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  1. KSP is dead?

    No, it's not dead and I've not abandoned the mods I am working on. It's going into finals and I simply don't have enough time between grading the projects of about 170 students, grading their exams, working on a book review for a publisher... and the rest of life.
  2. RIP Malcolm Young, AC/DC guitarist and cofounder, 1953-2017

    For those about to rock, we salute you!
  3. RIP Malcolm Young, AC/DC guitarist and cofounder, 1953-2017

    In the video I shared, he is the guy with the huge white guitar - that's almost as big as he is!
  4. RIP Malcolm Young, AC/DC guitarist and cofounder, 1953-2017

    @monstah I agree... but I've decided to pay my respects by sharing the first song from AC/DC that really hooked me... I hope that's ok.
  5. And no veteran can ever handle this one task the military so often threw at us: "Hurry up and wait!"
  6. Plock 39, Y003 "Thank you, Lieutenant. Sent it back..." Chapter 53 Our last burn went well. We're now three hours from our next maneuver point. Based on the recommendation of Lieutenant Gilti and confirmation of her calculations by Commander Karloff, we ignored the recommended burn time Bobak recommended. Our new burn time will decrease our arrival into high Kerbin orbit by nearly a day. We still have more fuel remaining than Bobak's original estimates. Shortly after leaving orbit, we received a new data packet from Bobak. And just as the last one sent by Valentina, this one was considered classified and I could not share with my crew. Shortly after the craft flown by Megy and Doodbas was downed by the alien craft, Bobak ordered a recovery team but because of the scramble of fighters from both the Island Air Field and the KSC, he didn't have enough qualified pilots to mount an air-based rescue. So he sent Sergeant Orvin and corporal Natalin in a ground explorer to retrieve them. According to the information Kuzzter had from tracking the encounter nearly thirty-five minutes before, they are around fifty kilometers to the west of the space center. The data packet also indicated that as the second rotation of pilots began their increased air patrols, Gene asked Commander Froming to fly a low reconnaissance mission over the area where Megy and Doodbas went down. Gene, who had been ordered to New Kerbin City as the unidentified alien craft first appeared on radar, was now back in full command of the space center. Within minutes of Gene's orders, Froming took to the air. Within what seemed to be seconds, Commander Froming was down the runway and pulling his Knat Mk 5 in a steep banking turn. "Uh, Commander?" Kuzzter's voice could be heard over the sound recording of the data packet. "Gene said he wishes you would 'show a little restraint' in your enthusiasm to leave the KSC..." "Roger, Kuzzter." Froming shot back. "Next time I go and look for Gene's butt, I'll remember that ---" "That's not exactly what I said," Gene began. "Go find our missing flight crew, Commander. My statement was that I wish things would return back to normal ---" And with that, laughter could be heard in the background of the flight operations center. Gene was right. Between the anomalies and the appearances of the unidentified alien craft, life has been anything other than normal. As Commander Froming passed the Western Summit Range, it was clear from the images that elements of the KDF had already been deployed around the space center. "Gene, this is Froming," within the audio signal, the pinging of the Knat's radar tracking warning indicator could clearly be heard. "Tell these Kermen not to get too trigger happy ---" "KSC Tracking, this is Platform Five," an unknown female Kerman voice came across the channel. "Confirm target is not hostile ---" "Well, I am so relieved," Froming shot back. "So take your radar lock off ---" "Negative, sir" the female Kerman voice returned. "We're using you and the other pilots to practice our tracking. After all, if you can't bring 'em down ---" "Just make sure you don't 'practice' firing missiles, too!" Froming's irritation could be heard. And then Gene became involved. "This is General Gene. Effective this morning, I received orders from the Triune Council pulling me out of retirement..." he began. "The radar drills will continue. We've got to be ready for whatever comes next ---" "I understand, sir ---" Froming began. "They pulled you out of retirement? Can they do that?" "Yes, they can." Gene sighed. "And yes, they did ---" "Um, well," Froming began. "General Gene, sir, I am entering the fifteen kilometer zone. Reducing speed to 225 meters per second and altitude of 250 meters ---" And within minutes, the Knat covered the fifteen kilometer distance. "Gene, I mean, General Gene," Froming began. "I've located transponder singals. I found them. Repeat --- I've found them! They are ok - they survived ejecting..." "Did you see the ground explorer sent out?" Gene asked. "Aye, sir," Froming replied. "It's still about twelve kilometers out. Requesting permission to resume normal air patrol ---" "Commander, this is Tracking." Bobak's tired voice could be heard over the audio. "Gene's stepped out. But resume patrol; General has ordered you to use patrol cap seven ---" "Roger, Tracking." Froming responded. "Patrol cap seven acknowledged." And with that, Froming's Knat again changed its altitude and course as he's always done. A patrol cap seven, one of the only three categories of patrols, is essentially a 'return to the KSC as soon as possible' order. It's nothing really out of the normal; of the last three patrols I did around the KSC, I was given a patrol cap seven order. I simply ended my patrol early, returned to the space center, and reported to Gene. "Captain," Gilti's voice came across my cabin's communications panel. "There's an incoming data file for you. Do you want me to direct it to your cabin?" "Yes, please do." I replied. "go ahead and relay Commander Karloff that shift b will begin in ten minutes. Shift change will happen in three hours." "Aye, sir..." she replied. "He says he'll comply." "Thank you. Kerny off." And with that, I'd have three hours to myself once I finished with the new data file that was downloading. The difference between a data file and a data packet is the type of data each contains. A data file is normally a text file or a collection of text files. A data packet normally contains audio, video, and text files. This data file wasn't classified, but because it requires an authorization code, it is considered as personal in nature. Not knowing what to expect, I opened the file. Wow, a personal message from Dr. Angelo! Apparently he's been reviewing our progress on this mission and has decided to redesign our landers! I think before I send him a reply, I want to share this with my crew. Rather than giving him just my observations and ideas, I think it would be more beneficial for him to get every bit of information we can about our needs when on the surface of Minmus and what we think we might need on Duna. As I was closing out the data file, Gilti called me from the command deck. "Sir, you have a Priority 3 message coming in ---" "Thank you, Lieutenant." The time I had hoped to use to get some sleep was now rapidly disappearing. "Send it back." "Captain," the familiar face of Commander Bob appeared on the monitor. "I hope I'm not disturbing you too much." "No, Captain," I began. "This is most unusual. I wasn't expecting to hear from you ---" "Yes, but as you know, I've been out of... contact for a while. Valentina should have told you about this call..." Bob began. "As you know," he began, "Gene thought the best way for me to get close to Jebediah was to appear to be taking his side ---" "I understand, Captain." I really am not sure why I'm a part of the plan. "She told me to be expecting a call. But the commodore didn't say anything else. I'm not sure, but where do I fit in?" "Jebediah has been monitoring all communications he can from the polar station," he began. "Luckily for us, he's no engineer or scientist. While he can figure out where the signals are heading to, he has no idea what is being sent." "So he'd be able to figure out ---" I began. "If I was communications with the space center, I could possibly be in touch with Gene. But if I call you ---" "He doesn't think I'm part of his problem and I won't tell Gene." I finished. "Exactly!" Bob continued to explain. "He only believes you took part in the whole delegates of five because you were ordered to do so. And he also doesn't consider you as being a threat ---. "I understand, Captain..." I began. It did make sense. "Gene and Dr. Edmund were right," he began. "Jebediah headed to the polar station. He knew the station had been abandoned six months ago. But he also knows it is the only location where one of those alien craft crashed." "Yeah, I remember hearing about that ---" but I couldn't finish my sentence. "I've been here for nine days, Kerny..." Bob's tone changed. "I've never seen Jebediah so... lost..." "What do you mean by 'lost', Captain?" I asked. "He's not himself," Began Bob. "Every day he gives me some new theory about what happened to Bill. He's convinced that if he's just able to get inside the alien craft, he will be able to find where they took him --- " "Kerny," Bob continued, "Every day we make the same trek... we climb into snow cat, we drive over to that...alien...craft --- which we still don't know how long it's been there --- and to be honest --- Kerny, I've got to go. Jebediah's coming back into the station; I can hear him in the airlock. Forward the information to Gene, Captain..." And with that, the communications channel closed. Right now, according to the orders from Dr. Edmund, we are to proceed directly to the new station, Zebulan Kerman, now in orbit. From there, we will be returning to the space center. But since Bob has made it clear that Jebediah is monitoring communications so I don't want to risk contacting Gene before our next scheduled data packet transfer with the KSC. That will happen a few hours after our next maneuver node and I will relay the information from Bob then. I still have another two and a half hours remaining before I take my shift on the command deck. Although my mind is full, I still must try to catch some sleep while I can.
  7. Ooh, ANOTHER Inch-worm! Hehe. Love these 'lil guys. 

    1. adsii1970


      Me too. I found some using Google where the inch worm is nearly microscopic. Here's an example...


  8. The Kerbin Defense Forces already have them. But here's a teaser shot for the next chapter... And yes, it's a design I've had for a while and was used in a previous chapter...
  9. Back In My Day...

    It's my planet system I bought with "birthday" money in 1978. At that time, it only had nine planets! It even came with a poster of the solar system I had for years...
  10. Back In My Day...

    Hahaha, yeah, you're right... And the planet pack that I hung from my ceiling as a child now hangs in my daughter's bedroom... and it, too, still has nine planets...
  11. KSP Challenge: Destroy the KSC!

    I like it... (as if my opinion counts). We must all pay homage to our new lord of the space center, @Darth Badie!
  12. Whats your favourite Launch Vehicle?

    Whichever launch vehicle requires the least amount of course corrections when I hit the space bar! Probably not the answer you were looking for. On a more serious note, as my skills with rocket design improves, the launch vehicles change. It's kind of hard to choose one that's my absolute favorite.
  13. Where do you get your news from?

    Here are the sources I use - and I am listing them in no particular order: BBC Reuters Fox News Spiegel JPL - NASA official websites SETI And a few other ones...
  14. Oh, when can we begin to horribly abuse play with this mod and learn all its limits?
  15. The cockpit I am using for the Aakab is - for all practical purposes, a lot like the F-14 cockpit. He is in the navigator's seat, but in this strange and parallel world, think of him having the ability to monitor, track objects, and arm weapons (kinda Engineering related tasks) but the ultimate weapons trigger is located on the pilot's stick.