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This craft is fairly fragile due to its high maneuverability, large part count, and mass. So I recommend using Unbreakable joints

This craft is a massive highly maneuverable jet-fighter style aircraft. This jet is extremely stable in flight, to the point where SAS is entirely unneccessary. This craft uses canards made from clipped Big-S Elevon 2’s to control the pitch and the rest of the control surfaces to control roll (besides the one on the tail fins of course). This craft also has a ridiculous amount of yaw authority, like too much. Pulling a hard yaw maneuver with this craft will immediately max out the accelerameter on the Nav-ball, so yaw at your own risk.






Download link (and additional screenshots): https://kerbalx.com/Kronus_Aerospace/Kronus-DD-3-PTV


Craft Mass: 87.1 tonnes
Part Count: 392


Flight Characteristics

-Rotation Speed: 50 m/s
-Max Speed SL: 346 m/s (Just barely Supersonic)
-Cruising Altitude: 9500 m
-Max Speed CRZ ALT: 298 m/s
-Stall Speed: 20 m/s
-Max Dive Speed: 460 m/s
-Sea level TWR: 1.78 (Will drop as the craft acellerates)


This craft was inspired by the works of Servo, I highly recommend that you check him out. https://kerbalx.com/servo
Servo has also made a large fighter aircraft inspired by this craft. It's quite awesome so check that out as well!


Side Note

I accidentally posted this craft on the wrong section of the forums. The topic is still there unfortunately as I do not know how to delete a topic. Any help would be much appreciated.

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17 minutes ago, ShadowGoat said:

Why would you make something that huge?

Mainly because I thought it would be funny, which it is, but it also ended up being a really good craft in general. That tends to happen a lot with me to be honest.

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