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[1.3] SETI Caveman Challenge 02 - Mun Flyby

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Mun Flyby


After the spectacular success of the Daredevil Pilot who went to space in his plane cockpit using nothing else than solid boosters, there has been increasing pressure on the KSC to be less hesitant and more daring.

The work on a liquid fuel engine had numerous setbacks and the public is growing impatient. So a special group has been tasked with the design of a Mun flyby probe using current technologies. The lower to the mun we can get, the better for appeasing the public.


The challenge

Your challenge, should you accept it, is to reach an periabsis as low as possible above the mun, under the facility upgrade and technological limits described below.

Ranking is done by periapsis. For those who reach a periapsis below 10km, a second ranking is done by vehicle mass (KER readouts in SPH/VAB).

Minimum picture requirements for a ranking are
1. Design showing KER readouts in SPH/VAB, especially total vessel mass.
2. In flight, at or very close to periapsis. Periapsis displayed by KER or mechjeb (switch KER to partless instead of career in KER settings available in SPH/VAB). Note that the altimeter shows altitude over terrain when in surface mode.

Of course additional pictures, videos, etc are very welcome. As is a link if you stream it.


The restrictions

1. No R&D, SPH/VAB, Runway/Launchpad facility upgrades! (=> 30part / 9ton mass limit, other facility upgrades are allowed)
2. Tweakscale is only allowed for wings/control surfaces/landing gear/adapters.
3. No mods except the ones specified below. Visual and similar mods are exempt from this rule.
4. No cheating.
5. Science/parts restrictions as shown here
(thus no liquid fuel engines, reaction wheels, etc.)


Zsr2JSI.png Engineering101 node, use the "Alkaline Fuel Cell Mini" to provide EC when lower than 10% capacity

dEx0Z3u.png Structural Parts node

kbsDYBX.png Stability Node, the "Place-Anywhere 1 Linear RCS Port" can be used as an engine


The mods

1. Install CKAN for a separate, clean KSP install.
2. Only select the "SETI-MetaModPack". Click "ApplyChanges".
3. Leave all recommendations selected. Click "Continue".
4. From the suggestions, only SETIprobeControlEnabler is allowed, so that you dont have to worry about a RemoteTech connection. Click "Continue" and wait for the the mods to be installed.
5. RCS Build Aid is among the recommendations, but is currently not available via ckan. You may (highly recommended) install that manually from here: https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/RCSBuildAid/releases
6. Visual mods are allowed at your own discretion.


The ranking

By periapsis above the mun:

1. @Yemo with a periapsis of ~11,667m above the mun








My entry for the challenge:





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