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Ncog Nito

At what altitude does Duna's upper atmosphere start?


Hello All.  Just a planning question I think?  At what altitude does the upper atmosphere start on Duna?

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4 hours ago, Curveball Anders said:

50km according to the wiki

I think he means from below.  50 km is the height of the atmosphere; I think he means "how high do you have to be to count as 'upper atmosphere' rather than just 'flying'."

I have a vague feeling that it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 12ish kilometers, but that's a fuzzy memory and I could be off.  Haven't been to Duna in a long while (last couple of careers have been in modded solar systems), and I'm not in front of a KSP computer at the moment, so can't check it first-hand.

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