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  1. Misspell the Username!

  2. And do not be afraid to revert to the craft editor, tweak, and launch again!
  3. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Need I say more...
  4. Any Train Simulator/model railroading geeks here?

    For those of you who do not know... here's a website about the Kadee coupler system: Kadee focuses on HO and related narrow gauge rail systems. In the mid 1970s, I think, it began producing N scale couplers using the same technology. Soon, the N scale sales began to catch up with the HO scale demand, and a separate company was formed: Micro Trains... and they still have their own couplers: Just as with the original Kadee coupling system, these also use magnetic decouplers to add realism to the freight yard or siding. For model railroaders wanting to go with a prototypical operation within freight yards and sidings, this allows you the ability to hands-free decouple your freight consists.
  5. Any Train Simulator/model railroading geeks here?

    Why not keep it here. Who knows, maybe we can introduce the younger generation to model railroading.
  6. Any Train Simulator/model railroading geeks here?

    I'm going with all new kaydee couplers and trucks where I can. I'm going to use the Magne-matic coupling system in my industrial spurs. In my old box, I still have the rail and coupler test gague so that's not going to be a problem. Last weekend, I purchased the 2017 N and Z scale Walthers catalogue, mainly to plan out a couple of industrial spur modules. At this point, planning (and a lot of dreaming) is all I can do. Can you post picture updates as you go?
  7. First Flight (Interlude)

    If you need to talk, vent, etc, please reach out. Send a pm, do something. I cannot speak for anyone else here, but I've got big ears and strong shoulders. Hang in there...
  8. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Nope. But what about @NSEP
  9. Pacific Rim...?

    I've not seen either movie. Are they worth it?
  10. KSP Weekly: Under the surface of Titan

    Yes, I saw the same thing... @Darth Badie, are ya'll ok?
  11. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Hahaha, now that's funny... My 7-year old will ask me to crank it up (even if it is already loud) when I play Meatloaf, AC/DC, KISS, REO Speedwagon, and Smashmouth. But the same child will ask me to turn it down (and like yours, claim my music is too loud) if she hears Elton John, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Arlo Guthrie, Crosby Stills and Nash, Chicago, Genesis, or George Strait. I guess she does have her limits!
  12. Thread to complain bout stuff

    You're right. I wasn't thinking of the bass. But now that you mention it, it has always irritated me, too. Especially when the perpetrator is TWO cars behind me and my rear-view mirror is bouncing to the bass...
  13. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Man, you must be getting old like me! It doesn't seem that long ago when I would cruise into town with my radio on as high as it would go, blasting my cassette tape of AC/DC's Highway to Hell as loud as I could. Just factory speakers in that old Mazda B-2000. But now, even my daughter asks me to crank it up. I just don't like a lot of noise...
  14. Best Looking Computer Thread

    Brings a completely new meaning to "cat and mouse" games...
  15. Best Looking Computer Thread

    Well, it sorta matters. No one would take it seriously if your tower looked like this: Hey, now that's an idea... I wouldn't have to pause games to get another cup...