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    Model railroading, backyard astronomy, space exploration, music (composition, play the French Horn, Oboe, Alto Recorder, and Cornet), learning to play the ukulele (seriously, I am :D), kit-bashing, camping, and hiking, reading great science fiction, and escaping the university campus any chance I get!

    I teach World Civilization, U.S. History, and U.S. Foreign Policy at the college/university level. So, with that said, I love history, love to do research, and enjoy good conversation.

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  1. Is there a Valentina plushie Boeing, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, or SpaceX can send up next... we all know how the roster is supposed to work...
  2. Or, God forbid, something go wrong with the capsule, the ultimate crash test dummy!
  3. I really wish Star Trek had more X-wing fighters and Cylons in it.
  4. Not only is it Spamed, it's egged, too...
  5. Sure, that's fine. As a reminder, the OP itself cannot be changed.
  6. No. Moderators cannot edit a post that does not violate the forum guidelines. We also cannot lock a thread that does not violate the forum guidelines. We will not lock a thread without the request of the original poster No. As stated in the chill, it is too close to roleplaying and would be seen as a violation of the guidelines. This would get the thread locked immediately. No additional number war threads would be allowed on the forum. This is roleplaying. And it runs foul of the guidelines. No maps. A scoreboard is fine as it has been in the past.
  7. Nope. Not this time. But what about @Ben J. Kerman?
  8. Wrong. @Dman979 is like the Borg. The correct way to refer to this bio-mechanical life form is 9 of 79.
  9. No. There cannot be two number war threads active on the forum. The decision was made by the moderation team when the 4th number war thread was created. May I remind you of the forum guidelines that appear to have been forgotten in the discussion to recreate rules for the number war thread: Forum Guideline 2.2j: Roleplay, e.g. acting as a Kerbal, creating fictional organizational hierarchy amongst users and/or interactions of fictitious entities of an oppositional nature; Forum Guidleline 2.2q: Reposting closed or removed content without moderator consent. While we do understand the desire to create rules for this game that will allow the game to become more fun and less problematic, as moderators, we are bound to enforce the forum guidelines in the forum games section just as we enforce them anywhere else on the forum. Creating teams, sides, maps, and all comes really close - TOO CLOSE - to role playing to the guide lines. This was the very reason that role playing is not allowed on the forum is because all it does is create ill-will on the forum that often spills out into other areas beyond the thread where it starts. I was not a moderator in the early days of the forum (2012 - before the Great Forum Purge of 2012) but I was there and can tell you how bad it was. If this thread continues to go down this path, there will be no further option available to the moderation staff but to lock this thread and any additional threads created to continue the number war legacy. If one ventures back into memory lane and looks at the first Great Number War thread, this is exactly the reason it and the Second Great Number War threads were shut down. We simply cannot allow this thread to go down the same path. The condensed version: Do not create another number war thread. It will be immediately locked and the forum user creating such a thread may find themselves receiving moderation action for violating a forum guideline as mentioned above. Do not turn this thread into a role playing thread. It's starting to turn suspiciously close to that now. If the trend continues, this thread will be locked. Please do return to playing the game rather than mutating it into something that violates the forum guidelines.
  10. Yes, this is the best way to do it. You can do this with most any Internet browser. It's what I do. Because of what I do for a living, I have a full copy of the professional Adobe Acrobat. If you have a Dropbox account and share a link to that folder containing the PDFs you want merged (I do not use Google Docs because of some of the desires of Google to think it has the rights to ignore privacy), I will be more than happy to assemble it into a single document for you.
  11. I visit this forum when I am at school. Although I do have access to a school computer, I don't use it since only the school PCs are allowed to track the sites we visit. I bring either my tablet or laptop from home.
  12. Yes. If you start a new thread, we can lock this thread. That's all I can say.
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