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  1. @schlosrat Love this mod! Thanks very much. The regular (daily in effect ) updates are very impressive too. The optional mods icons don't seem to be appearing as advertised even though I have both K2-D2 vand Maneuver Node Controller installed and working. I am running Flight Plan v0.8.4 with experimental mode activated currently. When the weekend comes around I will update Flight Plan and double check the other mods' versions and generally make sure I am not doing something wrong. Hopefully it will resolve. I am running KSP2 via Proton under Linux, maybe there is a need to add support for some native Windows library.
  2. You have probably already got gstreamer1.0-libav and ffmpeg For other games I installed the libavcodec58 package. At least that's what it is called for Ubuntu variants. Provides; /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libavcodec.so.58 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libavcodec.so.58.134.100 Maybe?
  3. And worse still in my experience a few seconds after it minimizes it goes into an irretrievable black screen of death crash. Like I described before, for this I have found a workaround for multimonitor support with KDE Plasma. For me this is still working perfectly and makes the game playable. At first I thought it was making KSP2 a bit unstable but it has in fact been running along very nicely indeed. Nearly as good as in Windoze 11. Hopefully the next update will not break it or else better still, will make the workaround unnecessary. If you are using Plasma/KWM try making the following tweaks to your window manager . This time I provide the steps in more detail... First set the KSP2 in-game graphics option to "WINDOWED" and if required restart KSP2. It may have a titlebar at this point and you don't want that, don't worry keep going... Next press Alt-F3 to open up the KDE Window Manager titlebar menu Select "More Actions >" Click "Configure Special Application Settings..." As shown in the image below click the "+ Add Property..." button Scroll down the list to the Size and Position section and click the option "Fullscreen" Change the dropdown list setting from "Apply Initially" to "Force" and tick the "Yes" tickbox. Press "OK". That's it! Fullscreen no boarders or title bars, move the mouse outside the window to another application, nothing stops in KSP2 and no minimizing to an icon. In the KSP2 audio settings there is a tab-away audio mute option if you want that Good luck? Notice how everything is actually reconfigurable in Plasma, it's the best I am on KUbuntu 22.04 , Steam, Force use Proton 7.0-6 and GPU is RX 6700 10 Gb 1080p resolution (monitor max). Launch options are; eval $( echo "mangohud RADV_PERFTEST=aco DXVK_ASYNC=1 gamemoderun %command%" | sed "s/PDLauncher\/LauncherPatcher.exe'.*/KSP2_x64.exe'/" ) If anyone follows this then I am interested to know does it work for you? Can you follow the steps in my description okay? Is there an equivalent setup for non-Plasma/KDE Users? Is it needed for other desktop managers and if so is there way to do this in Pop!_OS GNOME for example? Does Linux distro matter? Does GPU model matter? Do we find that your mileage may vary? Oh and Mangohud seems to be working perfectly fine everywhere in game , at least for me. KSP2's high GPU demand made me install Mangohud for the first time ever. I like it!
  4. Master Bob made a thing. 4 X R.A.P.I.E.R.s pushing a single kerbal payload = totally OP. Pitch up 15 degrees off runway 1 and... ... just drive straight into orbit.
  5. Reading through this thread I am actually starting to come around to the idea that multiplayer might be worth a try for the following reasons, the top response has been the same as mine "I'm not interested in multiplayer. I might check it out, but I'm not going to play it a lot" so these are possibly the very people who might form a play group I could live with? and because otherwise these FPS gamers are all around me ... I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member. Groucho Marx
  6. The the new patch (KSP2 v0.1.2.0) improved a lot of gameplay bugs but it has added a new problem under proton/linux. Any action that causes loss of focus results in a crash to black screen. I have tried a bunch of different workarounds that allegedly can help for other games (gamescope, -popupwindow, borderless mode, proton tricks virtual desktop, etc) but none of it worked for KSP2. My window manager is KDE Plasma. I finally discovered that settting the in-game graphics option to "WINDOWED" and setting the KDE KWM (i.e. K window manager) to Fullscreen for the application shows some promise as a work around but the game seems to be somewhat less stable when set up like this. Edit: @Davidian1024One benefit of doing this is it stops KSP2 minimizing whenever it loses focus
  7. I am doing more testing but it looks like this bug has been fixed in Patch - v0.1.2.0. Thanks!
  8. I think this is the same bug as here and here and here This is for me the most play disruptive bug.
  9. Azgar Island Expert Challenge entry Centre image - Blue / White Accents- "OneOscar FG" Valentina Kermin Right - Red Accent air intake - "OneOscar FGXLW5" Bill Kermin Left - Red / Pink Accents - "OneOscar FGW6" Bob Kermin Meanwhile Tandas Kermin "parked" an "OneOscar FG" on the VAB roof just for good measure. KSP2 rocks
  10. The OneOscar FG by @Socraticat is just great for this Classic challenge. The very slow stall speed enables highly survivable rooftop 'good landings'.
  11. Lander with a rover and an in orbit rendezvous refueler stage. Minmus, Mun and return. Val ran into a bit of trouble from the reconnecting after docking back with the refueler in Minmus orbit and was forced to perform the Mun landing with the refueler still attached. All just a part of the plan
  12. Thanks @MakerTribe great instructions and it works perfectly! KSP2, Kubuntu 22.04 Gnu/Linux (I should have said) plus working mods = heaven. Thanks @munix the answers can be found at the link you gave too.
  13. I don't know how to do it. However, be aware that I am in Australia and about to sleep and will not be online again until after work in around 17 hours or so.
  14. It is looking very much to me like BepInEx / SpaceWarp are not loading under Linux when using Proton. That is a bit of a shame as with my new rig it is running KSP2 on Linux at an acceptable frame rate. I found this discussion https://docs.bepinex.dev/articles/advanced/steam_interop.html#protonwine but as the BepInEx download does not seem to include the script file run_bepinex.sh so I don't think it is a valid discussion. I did check the DLL's and they seem to all have sensible permissions and are marked as executables. I come to the limit of my understanding here, I am not that much of a Linux expert, just a regular hack . I am willing to try and test stuff if there may be ideas on how to get it working.
  15. New PC KSP2 made me finally do it. Ryzen 5 5600 32 GB DDR4-3600 AMD RX6700 10Gb Kubuntu 22.04 Proton Experimental Launch Options: none 18-25 FPS around the launchpad and up to 60 FPS in space. For some reason Mods / BepInEx / SpaceWarp etc., are not loading when using Proton Solved:
  16. KSP2 Rocks! Here is what Val, Jeb, Bob and Bill did today. Anticipating bugs and keeping the part count low for the old potato.
  17. I have seen this happen. It is a bug and lots of things are really getting kraken when it appears. I don't know how to reproduce it but my work around when it happens is to shut down the game ASAP and restart.
  18. If that's what they did then it works for me. During the countdown I hear certain numbers in Mandarin, Thai and French.
  19. The second thing I did in KSP2 was an Apollo style Mun landing. When I decoupled the CM/SM craft the LM craft got a name like this. When I flipped around and docked with the LM the combined vehicle got another name like this. When I undocked the LM to descend to the Mun I got two names like this, and so on. In map view I quickly lost track of which vehicle is which in low Mun orbit. It would be really nice if...
  20. Thanks @munix for your clear explanations. I guess the problem is that the focus is on providing the code in a hurry and not so much in providing clear and simple documentation. That combined with a simultaneous reorganisation of the folder structure is going to be messy. My problem at the moment is that not all mods have yet updated to SpaceWarp 0.4+. Hopefully mod authors will have this all sorted soon enough.
  21. Before this change I had one mod (Better Part Manager) which would not load with SpaceWarp. Better Part Manager updated and required SpaceWarp 4.0. So fair enough, obviously I am prepared to do continuous mod upgrades. SpaceWarp version 4.0 is only provided by the so called "BepInEx version". Now Better Part Manager works and all the other mods are not loading. Fine, I have rolled back to SpaceWarp 3.2 and no BPM mod for now. Please, mods install for KSP1 was so easy, put it in the GameData folder and that's it. I know there is a need for a mod loader and I think/hope there is one coming from the KSP2 devs. Frankly, ckan was completely pointless, but acceptably well implemented. Don't make KSP2 into a Minecraft Forge/MultMc/GDLauncher/Orespawn mess! This has to be easy and common across the whole modders community.
  22. There are several threads on this. @whatsEJstandfor identified that there appears to be a rotating kerbanaut roster.
  23. Fixes / Workarounds: There is a workaround for this bug. Split the decoupler staging and the engine firing staging into two seperat staging events. For the example of the Kerbal K2 rocket, reorganise as shown in the image below.
  24. KSP Version: Operating System: Windoze 10 because FPS in Linux is currently too poor on my potato CPU, GPU, RAM: i7-2600K, GTX 1650, 16Gb DDR3 Description of the bug: Placing any OX-4L solar panel on any payload inside a fairing causes the drag reduction effect of the fairing to disappear. Expected Behavior: OX-4L part should not add to craft drag when inside a fairing, nor should it remove all drag mitigating effects a fairing is having on all the other parts inside the fairing. Observed Behaviour: When an OX-4L is placed on a payload inside a fairing the Total Drag (as shown on the F12 AeroGUI) changes to the same value as if the fairing were already jetisoned. Steps to Replicate: Build a simple probe with a poor aerodynamic profile. My probe was 1xOKTO, 1xPB-X150, 1xST-Micro-4 truss and I put 5 small SP-S06 structural panels on the front of the probe oriented flat side on to the direction of flight. Launch this (on a BACC Thumper with fins for example) with no fairing and at 5 km altitude record the Total Drag value from the F12 GUI dialog. My result, Total Drag = 198.8 kN Now cover over the same probe with a fairing AE-FF125 "Cockleshell" and reduce the amount of argon in the payload to bring the mass down by the an amount equal to the fairing mass. Launch again same thumper and at 5 km observe the Total Drag. My result, Total Drag = 24.5 kN Now finally add a OX-4L solar panel inside the fairing attached to the truss and launch again. My result, Total Drag = 255.1 kN Optional exercise 1: Launch again with OX-4L but pre-jettison fairing in VAB. My result, Total Drag = 237.7 kN Optional exercise 2: Launch again replacing OX-4L with solar panel OX-4W and closed fairing. My result, Total Drag = 26.0 kN (i.e. no problem) Fixes / Workarounds: Don't use the OX-4L until the bug is fixed, instead use only OX-4W solar panels. A list of ALL mods: It doesn't matter as I have replicated without mods but I do normally use Space-Warp, Maneuver Node Controller, Sticky Orbit Markers and Micro Engineer, also "JOINT_RIGIDITY": 1500000.0, in PhysicsSettings.json Other Notes / Screenshots / Log Files: None this time
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