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  1. It's what happens when you feed wildlife hot dogs!
  2. Just one of those days...



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    2. adsii1970


      Just been one of those days where nothing has gone the way it was supposed to go. Plus its hot out... And I don't like the heat...

    3. Earthlinger







      If it's any consolation, I don't like the heat either. I was born in Mexico yet I somehow manage to 'almost' die in 25-30 degrees Celsius.

    4. The Minmus Derp

      The Minmus Derp

      Me too. I also almost die in cold weather too

  3. adsii1970

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    The property management company has changed three times since we've moved into this town house in 2011. While the inspection was easy enough and really no big deal on my end (being a neat freak that I am), I really dislike the new manager who is doing the inspections. She has a comment about nearly everything and even remarked at one point, "there's no way you've read all those books" when she saw my book shelves (and I still have about 5 more boxes packed in a climate controlled storage unit). When I told her that I taught college and that I had read them, and that all were where I get the materials for the lectures I give, the Ph.D. comps, etc, her response made me mad, "oh, so you're one of those egg-headed educated people, eh?" In the past we have had our run-ins before today's fiasco. About half-way through her berating me about being over educated, the maintenance supervisor walked in and heard the tail-end of her rant against me. In our row of townhouses, we've never been late on a rent payment, we don't own a dog yet I still pick up the dog poop in my front lawn, and I always do a police call in front and behind my building... Yet she's going to berate me? SMH.
  4. adsii1970

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Ok, my complaint for today... New rental company is managing the complex I live in. Here's the problem - now they want to do quarterly "property checks" - and according to the law of the state I live in, they are entitled to do it. However, it's one of those bad things left over from my Army days - because all I hear is QUARTERLY INSPECTION. And to top it all off, I really don't want to go to work today.
  5. adsii1970

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    My mistake, it is a thumbs up icon on this forum. But everything else I said is the same.
  6. adsii1970

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Right now, the only reactions we can do for any post is a "like." The forum software offers four or five more, but our team keeps it simple (as it should be). The "reaction" is someone liking your post. And if you click the heart icon, it will show you who has liked that particular post.
  7. adsii1970

    The Summer Break Thread

    My summer break is divided into two parts. Since I do not have tenure, if I don't work in the summer I do not get paid. So, my summer break goes from May 15 to May 29 and August 15 to September 3. It's a good thing I don't like long vacations or deviations from my normal schedule.
  8. adsii1970

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Ugh, what a bad, bad pun!
  9. adsii1970

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    No, you haven't. You've just left a film on the lenses. There are a few ways you can go about to remove it, but I will tell you one that I use and have had great success. Go to any optometrist's shop where they actually do the lenses. Buy some of the spray-on non aerosol eyeglass lens cleaner and a few of those ultra soft cloth wipes you use for glasses. It will allow you to keep the lenses clean and keep the residue off them. It has worked for me for nearly 25 years. May it do the same for you.
  10. adsii1970

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    That makes living in Florida almost worth it!
  11. adsii1970

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Which still costs the student more money. At least buying it in book form, with the book I am already using, there's no *hidden* fees. But if I did use their "online" platform, students would have to pay to access it and then would have more cost as they print it. Unfortunately printer ink/toner isn't free. Oh, and neither is paper. This online product simply isn't cost effective for the student - which is one of the reasons it takes me so long to replace course textbooks when I do decide it' time. I want to make sure the student gets the best deal. Yup. Even if you did remove humans from the planet, the world would still have significant climate change. Hehehe, I like your way of thinking. In a Latin textbook, I found a gem that has stuck with me since the undergraduate program: Latin is a dead language, As dead as can be. First it killed the Romans, And now it's killing me...
  12. adsii1970

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    You know, that's exactly how I felt now that you mention it...
  13. adsii1970

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Had to deal with a book rep today. She wanted to convince me to change to her company's foreign policy textbook. After listening to her presentation for twenty minutes, I asked her a few quedtions: Why should I change textbooks and adopt yours? My students are already paying $78.00 for the main book and $43 for the primary source documents book? Her answer was that her books would actually save my students money. The main textbook would only be $108 and the primary source documents are on-line. Then she proceeded to tell me that students would have to pay a one-time online access fee of $35 to access the documents. Her math does not support her claim. Students pay $121 for both books I use, brand new. They can buy used copies for as little as $65 for BOTH books. Students sell both books back. This past semester, many students were able to sell both books for $45. The resell value for the main textbook for hers is only $48; the on-line fee is not returned when the semester is over. I then asked her what made her books so much better than the books I am using... Here's what she used as her selling points... Hers has a full analysis of the Trump administration's foreign policy (this is something that can never be done accurately and without bias at least ten years after a president leaves office regardless of what party the president belongs to). Hers highlights the problems with the American Constitution and how it prevents, to the detriment of the planet, a worldwide government which would have the authority to regulate human population growth, industry, and economy. Only a global government would be able to stop the damage to the planet caused by humans. Right now, the ONLY recent president we can evaluate the success or failure of their foreign policy is President William "Bill" Clinton. There's too much still-classified documents for George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama's administration. Maybe in 20 years, we will be able to talk about the totality of both former president's foreign policy. Right now, all analysis is speculation on what's known, which may not exactly be completely accurate. I asked her if she believed that the students should be allowed to make up their own minds about the successes and failures of American foreign policy and simply be presented with the facts. Her answer astounded me. College students don't have the right to have their own opinion, this is what causes the world's problems today. In higher education I am supposed to know the importance of teaching students what to think. I do not care what your political affiliation is; to claim one view is the ONLY CORRECT view is a very dangerous thing. It never works out too well. When I told her I was not interested in adopting her publisher's books, she immediately wanted to talk to my department chair to see if I could not be "convinced" to adopt her publisher's "superior" textbook. No worries, my department chair backed me up. I've had the complete freedom to choose what books I use in each of my classes for the last 15 years, no need to change that now.
  14. Unless one of the other players possesses the "Get out of gut free" card. Then you must regurgitate that player...