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  1. 1. Mining. I want a refueling station at every moon. 2. Fuel in Wings 3. Give numpad control instead of sliders in VAB. 4. HEX Codes for colors 5. EVA Ragdoll 6. Faster Rover wheels 7. Robotics 8. EVA Repair 9. Colonies. I want a VAB on every Celestial. 10. Create your own Kerbal sounds too cool.
  2. So satisfying to watch that rover eat hills like snacks.
  3. I have just encountered RCS thrusters being ineffective. Of the "Place Anywhere" kind. If I can recreate it I'll share the craft and save.
  4. I've really been thinking about what does it for me, and it's all about the paint. I love coloring. I love coloring my builds. I also like adjusting the opacity and getting shiny colors. After some time it feels like such a little thing, but it so new and amazing.
  5. I've seen a few bugs I reported on get fixed, others got buried (particularly the one about getting turned on the runway). I'm not even sure that one is in the KERB. I've also felt a bit discouraged from submitting new bug reports because progress on current bugs is so slow. Why should I submit a report for something that will get buried with other submissions? Are those still being looked at? I know asking for communication from the community is sort of a double edged sword lately, but I do agree with the sentiment that if there is more data needed for certain bugs, you should be soliciting the few players who are engaged to help you get that data. Maybe instead of asking the community at large, ask players to sign up to be part of a volunteer focus group- Like an on call list of players willing to simply play the game with the intent of recreating bugs for the purpose of identifying how to fix it. Why do I think this is going to help? I remember reading someone's comment about how they are not great at recreating bugs because they spend more time working on the game rather than playing. It's anecdotal, for sure, and maybe someone else remembers that post or comment, but the point remains that the players are REALLY good at finding bugs, lol. Asking a volunteer group would be a lot better than asking the community at large. I'd sign an NDA for that, and be willing to be paid Zero Dollars, if it meant the game could get to a higher quality sooner rather than later.
  6. I really liked everyone's super stable medium wheels, so I went with medium wheels this time.
  7. Try it yourself and enter the Challenge! Option #1 https://kspbuilds.com/build/272414d4-738f-49ff-9540-195514 Option #2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/14IrDJhHsud2PE_OaF2WwQ7lsSWvLwCWG/view?usp=sharing
  8. I'm not about to let a small thing like the Kraken ruin my fun. I called it the "space truck frame", then I put "Slamvan" on it, morphed it to the "Mail Truck", deviated to a lightweight flying option for a run to Laythe and now finally dropped the frame two clicks lower to become this. Dialed it in with friction set to 1 on front, 2 on rear. It was not easy. It was fun. You can drive it yourself ->here<- DRIVE SAFE!
  9. OK, hi, I'm back. So here's the big sticking point for this week's challenge: I get going down the runway with a rover. Once at a good pace, or even below max speed, the craft gets turned off course as if it was on rails for just a moment. Call me crazy, but it happens everywhere on the runway- All over KSC- Rarely in the Garage. Is it to due with curvature of Kerbin? WTH? This is my current Kraken fighter- I call it the Twin Jet Proto (real original): Maybe it's due to lift? It seems to happen without wings too. With these wheels and the ones just smaller. Long, long time ago... I made this to illustrate the problem. Someone said it was to gimmicky. They were right, but it was still fun, which is all that matters. This challenge seems impossible with this bug/ my user error. But it is still fun.
  10. I concur with this statement. I almost always get errors on complex builds- guaranteed with hydrogen. I thought maybe since my twr was so low, maybe I should reevaluate my expectations for these engines... then realized, "shouldn't that be reflected in the DV calculation anyway?" Having said that, I'm getting a solid 60fps in many situations around KSC with less than 100 parts. Super duper!
  11. I enjoyed my not so short test today. These graphics are just stunning. Editing gives me some extra time to appreciate each frame and I absolutely do. As far as gameplay is concerned, I definitely have time to plan my maneuvers... I think there's a clear improvement in frames, especially since 0.1.2 (my last comparable test). I'm really excited for parallel processing in "For Science!". EVERYONE TO THE HYPE TRAIN! 1.0 LET'S GO! (Sorry to the folks that didn't get a benefit from 0.1.5; it'll get there!)
  12. I've definitely encountered this as well, and It does seem to be a calculation error. I do have a documented vid of burning for an interplanetary transfer and only getting 1/2 of the DV that was originally calculated. I had 2 Swerv engines mounted radially with XL tanks. I'm loading up .5 now- going to test some frames with an old high part vessel, then maybe I'll try to get some data for this new mystery of "missing DV".
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