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  1. Make these two female Kerbals stock

    Squad assured us the same exact thing when Valentina was added. And it didn't work that way last time. I'd lose four saved games if something were to go wrong in the process and I really would hate to have to start all over. And I know there are others who feel this very same way. It would be catastrophic for one of my saved games. This was brought up once before. The thing was, if I remember correctly, they thought that four astronauts were enough. Personally, I think they need two crews of three. All they should add is another scientist and engineer to round things out. In .18, they were all just random named and I don't understand why that wasn't left alone. Oh, it was fun having Jebbert, Billybob, and my favorites, Ralph and Fred (and the half dozen mutations of those two names). But when they added Valentina, they did something to the generator and it started throwing out "real" names such as Gus, Gene, and Neil (or at least they popped up in my roster). I agree, no real names should ever have been used for Kerbals. I'm kinda partial to the strange ones like Kerny, Thompberry, and Podgas.
  2. Make these two female Kerbals stock

    [snipped quote] I go in and edit the persistent file ever so often. I love the dumb ones who happen to be badS so I change their traits. They get happy-crazy when they're launched, achieve orbit, and return. Oh, and some even let out what looks like a laugh right before they impact something.
  3. Make these two female Kerbals stock

    Because the way the game starts would fundamentally have to change. That means new code would have to be written to allow for the user to select the first crew. It would generate additional lines within the persistent file which would not have been there before: Redefine the experience level of existing Kerbals to attain the orange space suit Redefine existing Kerbals to allow them to fit into the new Kerbal generation standard of the game. And this is where the problem comes from. Any one of those changes would be enough to render an old saved game as unplayable or incompatible with a new version of KSP. Ask any of the old timers. Every time Squad rolled out a new update, there was always the panic factor involved. I've been playing KSP since the .18 days. And I lost saves with every game update except 1.2 and 1.3, but that was because the major change in the game that dealt directly with Kerbals was when Valentina was added. I am not sure what all was added when they did the change in 1.0, but I lost a save game where I had a space station orbiting Jool that 120 Kerbals called home... I'd really rather not do that again. I get attached to my little green guys.
  4. Make these two female Kerbals stock

    I agree with this, @GoSlash27. And I will explain why... [Redacted] I will discuss it in a private message with anyone who asks but do not wish to bring politics into the forum any more than it already has. I come to the forum or play KSP, I do so as an attempt to escape real life. I don't care about anything political or any other thing. KSP and the forum are my escape from the grueling realities of teaching on a university campus (and I teach at three). Not everything has to be made PC nor does it have to be bent into a political statement. Fun can be fun... and should be fun without being preached at. I am an equal-opportunity employer of Kerbals... regardless of their gender or their specialty. So, when I visit the astronaut complex... the first five always get clicked, regardless of who they are. And if you're a tourist or someone stuck in orbit, yeah, you're added to my sucker victim astronaut roster, too...
  5. Make these two female Kerbals stock

    I don't think we will see it in any version of 1.X; the game is too far in development and too many people are playing it to radically change how characters are spawned. It would, virtually, wipe out any version of a saved game that was made under the old game parameters. I, for one, would NOT update past 1.4.2 IF a 1.5 version was changed in a way to break my saved games. Now, to add it as DLC (where players have an option to buy it or not) or to save it as a part of KSP 2.X, that would make more sense.
  6. Make these two female Kerbals stock

    Why not, for the sake of argument, have KSP allow the player simply to determine who starts as the first crew? Create a pool of candidates which contains both male and female Kerbals, and then have them all start as "white suits." The orange suit only comes out after the fifth star has been earned...
  7. Changing the KSP Engine

    I'm just waiting for KSP: The Role Playing Edition (board game)
  8. Lingua Latina mortua est
    Mortuus est esse.
    Primo Romanos interfecit
    Num occidere me, et nunc est.

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      No, you are not officially being warned. I can see how it would be confusing to you, though, so I'll knock off the funny talk. Sorry for the mix up.

      The last bit there was me trying to shoehorn words that would fit into iambic pentameter, and those ones worked.

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      Ok, that's fine. I really couldn't tell and meant nothing with the question but clarification. Check out that link... It's kinda cool...


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      I have eighteen notifications because of you guys XD

  9. I already teach a class on the history of the U.S. Constitution. The class normally caps at 25, but this semester, I allowed the university administration to raise the cap to 40. Even at 40, I still had 10 on a waiting list the first day of class. The belief is that if I were to also teach a parallel political science class regarding Constitutional theory... it would get a higher enrollment. Right now, that class, because of the instructors teaching it, only has about 15 students; it takes 10 students for a class to make. And I have never had enrollment in a course under 20 since I've been teaching there. I average around 27 students. And that's the short explanation why. Are they requiring it? No, but the increase in pay for being "cross disciplinary" would be a considerable pay raise. It would mean that instead of teaching at three different universities and community colleges, I could give one of the adjunct positions up. And that's always a good thing. Je parle français et me linguam Latinam. Ich spreche auch Deutsch Yes, try to use each of them often as you can. I've lost some German and Latin simply because I don't use them all the time. If you are in eighth grade right now, focus on math and sciences (STEM). Any idea where you are wanting to attend?
  10. Taxes Taxes

    I live in Kentucky. My wife works in Indiana, and I work for three different community colleges/universities: one in Kentucky, one in Indiana, and one over in Illinois. And all three states have income taxes and county taxes on income... I hate the whole intellectually weak argument "someone doesn't pay their fair share of taxes..."
  11. Make these two female Kerbals stock

    That's how I see it...
  12. Make these two female Kerbals stock

    To be blunt with all the social graces of a chain saw... No. Let's don't. Again, I do not see why we ever had to have "male" and "female" Kerbals anyway. I actually dislike this thread topic and it seems to come around at least once a year. And the wording of the OP - makes it seem as if you either agree with this topic or you are some sort of sub-human Neanderthal who is anti-feminist and should be immediately escorted off of the forum. In complete honesty, Harvester could have decided to create an alien life form (and that is what Kerbals or Kermen are, alien life forms) and have them to appear like the one to the left. No gender, just a few teeth here and there and four fingered. No clear identity on who this "Podgel" could be but... believe me, we'd have been just as accepting of this asexual representation of a spacefaring race of creatures. The first three astronauts were Jeb, Bill, and Bob. And in the earlier versions of the game, I don't think they had the defined roles as they do now (at least I don't remember them having roles in .22). They were also not named after any real astronauts. Just random names Harvester used - and Bill and Bob were generic enough they didn't necessarily represent any one astronaut but happened to simply share the same name. Valentina was NAMED after a real astronaut on purpose - the FIRST Kerbal named exclusively in honor of a real astronaut was named after a RUSSIAN FEMALE COSMONAUT. So, if anything, you could claim that feminism has already won a small victory in the game. I play KSP and I come to the forum to escape the politically correct nightmare of the American university campus. I enjoy flinging crap into orbit to see what will happen next. And in my current version of KSP (which is 1.3.0), I have four different save games going on, some which date to the .90 days. I do not understand, why in a game which main focus is the exploration of space, why we need to bring race, religion, politics, or gender issues into the middle of it. While I do understand the desires of some to have gender equality, what next? Demand that Squad create various shades of green Kerbals to represent different ethnic groups? Maybe we should add another category to the roster and have pilots, scientists, engineers, tourists, and simpletons. The simpleton Kerbals could have the mindset that Kerbals don't need to be in outer space and simply show up to protest every launch. I agree totally. It is depressing and a little irritating at the same time. For all we know, the Kerbals may be a tri-gender or quad-gender species who require a healthy diet of nacho cheese snacks and tacos in order to procreate. It's supposed to be a game about space exploration - and not meant to be a game with a political and social statement attached to it.
  13. What I think