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Aloha fellow Kerbalnauts

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Aloha from Hawaii fellow Kerbalnauts. I'm a relatively new player from Hawaii who's about halfway through their tech tree so far! Can't get enough of this game! I only have two Mods installed. Mechjeb and Alarmclock. I'm trying to finish the tech tree with as little help from mods as I can, so I can understand the game better. So far, I have only been to the Mun and Minmus, but planning a trip to duna and it's moon to try and grab some major science. As far as career mode goes, I'm only active on two missions right now (Temp surveys of Mun and Satelite in Mun orbit). I took an unmanned rover with me so I could try and knock out as much science on nearby biomes. I landed right on my last temp survey area (or so I thought) which was required to be taken on the surface, but it doesnt seem to check the box for me. Does anyone know if the rover will trigger the message about entering the temp survey area, or do I need the manned lander to do it? The only other issue I seem to be having but minor, in the VAB, i cannot zoom in or out with the exception of the middle mouse click and drag. Everything I see says you can use then Shift+/-, but it doesnt seem to be working for me. Appreciate any help...



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Welcome to the forum, @0hr-9am, and G'day from Australia.

With regards to the temp survey, no, it does not need to be manned.  I'm not sure if you are using navigation - In the map view left click on one of the survey markers and select 'activate navigation'.  A new marker should appear on your navball - head towards it and you should get a flashing notification when you are in the test area.

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