(DISCONTINUED) Kerbol Mysteries [1.2.2]

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I've decided to discontinue this mod. While I am perfectly capable of developing it, my PC specifically dislikes planet mods which of course means I am not able to test any new additions. If anybody would like to revive this mod then feel free to contact me.


This is my second mod for KSP so again, do bear with me as I am still learning.

A redo of this mod: The Original Kerbol Mysteries


Presenting the re-imagined Kerbol Mysteries mod, the point of this mod is to add some interesting new stars, planets and moons. Let's dive in shall we?




Lobrek is Kerbol's sister. It is also orange.






Sentus is a friendly-looking sky blue coloured planet slightly larger than Jool. Kerbal Astronomers discovered it "recently" and claim that they hadn't found it until now because of budget cuts but we all know they are just too lazy to make these kind of announcements.


Kerebi is a friendly Ice Giant sitting in a rather unfriendly orbit around Lobrek. Scientists have not yet come up with a reason behind how it has not yet melted, but they have deduced that if it weren't for Lobrek's orange glow, Kerebi would be almost the same colour as Sentus.


Aquatica is a Super-Kerbin sitting within Lobrek's Koldilocks Zone, as evident by the presence of liquid water and even oxygen. Kerbal Scientists say that it's an even more viable for hosting life than Laythe.




Work in Progress!


Add a white dwarf star (i'm hosting a competition for the name!)

Give Aquatica a Moon (i'll also host a competition for it's name, Aquatica-B is a placeholder!)







Move "KerbolMysteries" folder from the .zip file to the GameData folder.


Moving the camera underwater on Aquatica during the daytime seemingly puts you in a dark void with light only coming from Lobrek (is only a graphical glitch, don't worry) Re-entry also does not align with the atmosphere's height.

In map view, double clicking on Lobrek from Kerbin (and potentially any body in the Kerbol system including Kerbol itself) may cause crashes. (This is so far an issue only I've experienced, tell me if you manage to reproduce the error).

Lobrek's orbit line freaks out, this is only a graphical issue within Kopernicus so I cannot fix this.

Lobrek's "aura" is too big, will be fixed by next update.


Any advice, tips and people willing to help with the project are greatly appreciated.

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Kerbol Mysteries has been updated with a new star called Lobrek!

I promised you Kerebi but oh well.


Kerebi's concept has been changed, it hopefully wont take too long for it to be done.

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Updated again, Lobrek has been changed quite a bit. Kerebi was also added, but it is now an Ice Giant orbiting Lobrek rather than a Sentusian moon.

I'd also like to announce that I'm going to add a white dwarf star to the mod. However, I currently have no name for it so I am hosting a competition.

You may submit names to me via the messaging function of the KSP Forums, the 5 names that I like the most will then be placed in a poll, the name with the most votes will of course be the dwarf star's name.

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I've now added "Aquatica", a waterworld orbiting Lobrek (originally it was going to be a Sentusian Moon). OP will be updated shortly.

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8 hours ago, Nansuchao said:

Can you add some pics please?

There are links to the images of the celestial bodies in their names.

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I have decided to discontinue this mod. My PC seems to have a personal vendetta against Planet Mods. It can run part mods just fine but as soon as you throw a planet in it decides to slow the game down to a crawl.

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