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Eve is a big challenge, especially for collecting science.   .  Originally I posted this as a challenge, but due to lack of interest I have removed.  Happy to put it back up if there is any interest.  This thread is now documenting my big Eve Science Mission 


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OK, I have my big Eve Explorer Mission underway, aim is to collect as much science as possible from Eve and Gilly in a single mission.  So far I have all the fly-by and suborbital science for Eve that I can reasonable collect (it is hard to get it all).  I am about 1/3 way through collecting surface and low atmosphere science from 9 biomes.  Just about to reach Craters.  Hoping to get all 15 biomes, but may not have enough solar panels on my Eve Biome Hopper to get to the Poles.  When Eve surface is completed and crew is back in orbit, the mother craft has the facility to collect all orbital and high atmosphere science, and also Gilly.  I hope.

Update:  Big challenge was mountain hopping from Craters to the Western Sea, avoiding the barren Midlands (no ore).  Also, the sides of Akatsuki Lake are steep, so needed some careful manual flying to land, float, get science, take off and get back to Highlands to refuel.  Now at poles, still plenty of solar power, and making the big haul to Crater Lake down the western side of the Eastern Sea.  Two biomes to go!

Update 2:  15 biomes completed !  Now bringing down the lander to take my Kerbals back to orbit.

Update 3:  Lander is down safely, but will need to fly a few more hops to reach it.

Update 4:  Kerbals in orbit, completed collect most science  in space above Eve and Gilly, and refuelled at Gilly for the return to Kerbin.

Update 5:  Mission completed, video below







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Very nicely designed and executed. It was a real pleasure to watch. What was the non-stock song? It was perfect. :D

If I had any minor constructive criticisms:

  • I think you would have gotten more range out of a more glider-like plane, but the one you used CERTAINLY got the job done.
  • Quality of life stuff:
    • Your nuke tug looked like it would have benefited from some autostrutting.
    • Turn up the friction and the braking on your plane landing gear--It looked like it tried to run away a few times. (although slippery ones ARE safer to land).
    • Turn down the gimbal range on the Vectors.
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