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  1. Well, it's been a while since I last shared... I think I had been banging my head against some wrinkled wings or something, then something about orbit lines. I just felt defeated after everything leading up to "For Science!". I had to take time for perspective and a fresh take on what the team wanted to present. Since then, I feel like I've almost forgotten how to play. Perfect! Ready to go! So anyways, I start building... I really wanted to fly to Kapy Rock in a plane. I wanted to do it on a little biplane, but I settled for this contraption. After a load for a photo op I had these wings. Perfect! My mission to the Duna Monument was nearly successful, but suffered from lack of tech and build quality. I feel like if I had gone with a Biplane design as I had done before I may have succeeded. That or a larger wingspan in general. This was a bit small for a Duna plane. Worked well as a glider. Got atmo science, then got outta' atmo. Settled on stopping by Ike for meager science gains before heading back to Kerbin. This is where I learned that there are some workarounds for getting off of a body while maintaining orbit lines. I'll deal with it for now, but that's gotta be the number 1 bug now, right? Right?! I had about 600dv left in this glider that separates into a re-entry vessel with another 1200dv (ish). I'm proud of this return. It was my first return from Duna in KSP2. This is a little Minmus Elevator I'll probably share in a video later. It's delivering a Tier 2 Rover. The rover and lift are cool, but the delivery process is quite unique since I don't have medium or large payload options. It shouldn't work, and it does- technically- which is totally great. My "Super-Chonk" Vessel is at "Chonk-Site" on Minmus. It's somewhere between 15 and 25 tons short of satisfying the "Little-Chonker" mission. I think another "Super-Chonk" should satisfy the requirements, since it's only half-full. Bob took the rover to pick up bill. They're like Bert and Ernie, they just need to be together. And this is how we get that sweet tech to unlock a sweeter landing at the Monument. I really need the bigger parts for the interplanetary round trips.
  2. I was super proud of this pumpkin. I'm tickled that it made this post! I've been taking in "For Science!" privately for my own enjoyment. I had to step back for a minute so I could get into it with fresh eyes. I had a lot of fun hyping KSP2 last year and I look forward to sharing all of the new fun I've had in the Tech Tree! Thanks to the KSP2 team for all of your efforts. And thanks for the mention!
  3. I've been away for a month, then finally decided to spend some time in "For Science" since 0.2.1 came out. I reached tier 2 relatively quickly, but had to fight missing orbit lines to finish a mission to land on and return from Mun. I suddenly wasn't excited for another trip to Mun. So I went to Mission Control to collect Science! for "Mun or Bust". The following mission asked me to "land on the Mun for the first time" and I rolled my eyes. I get that it's the first mission to ask me to do it, but 2 things bug me here... 1. Why don't I get kudos from mission control when I, myself, took the initiative? As a player I feel like that initiative is devalued and suddenly I'd rather stick to Sandbox. All you gotta do is auto complete that mission and we're all square. 2. I suddenly feel like an "Employee" who's expected to play a particular way.... but I'm the one that started the space agency, so why aren't you taking my lead? I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I feel like mission control ought to follow me just as well as it asks to be followed. That's just how I feel. I think the writing is great and all, but between returning from Mun without orbit lines (I have footage if anyone wants to see that... I think) and not getting my Science/advancement for landing from mission control, who was supposedly with me the whole way (I mean c'mon... I got Science for an ground sample, but didn't get recognition for landing- anyone else run into this?) I lost interest in the pacing and the bugs seemed amplified since they took up a larger share of my playtime outside of clicking through mission briefs. Assuming I play at the pace I'm expected and don't try to overachieve maybe I'll be more satisfied... right? (This statement is what I wonder to myself, and I hate it). So I go to Sandbox. I made a tiny Island plane. "OneOscar" biplanes suffer from 2 major issues now. 1. Wings seem to be made of paper, so landings need to be more spot on- not really a problem for ace pilots. 2. Landing gear produce phantom forces, so precision landing is nigh impossible. On the plus side, they are very fast now. Unfortunately I'm still getting crumpled wings too. A reload usually rights this wrong, but I'm tired of seeing it from 0.1.0. I've made it a rule that if a plane loads in this condition, I'm required to try a stunt. Here is that run... FLY SAFE!
  4. Second Take and done for the day. Everyone else is really into the game finally, so I think I'll just sit and watch for a while. It's good to see the hype train back on schedule. Just remember not to use the Swivel as a heat-shield.
  5. My first-take today was not great. I'll stick it out and try to work around this- maybe it's because of the engine as a heat shield? I dunno... I'll stay terrestrial or munar. But really not a great first 20 minutes. I made sure to post in Bug Reports. You should too!!!
  6. Glad to hear your having fun with your kid! That's the spirit of gaming I want to see for future gamers! Looking forward to the rest of the journey to 1.0! Thank you! Everyone!
  7. I set up a Twitch account some time back and I've been prepping it for regular streaming. Last night I loaded in some of my favorite crafts before choosing one to go to Minmus. Here's the highlight reel: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/2003167957 I'll be at it again tomorrow at 9pm if you feel like dropping by, or want to follow for when I start broadcasting "For Science!" next week!
  8. I've been gone for a little while, but I'm gearing up for "For Science!", if not for the new features, then definitely for some of the bug fixes. Wow is that a great list of things to look forward to! I booted up the game for the first in a while today just to see if I still remembered the buttons. The picture below is taken just before realizing that my docking ports defaulted to crossfeed enabled, thus ending this trip for lack of final stage DV. But it didn't matter- the thought of v0.2 on the horizon is just like the warm sun keeping your back warm on a cold day...
  9. 1. Mining. I want a refueling station at every moon. 2. Fuel in Wings 3. Give numpad control instead of sliders in VAB. 4. HEX Codes for colors 5. EVA Ragdoll 6. Faster Rover wheels 7. Robotics 8. EVA Repair 9. Colonies. I want a VAB on every Celestial. 10. Create your own Kerbal sounds too cool.
  10. So satisfying to watch that rover eat hills like snacks.
  11. I have just encountered RCS thrusters being ineffective. Of the "Place Anywhere" kind. If I can recreate it I'll share the craft and save.
  12. I've really been thinking about what does it for me, and it's all about the paint. I love coloring. I love coloring my builds. I also like adjusting the opacity and getting shiny colors. After some time it feels like such a little thing, but it so new and amazing.
  13. I've seen a few bugs I reported on get fixed, others got buried (particularly the one about getting turned on the runway). I'm not even sure that one is in the KERB. I've also felt a bit discouraged from submitting new bug reports because progress on current bugs is so slow. Why should I submit a report for something that will get buried with other submissions? Are those still being looked at? I know asking for communication from the community is sort of a double edged sword lately, but I do agree with the sentiment that if there is more data needed for certain bugs, you should be soliciting the few players who are engaged to help you get that data. Maybe instead of asking the community at large, ask players to sign up to be part of a volunteer focus group- Like an on call list of players willing to simply play the game with the intent of recreating bugs for the purpose of identifying how to fix it. Why do I think this is going to help? I remember reading someone's comment about how they are not great at recreating bugs because they spend more time working on the game rather than playing. It's anecdotal, for sure, and maybe someone else remembers that post or comment, but the point remains that the players are REALLY good at finding bugs, lol. Asking a volunteer group would be a lot better than asking the community at large. I'd sign an NDA for that, and be willing to be paid Zero Dollars, if it meant the game could get to a higher quality sooner rather than later.
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