Official 'Thread Of The Month' Badges!

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We have a special announcement regarding ALL Thread Of The Month winners, past or present!

As mentioned briefly in the May edition of Thread of the Month, instead of using tags to designate TOTM threads, we will be using special badges that can be put in winners' signatures and linked directly to their thread. After a short discussion (as in, about three sentences), we've decided to release these badges for all former TOTM thread owners to use with their threads!

Special thanks to @adsii1970 for making the badges, which can be foooouuuuund..... here.

Congratulations to every single TOTM thread owner, ever! Again!

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FYI, The tags were meant to keep people from asking "Why is this thread stickied?" 1000 times in the thread.  They weren't meant to be an award.

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