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  1. Indeed...though it technically is the correct term for what happened to the steel after the FTS went off.
  2. The velocity they were reporting was 6700 m/s, how close is that to the final velocity?
  3. It looked like something maybe happened right at shutdown of the second stage.
  4. Here it is! How well do you know Bennu?
  5. Bennu's irregular shape is going to be very helpful in solving this puzzle, as each piece usually sticks out quite prominently when it's in the wrong place. I only really had trouble identifying two of the eight corners as I was assembling it. Currently I have to put the edges together and finish printing the centers.
  6. This Rubik's Cube is going to be interesting...
  7. I should be able to catch a photo of it next time the station comes visibly by.
  8. The industry they cited SpaceX having filed under for most of their facilities was "guided missile and space vehicle manufacturing" which sounds to me like it might include various military-adjacent jobs that might skew lower in hazards from CFD and GNC office work. I can't be sure of that, though.
  9. Everyone who's on them, universally, commends me for having never used the Rest Mass or Clock Noise, etc. and urges me to never join them. Doesn't that sound like maybe there's a problem there that should maybe get fixed? Every such thing nowadays is designed to be addicting, and to force users to play the algorithm game in a capitalism where the currency is popularity. I got a free website of sorts instead to just write about whatever I want, and even that I had to twist and force to stop it from filling with "engagement", so I could make it look as boring and bland as I care to, and fill it only with what I make myself. I didn't like Vine when it was Vine and I'm not on Youtube to watch Vine. I do not watch shorts. I also do not watch ads. If there's an ad that somehow manages to force itself onto my screen, I avert my eyes.
  10. We had different options for like a day when the forum switched to its current host. I'm fine without. Anything more complicated than a 'Like' can go in a post and be constructive.
  11. I think I agree with placing it above Obi-Wan and Mando s3. I was pretty disappointed with it overall, though, which is what I expected. It could have been so much more, I think. It felt like the script was written in an afternoon.
  12. I had partial cloud cover but was able to see for a good while. I saw Venus too!
  13. Happy eclipse day! For those not in the path or stuck under cloudy weather, you can watch online: https://science.nasa.gov/eclipses/future-eclipses/eclipse-2023/2023-annular-eclipse-broadcast/ My forecast has been clouds all week, but I woke up to a clear blue sky today! I'm not in the path of annularity, but I'm very excited for a nice partial solar eclipse! I think my last solar eclipse was in 2017, and this time I'll have solar telescopes!
  14. Me making an autonomous bug farm in a glovebox
  15. Hearing that makes me feel like the asteroid is a relative.
  16. Indeed, it's beyond crowdfunding, but it makes me wonder what could be done with sticking a satellite body around a typical 8" mirror and launching a bunch of them, it might be something that public observers could select targets kind of like the ground based robotic telescopes. I'd still be more excited about space-based radio interferometry though.
  17. Would be nice to have one on standby for the next interstellar visitor too.
  18. Some of the issues have been mitigated, but I guess it's not as though the satellites weren't there at all.
  19. How was the capsule spun up? Part of the release mechanism, I'd guess?
  20. I estimated the separation between the binary planets to be around 1 billion km.
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