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    I teach World Civilization, U.S. History, and U.S. Foreign Policy at the college/university level. So, with that said, I love history, love to do research, and enjoy good conversation.

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  1. No. But I'm here. No need to call Ghostbusters! Isn't that right, @JB182?
  2. Nope. But is @Spaceman.Spiff around?
  3. There's no such thing as "let me finish this mission; it will only take five more minutes..." in KSP.
  4. Nope. Not hardly. @JB182, where are you?!
  5. Nope, you might want to polish your crystal ball, Spaceman! But I think @OrdinaryKerman is nearby!
  6. I remember when (back in 0.18) even the KSC was very limited. Using Planetary Base Systems ( a mod) in version 0.28, I constructed "settlements" near the locations of both Woomerang and the Desert Airfield, and even the old Island Airfield across from the KSC. Using Kerbal Konstructs, you can actually bring back functionality to the old Kerbal Space Center, too. One of the things that's always bothered me about KSP (the original) is the lack of surface settlements on Kerbin. You'd think that with the Kermen being a space-age society, there would be cities all over the planet. I had even h
  7. Nope, once it is in orbit, you're stuck with what you have. If you have not saved and exited the mission you are on, you can revert to the VAB and add your struts, then relaunch.
  8. Who ever reads the older posts in a thread?
  9. He, too is slow, but maybe a second pinging will get his attention, eh @Spaceman.Spiff?
  10. Here, as charged. And have had my two cups of coffee already. But is @Starhelperdude paying attention enough to hear this ping?
  11. Mine wasn't featured on the poll either... May I introduce to you the Boeing CH-47 Chinook: Oh, and my favorite, having done this...
  12. I saw that I was pinged but I was asleep at the time. So, therefore, I will ping @OrdinaryKerman... Are you there?
  13. To properly answer your question, I have to do a little math before coffee: I have 2,542 hours on my Steam game (this is simply the original Steam download + updates since 2012). I have 1,260 hours on my non-Steam version (1.3) I play that's fully modded. I have about 500 hours on my KSP Store version of KSP (stock 1.11 without mods) I have 250 on another version of KSP I piddle with. That means I have 4,552 hours I've played some rendition of Kerbal Space Program. Now, how much did I pay for the game? $5.99 when KSP was still in development and during
  14. Not uncommon in Steam. Check this thread for an explanation as to why this happens and how you can fix it.
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