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  1. ...if your intent is to learn engineering principles. Lots of people play just to create crazy craft that fail and explode in spectacular ways. Besides, no spacecraft is designed without checklists of checklists. Using a basic checklist function is proper engineering, ensuring all requirements are met before signing off on a craft for launch.
  2. That's easy to say and very hard to define. Hard-core players want a realistic LS, casual players just want to shoot off rocket ships. Gauging what the "average" player wants is guesswork. So the best position for them is to build out a very basic and optional set of resources somewhere later in the roadmap (which already appears to be a couple years worth of work) and otherwise build an easily moddable resource framework for modders to address the needs of smaller market segments. As much as some would like it otherwise, I don't think we're going to see a vanilla LS soon.
  3. This is a non-problem. If LS doesn't exist, modders will readily and quickly make it so. If LS exists but is very basic, modders will make it more realistic and complex. You'll almost certainly be able to choose from several systems within a few months of launch and If that's not quick enough for you, take a cut at it yourself or work on your patience. I for one don't expect the game to be particularly close to what it can or should be on launch, so I'm not expecting to be able to dive into a really deep, full-featured experience. We should remember how many years it took for modders to build out the experience that's possible in KSP1 today, and not anticipate reaching that level of features anywhere close to the near term. As for what LS is the right LS, well, like with most things everyone has a different opinion. So a good system would be a framework where resources to be tracked can be individually toggled on/off with each having commensurate game effects, with resources and the rules for said resources being easy to mod. If it's easy to mod, all they need to do is build out a very basic and optional resource set and then get out of the way and let to modders build out the versions where you need to engineer CO2 scrubbers into every craft.
  4. Radial In/Out rotate the orbit around the point of the burn. This is usually very handy when transferring to another planet and you need to generate an interception of the target planet's SOI. They're also handy to get satellite contracts to the exact right orbit.
  5. More JNSQ play.... Deep Space Lander - 5 (unmanned) in an elliptical orbit over Moho, about to do its final circularizing burn down to 20k. I don't see how to do a manned mission to Moho unless I build something really, really big in orbit- this one took off with 19k vac Dv, that was as much as I could manage without at least orbital refuelling. DSL - 5 landed in Moho's midlands, all the nice sciency bits are in the cargo bay. And Deep Space Transport - 3 on its homeward circularizing burn after returning from a manned mission to Gilly.
  6. I'm having problems with the transfer to another planet function in the Maneuver Planner failing. I looked in the KSP.log and I see this: [EXC 14:14:24.414] TimeoutException: Brent's rootfinding method: maximum iterations exceeded MuMech.Brent.Solve (MuMech.BrentFun f, System.Double a, System.Double b, System.Double rtol, System.Double& x, System.Double& y, System.Object o, System.Int32 maxiter, System.Int32 sign) (at <4cdbe337c6aa43d0bc3552436a95c969>:0) MuMech.OrbitalManeuverCalculator.DeltaVAndTimeForHohmannTransfer (Orbit o, Orbit target, System.Double UT, System.Double& burnUT) (at <4cdbe337c6aa43d0bc3552436a95c969>:0) MuMech.OrbitalManeuverCalculator.DeltaVAndTimeForInterplanetaryTransferEjection (Orbit o, System.Double UT, Orbit target, System.Boolean syncPhaseAngle, System.Double& burnUT) (at <4cdbe337c6aa43d0bc3552436a95c969>:0) MuMech.OperationInterplanetaryTransfer.MakeNodesImpl (Orbit o, System.Double UT, MuMech.MechJebModuleTargetController target) (at <4cdbe337c6aa43d0bc3552436a95c969>:0) MuMech.Operation.MakeNodes (Orbit o, System.Double universalTime, MuMech.MechJebModuleTargetController target) (at <4cdbe337c6aa43d0bc3552436a95c969>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) MuMech.Operation:MakeNodes(Orbit, Double, MechJebModuleTargetController) MuMech.MechJebModuleManeuverPlanner:WindowGUI(Int32) MuMech.DisplayModule:ProfiledWindowGUI(Int32) UnityEngine.GUI:CallWindowDelegate(WindowFunction, Int32, Int32, GUISkin, Int32, Single, Single, GUIStyle) [LOG 14:14:50.913] [Orbit] SolveClosestApproach: solve took too many iterations, result incorrect [LOG 14:14:50.957] [Orbit] SolveClosestApproach: solve took too many iterations, result incorrect [LOG 14:14:50.959] [Orbit] SolveClosestApproach: solve took too many iterations, result incorrect Any suggestions?
  7. Heading to Duna for the first time in this career, which is JNSQ and USI Life Support so I need habitation/supplies/lot more Dv, etc., and for some reason I'm only using kerolox. The 20m Lifter/Injection Module boosted the 10m Maneuvering Module to orbit, plus as the name suggests it will handle the Duna injection burn. The Habitation Module and the Duna Excursion Module were boosted to orbit by another medium-heavy lifter and the two major ship sections were docked in orbit. This design will be going to Eve also, albeit with a different lander.
  8. That sounds like you are having problems making a rendezvous, not docking. So here are the instructions for the easy way to orbital rendezvous: Install Mechjeb. Launch your two ships, one the docker and the other the dockee. Put the docker at 200k orbit, the dockee down at 100k. Go to your docker ship. Go to the map, left click on the dockee ship in the map view, and click on Select as Target. Exit map view and click on the Mechjeb button on the top of the screen. A list of Mechjeb tools will be displayed. Click on Maneuver Planner. If you don't see Maneuver Planner listed, you don't aren't far enough down the tech tree yet. Clicking on Maneuver Planner will display a Mechjeb window. Click on the drop-down button at the top of the Mechjeb window. Select Match Planes with Target. The Mechjeb window will reconfigure with new buttons. Click on Create Node. Then click on Execute Next Node. Sit back and watch your ship match orbital planes with the dockee ship. Click on the drop-down button at the top of the Mechjeb window and select Bi-Impulsive Hohmann Transfer to Target. Click on Create Node. Click on Execute Next Node. Depending on the relative positions of the docker and dockee ships, it may be a few hours before the node. As soon as the Hohmann Transfer burn is complete, SAVE THE GAME. Important. Mechjeb's biggest problem with rendezvous is that it can be TOO accurate, and your two ships run into each other at closest approach. So you want to save at this point in case they do end up playing orbital demolition derby. Click on the drop-down button again in the Mechjeb window. This time select Match Velocities with Target. Click on Create Node. Click on Execute Next Node. If your ships don't spearfish each other, you're done, you'll find the two ships in close proximity at zero relative speed compared to each other. If they do wreck, go back to your save. Make the tiniest burn you can-.1m/sec is plenty for this purpose. Then go through matching velocities with the target again. You'll find they're farther apart now.
  9. Did you try having the two vehicles target each other and then use SAS on each to point toward their targets? With anything not huge that will line you up perfectly. Then switch to linear docking mode and hit the shift key until you're moving at around .3m/s toward the target. Then use the up/down/left/right keys to get your prograde marker centered on the target also. That guarantees you're moving directly at the target. Wait until contact, you should be docked. No need for mods or anything fancy.
  10. The fact is that docking isn't that hard, or at least shouldn't be, if you have the right amount of RCS. Too little or too much, and your vehicle is tough to control and accuracy becomes impossible. The trick is knowing how much is enough and where to place the RCS units, and that only comes with trying to dock lots of different things of different sizes. That said, I got a little out of control building Icarus Orbital Station, and the docking of the fuel arms in particular was tricky because they had a huge mass and had to be lined up and rotated perfectly. The launches of the fuel arms were plenty tricky also
  11. Thanks folks. For unknown reasons, with this particular vehicle (I've tested it three times now) it will periodically stop responding to the correct keys in docking mode. If I go to map mode and then back, they start working again. Utterly senseless but there it is I appreciate the thoughtful replies.
  12. I am trying to dock a large module to another for a Duna run, and the RCS isn't working in docking mode. I have monopropellant, EC, and the RCS works when I rotate the module around with SAS headings, but the shift-ctrl-wasd aren't doing anything in linear or rotation docking mode. I've never had a module just refuse to respond to docking controls, so I'm confused. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. Thanks, much appreciated. I thought I had most of Nertea's stuff but I will go check again and also check out decoupler shroud and internal RCS.
  14. If you don't mind, what parts mods are you using there? I've been away for a while and don't recognize much of what you're using.
  15. The Time Control 2.0 mod allows control of everything having to do with warping, and allows burning while warping.
  16. Fun fact #2: an alignment of three or more celestial bodies is called syzygy.
  17. Pretty much this, but you can save fuel by letting yourself fall all the way to 1000m AGL or so and then max-burning down to a manageable 20m/sec or so for the last 500m before one final slow-down burn that puts you in the <+5m/sec range for touchdown. This method gets much trickier the lower the TWR of your vehicle is, however. If the TWR is much less than 2 then you might need to practice a couple times, seeing where you have to start that first big burn to leave yourself at 500m alt before you get it right, with the closer you come to crashing the better
  18. Click on the Compact button in KER, that will limit its display to TWR (thrust/weight ratio) and delta V per stage and make sure the Atmo button is on. Your first stage needs to have a TWR of > 1. However for best results, launch TWR needs to be 1.3-1.4. Don't go higher than that as the rocket will accelerate too fast and then you have heating and possible burning up issues. And don't go lower than that as it wastes massive amounts of fuel for very little vehicle acceleration.
  19. Thanks for the quick and detailed answer, Lisias I'll wait for your next release and get both birds with one stone. I'll then look at the other exceptions... annoying, a few weeks ago it was fairly clean, then I made the mistake (I think) to let CKAN update a series of mods with recent updates. In particular, I seem to have rolled forward to a Scansat version from which you can't roll back and it's broken something too.
  20. Lisias, I'm getting error spam in the editor: Appears to be happening with every change to the current ship. KSP and output logs.
  21. I upgraded Scansat using CKAN for my 1.81 game and now all the craft that have Scansat scanners say they are missing part Scansat.scanner, and although they load in the VAB they won't load for EL building. Do I need to roll back or do I need to provide a log? Thanks in advance.
  22. It goes without saying that if stock compatibility is important to you then you should use the stock functionality. For those who aren't concerned with that and play modded installs, I stand by that KJR is a better and simpler solution.
  23. I used autostruts in one game for a period of time, and had horrible problems with space stations going kraken, especially when releasing large orbital-built ships. I strongly suggest anyone who builds big to stay away from autostruts and stick with KJR.
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