Ok so as you know from the title my kerbnet dose not seem to work correctly. Every time I pres kerbnet access I get a screen saying it’s offline.  I have 100% signal strength and direct connection to the space center. As far as parts that would influence this I have probodobodyne for a probe body (that took to long to spell) and two narrow band scanners the only mod I have running on this is TweakScale which can change the size of the parts but I don’t think that would influence it 


:Dthanks for even reading this

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Third post to Tech Support on the same problem.

No solution found.

It is very difficult to diagnose. If I took mods out it would require several hours of testing to verify if the bug is still present or not for each mods combination. If anyone is able to discover steps to reproduce that would be really great. 

I am using the Linux version of KSP with around 80 very common and popular mods.


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