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    Model railroading, backyard astronomy, space exploration, music (composition, play the French Horn, Oboe, Alto Recorder, and Cornet), learning to play the ukulele (seriously, I am :D), kit-bashing, camping, and hiking, reading great science fiction, and escaping the university campus any chance I get!

    I teach World Civilization, U.S. History, and U.S. Foreign Policy at the college/university level. So, with that said, I love history, love to do research, and enjoy good conversation.

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  1. And don't forget the fight scene graphics are used in three additional episodes, just with the image flipped.
  2. Banned for promoting some number business.
  3. My 1.3 game does. Takes about 34 minutes. My 1.12 game loads in about 25 minutes.
  4. Ah, the point of KSP? That's an easy answer. When I was a child, my dream was to become an astronaut. I was planning to attend the Naval Academy at Annapolis until my family pressured me not to go into the Navy. My goal was to become a fighter pilot (F14 Tomcats at the time) and then, from there, become a test pilot for the Navy and NASA. Normally, this is one of the pools NASA chooses astronauts from. Again, family pressures and all, I didn't go. Years later, after serving nearly eight years in the Army, my body was too damaged to even be eligible to be considered for any military or civilian astronaut program. Yet, my goals for getting into space are unrealized in the physical world. But I can live them out through KSP. No matter how many times I dock with a space station, land on Minmus or the Mün, or even Duna, the excitement is still there. Since those early days, I have added OPM and a few other mods to add more planets to visit. Why? Because it's how I can explore space without any stinkin' health and physical requirements. Maybe, someday, I will live out my dream to get into space - even if it is just a suborbital trajectory. I've played in sandbox mode since sandbox mode was all that existed when 0.18 came out. In fact, I still exclusively play sandbox mode. There are literally challenges I have come up with that are, in my opinion, just as difficult if not more so, than the contracts offered in the career or science modes. I like defining my own objectives, setting my own limitations, and then creating my own craft to fulfill those objectives. And not every mission is successful - I have had to make several rescue missions because of a design oversight. Generally speaking, I have more fun in sandbox mode games than I do following contrived story lines.
  5. I love the original Dune movie. I am afraid of what a remake will look like.
  6. Okay, here's my shot at it - Bad science fiction movies using military elements: Oh, being prior military for eight years, this is a pet peeve. I hate seeing some guy who is portraying any officer having insignia that does not belong to the branch, does not belong to the military they supposedly represent (like British officers using American military rank insignia), or even military equipment for a first world nation (in one such bad movie, they had a Russian diesel submarine being used as a U.S. Navy submarine with the words "United States Navy" on the side of the sub...). Or the other thing - high ranking enlisted and officers being portrayed as something just a bit smarter than a Neanderthal. No, in my experience, high ranking enlisted and officers are normally some of the smartest folk I've come across. Bad science contained in science fiction movies: Gaah. We need a barfing Kerbal emoji. On Amazon Prime, there are a whole bunch of really bad sci-fi movies with rotten science. A three-mile asteroid cannot be redirected with a handful of nuclear warheads. Sorry, it cannot. Physics cannot be changed. It would take a lot more to accomplish the goal of redirecting the asteroid - providing there is ample warning. Even NASA and the ESA have said it would have to be outside of lunar orbit to achieve that kind of goal. Once it's inside lunar orbit. No, you're not going to stop volcanic lava flow or seal off the cauldron of a volcano by spraying water on it. Sure, in some parts of Hawaii, the flow is small enough they can slow it down with water, but you're not going to stop an erupting volcano.
  7. This is the problem with most movies in our time. Imagine how much worse the movie industry would be and how little money they would make with a fifteen to thirty minute movie. Some of the science fiction and horror movies are the worst. We do all of these things throughout the course of the movie but solve the problem in the last fifteen minutes. Wait... if that were an option almost an hour and a half ago, then why now? Why not just do it then?! Jurassic Park? Design flaws all over the place. Why not have the circuit breakers in the main control building, where they belong? Backup power supplies for the velociraptor and tyrannosaur paddocks? Common sense. The software used to secure the facility did not have any sort of double redundancy (requires a second log-in and authorization before shutdown and reboot). Now yeah, Jurassic Park is now just thirty minutes long. I simply chose that one for the reason my daughter loves that movie, as I once did, but once you've seen it about 90 times...
  8. There are songs from your youth that you know what the song is with just a three note introduction. For me, this is one of the songs. And sorry, yes, I used the radio edit (clean version) instead of the original 8 minute release that contains lyrics that some folks may consider offensive.
  9. Don't get me wrong, the smartphone and Internet are pretty amazing innovations but it should never have become the "crowning" accomplishment of this era. All it takes is a good power outage and well, we're living large in the late twentieth century but without the corner payphone. Meatloaf has a song, "Life is a Lemon" which contains the lyrics, What about your future? It's defective.... It is still promising technology. It is just a shame it has not been developed as has so much more of the promising technology. I remember visiting my grandparents during the summers and he would watch some of those older movies on television. Cities under the ocean, cities on the Moon, cities even made on floating balloons in the upper atmosphere of earth. And those goofy movies were always set in 2010, 2030, or other far off date. And as bad as the special effects (and acting) were in those movies, it was always the vision of humankind progressing beyond contemporary technology. It seems that the last four decades have been stagnant compared to the decades of the 50s, 60s, and early 70s. And yes, it's been about ten years since I have been to the House of Mouse. I even remember the ride that you're referencing. It's a shame that all it is at the Epcot center is a novelty thing.
  10. Wow, see, I was unaware of that. But that's just one story of stacking trays. In the older Popular Science magazines, imagine that - but the size of a multi-level parking garage! Here's a reference article - apparently the author has thought the same as the folks did in the 1970s as I remember. The article references parking garages but the image it includes shows the side of a skyscraper where the balconies have been turned into hydroponic farms. http://www.agandt.com/wordpress/hydroponic-parking-garages/
  11. Not done. Those are just skyscrapers where the bottom two floors are reserved for commercial purposes. An arcology is a lot more than that. It would have industrial areas, agricultural areas, residences, and shopping all in one structure. In theory, you could live your entire life in it without ever setting foot on the "outside" world. Not to the extent it could be done. To be honest, with the state of evil in the world (yes, some people suck), I do not think edible packaging will ever become mainstream or commonplace. There's too much risk in it and what corporation would want the liability of that target on their back. Yes, this is the exact reason I play KSP. I am ignoring: Onions in a windowsill, sure hydroponics at work. But it is not large scale agriculture by any means. If that's your window, kinda cool, and thanks for sharing! Scooter: yeah, that image. That person is falling - not even the way Buzz Lightyear fell but with style. So, it does not count as flying.
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