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  1. All it took was using a hole punch in the right location to make a single sided 5.25 or 7.5 floppy disc into a double sided disc. Did a lot of that.
  2. Hey, folks - I know we all like to share images of our battle wounds - it's part of our society. But because of this: Forum Rule 2.2c: Content unsuitable for children, e.g. nudity, sexually suggestive or explicit images, excessive violence, gore and recreational drugs; We'd rather not have more graphic images shared. So, in consultation with the moderator team, we decided that it would be better for this thread to not allow any picture at all. Sure, we removed a mangled toe image and while it is certainly not rule breaking on its own right, in the context of this thread, it could be used as a gateway image for more images which highlight excessive violence and gore which would be in violation of the forum rules. So, that's the reason the image posted was snipped. But please, continue to share the stories of your battle wounds. Sometimes misery loves company and others, we love to know someone else was in worse pain than we experienced!
  3. The Who: Anthology B52s - Nude on the Moon Anthology
  4. True then and not false. Your smart phone is still using computer technology (processor, basic programming, etc) to access the Internet. And true again, I have sent Jeb to Jool in the past. TUBM is probably VoidCosmos...
  5. Not quite; and it could be a topic up for debate. I took a new migraine medication and my allergy medication at the same time. I may not look like a brain-dead zombie, but man, do I feel like one. TUBM will be using some form of modern computer technology to access this thread.
  6. That's totally awesome. See, in spite of the news telling us humanity is rapidly on its way to some bad destination in hand basket, there are still decent people out there! I inherited two more classes this semester from an adjunct who quit in the middle of the semester. And I was told to "handle the mess because I know you'll do the best you can for your new students." And this comes right after me not getting tenure again earlier this academic school year. Who knows, maybe they are beginning to rethink the whole tenure thing?
  7. I think Albert Einstein already answered that question: "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the former." And from what we've seen globally for the last ten to twelve days, I'm pretty sure his "hypothesis" has been proven correct.
  8. It is sad to know that SETI@Home ends on March 31st. I haven't had a data packet downloaded since February 14th. It sent in the data around the 8th of March, not to be replaced.
  9. Uh, sure. yeah. And these are the same people who are doing YouTube cinnamon challenges and eating tide pods...
  10. Hello, @LittleBitMore and anyone else who wants to read my take of your questions. In spite of the forum members screaming gloom and doom about KSP and KSP2, I think there's a lot of life in the original if for some reason, KSP2 never becomes a reality or goes to become the blockbuster video game release of 2021!. The original KSP is very mod-able, it's pretty stable now, and you can virtually play it any way you want to play a game about space exploration - largely thanks to the modding community and the excellent support and attention given to the community by @SQUAD. It's a combination which rarely happens in the computer gaming industry. There are always going to be really great and long-played "cult pc games" out there; KSP is one of them. I've been playing since 2011 and it is my "go to" game. Without forum users, I would not be a moderator. And I am still a forum member, too. The only difference is green lettering under my name. And all it means is I have to set a higher example for others than I did when I wasn't a moderator. Which now that I think about it, was probably one of the reasons they made me a moderator - to force me to behave! Meh, it works. I'm more thankful for the folks who maintain the "under the hood" items. Without them, we'd not have the forum. It's not the worse forum software or layout I've seen. But there's always room for improvement. They are all a great bunch of guys. I am lucky to have met such a great group of people who also love this game and community as much as I do. Sure, we don't always agree on KSP and non-KSP topics, but I will tell you this - I'd be honored to have a steak dinner with any of them. Seriously, a few of them have transcended the "Internet friend" boundary and are a part of the "true friends" that I have. I'm 50 years old and do not make friends easily. But these guys have done what many who knows me in the real world believe to be impossible... and that is to arrive into the circle of adsii1970's friends... I'm going to take a pass on this question. It could lead to folks flaming each other. As Dr. Lyman Hall of Georgia said during the early debate on American independence, my personal views are my own. It depends. I'm also a moderator on the KSP's official Steam store page discussions section. So, between the two areas, and the IRC channel, I am really not too sure. See my profile. My music, astronomy, space flight all rate extremely high. But I also highly value being a part of this community. So, in reality, that's a hard question for me to answer. I once used the flag of my imaginary Kerbal nation (see signature image below). But after using it for two years, I decided to change it. So, I picked one which involved my favorite insect - the inchworm. My favorite animal is the octopus. But with KSP's Kraken jokes (and ancient mariners using the octopus to represent the Kraken), there were too many octopus avatars already being used. So... What?! In this day and age, and with the availability of the Internet, I do not think I have exclusive knowledge over anything - with the exception of what I'm planning to have for dinner. Nope because it's the last one on your post.
  11. Personally, I think it has a lot left than just two years. With as easy as it is to mod within the game, I suspect there will be new mods for a long time. Also, think of the history of some of the older PC games. I still play Tropico (the original), Tropico 3, SimCity 4, and Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific. Each of those games are old in PC game time. Ten years from now, I predict we will still see folks playing KSP -the original version.
  12. Yes, but Kerny isn't there yet. There are a bunch of mods I'm not going to use in 1.8, so now I'm having to redesign a lot of the craft. I am working on it, though.