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Problems with Payload Aeroshell separation (Rover Payload)



I'm having a strange problem with the Payload aerodynamic cowling *Fairing) separation on my "Rover Payloader".  Basically I'm trying to place a Science Gathering Rover at a location on opposite side of KSP spaceport, and using a rocket launcher to place a cargo pod into sub-orbital trajctory, so it re=enters, and through staging eventually lands my rover on parachutes.

The problem is when I STAGE the Fairing, the shell itself detaches but not the support structure holding the rover, nor the base - so I am left with the base and this structure attached to my rover which is now quite overloaded both for the parachutes!, When it lands (hard) there is a small explosion which usually cripples the Rover.  The few tmes when I got lucky I managed to get the lander down in one piece, but still with the payload flange and support structure attached, and the Rover was basically struck (payload fairing far to heavy!).

What am I doing wrong?  Do I need to use a stage separate inside the cargo bay (between the back of rover and the base) to force a clean separation?  I tried using one of those small blue separators but this didn't get rid of the base plate or supports!

Also, if it matters I'm running V1.2 in Career mode. 

Thanks in advance for any advice,

Jonathan Stevenson


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The staging for the fairing itself only does one thing - deploy the outer shell.  You need to connect your rover to the fairing (and the procedural truss that appears when you do) using a decoupler or stack separator.  

The truss will remain in place, but I think you'll find it's just a visual effect.  Your rover should pass right through it like it wasn't there.

Alternately, make sure Advanced Tweakables are turned on in the main menu game settings.  Then you can disable the truss and/or the extra nodes in the air above the fairing base.  Attaching the rover only to the node at the base of the fairing might look more realistic.  That was the only option for fairings in previous game versions.  Those extra nodes can be fantastic for creative uses, but can also be rather unexpected and strange.

Last thing, give the fairing some extra space around rover wheels.  For whatever reason, whenever I try to bring the fairing in super close to save mass and drag, I end up blowing up rover wheels.

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