[1.4*] Fintech Industries Rocket and Aircraft Fins (1.1, New Wing Textures)

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4 hours ago, Shadowmage said:

:)  I meant nothing negative with my post, and agree with you fully.  KSP modding isn't just complex, its on its own levels (more than one!).  So bad that I constantly have to re-learn things when going back to older projects, because the API is just so obscure and nonsensical.  Still applaud the effort you put into making these parts and textures -- I know full well what it takes, and its not minor.

How did your naval combat game that you were working on end up going?

I know, no worries. I have the game converted over to HTML5 and working, but I haven't been able to commit to fully working on the remaining features until I finish the ship model, which will be in a few weeks. I like making real stuff out of wood and metal just as much as I do virtual modeling and art and coding, and I have to toggle between them to keep happy, usually in about 6-8 month phases.

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