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    Model railroading, backyard astronomy, space exploration, music (composition, play the French Horn, Oboe, Alto Recorder, and Cornet), learning to play the ukulele (seriously, I am :D), kit-bashing, camping, and hiking, reading great science fiction, and escaping the university campus any chance I get!

    I teach World Civilization, U.S. History, and U.S. Foreign Policy at the college/university level. So, with that said, I love history, love to do research, and enjoy good conversation.

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  1. 10/10 @ColdJ I remember when I hit 100 likes. It was a big deal. And it seems like it was just yesterday, too. Oh, and I see you everywhere!
  2. 9/10 only see you occasionally...
  3. I've added the url to the "how to" post in my signature to make it easier for folks to find in the future.
  4. I am glad they are gone for a variety of reasons, the most obvious is they add extra length to posts. Sadly, we have some forum members who would want to see how long they could make their signatures. Signatures are supposed to take up a very small amount of "visual real estate" essentially enough to tell the person viewing it a little more about you. A few posts back in this thread, I discuss setting up a status update and using it as a static page that you could paste the link to it in your signature. The status update can be updated can be updated just as any other forum post can be updated.
  5. Hum, maybe @AlamoVampire is here. Maybe next?
  6. I've wanted something like this when they first introduced the career and science modes. There has always been something missing from the progression. I'd even go so far as to say that even smaller rockets are needed - the first rockets were not 1.25 meters or even .625 meters in diameter. They were a bit smaller and gradually became larger as rocket science began to develop. It's odd that off the bat - Kerbal Space Program begins with Kerbaled capsules.
  7. I clicked, the URL brought me here, and I posted... But the thread is still locked.
  8. You see screenshots of KSP and you try to rotate them using your mouse to see the craft from another perspective!
  9. Im on Discord, too. Use it for keeping in touch with some acquaintances, family, friends, and pesky students.
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