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[1.x] LY-01 Landing Gear Improved

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It is known that LY-01 is the weakest gear ever, as its modeled after CESSNA's gear. However, in KSP the LY-01 still looks way too fragile/painful to use (from my point of view).
This is especially true, if you are using non-stock Tech Tree, with a better wheels coming much later.

What this mod does:

This mod is a simple patch, that makes LY-01 as strong as LY-05(aka the front wheel on the picture).
While this may not sound intriguing, it reality it substantially increases its stability against being crushed by aircraft's own weight.
Which means much much less reloading.


The "mod"


@crashTolerance = 325
 @springRatio = 25
 @damperRatio = 1.0

Save this text in a regular plain-text file with .cfg extension, and place it inside the Gamedata directory.

License: CC0


If you also want breaks enabled on LY-05, check this out.


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