here's USI's Orion's recipes for inspiration: https://github.com/BobPalmer/NuclearRockets/blob/master/FOR_RELEASE/GameData/UmbraSpaceIndustries/Orion/Orion_EL.cfg
  2. Unlikely to change I think - there are significant computational advantages to a tree of parts. However, they may do a much better job of handling edge cases and hiding it. I actually think KSP does a decent job on this, most of the time. As long as there are attach nodes where you want to attach things, of course. Though I suppose there could be room for improvement. These would be very nice, yes. There are a few mods that attempt to address this, but having something built in... I never really deal with that - but I agree. (Again, there are mods, but it should be in the base game.) Today's different because the date/time stamp feeding the RNG which is feeding the terrain generation is different... Looks like they have a solution in KSP2 from the shots we've seen, though it's basically a brute-force workaround: To have everything get built on stilts which deal with the issue. As an owner of a Dovark keyboard... Oh god yes. I've only played with the robotics a bit, but making it easier/more useful would be nice. Not something I deal with that often personally - but I can see it'd be useful. Again, there are mods which attempt at least part of that. I don't think I'd use it more than a few minutes personally - but I agreed it'd be fun.
  3. You did. I somewhat disagree on this one point, but I agree on the rest of them.
  4. IIRC, they've stated they're leaving the stock solar system alone, except for updating the graphics and such. So: All of them are confirmed.
  5. This I agree with, and when I sometimes say that it should be DLC I mean as a completely separate pack, specifically for those who want it, and really as a full override of the system. It wouldn't be a small add-on, and it would be priced (and *had dedicated development resources for*) appropriately. It should probably also come with a large set of warning labels.
  6. In the manifest window at the top, there is a text box with a scroll bar on the right. At the bottom (scrolled out of view) is a listing of everything the selected experiment needs to complete. (It doesn't list whether you have it or not there - just what's required.)
  7. These them? They have nothing to do with this mod. They were a part of Surface Experiment Pack, and are scheduled to be included into the next version of KIS.
  8. I would think it's something that would have to be baked into the engine, not the controller - and the controller can throttle back down if the engines are throttle-able. It might be something you could add as a part upgrade or as an advanced version of the part for the all-in-one SRB landing engines however.
  9. Here's one mod that could help: But the other way to do this for your case would be to write a Module Manager patch to multiply all antenna ranges, since they're balanced for stock.
  10. The hype train is rolling, but the engine is currently at idle.
  11. It's typically best to add the functionality to the command pod, not the engine I believe... And you're in luck! As Near Future Spacecraft already has patches to integrate it into the command pods that are designed to go with those engines.
  12. You've got solid rocket motors. You'll either need to add mass to your craft, or reduce the amount of fuel in the motors if they have to much dV. Exact usage depends on each craft. If you use the controller and something that can be started and stopped, it'll stop them when needed. (Though I find that if the TWR is to high it'll tend to 'hover' the craft just above landing until the fuel runs out.)
  13. It would be worth a thought to have something like WBI's MOLE (which implements wet workshops, including resources needed for conversion) in KSP2. On the other hand, it's more of an expansion in the same era of tech that's in KSP1, where KSP2 appears to be more focused on future tech and exploring further. So the question of whether the development resources should go there or if they should go to something which would be more part of what KSP2 is a question. And of course, on the third hand - wet workshops and parts reuse would be a major help in a lot of different early colonization scenarios, so it might be something you could argue was part of the exploring further...
  14. It's possible to set different tasks on different vessels via MechJeb to be executed simultaneously. It's not possible to have a task execute on a vessel that's outside of the physics bubble. So you can have a small fleet of nanny-sats all docking to a station or something simultaneously - but they all have to be in view at the same time.
  15. Actually, I'm pretty sure it just applies to *all* craft, so yes it would.