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Mission Coms- A full dialogue of Missions

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Hello people of the internet! I have decided to do a set of 'stories' based upon missions I, or others have done. In here I will watch through every mission and provide the kind of communications you may hear between mission control and the crew on the ship. I'll try and make it as accurate as possible and hopefully add some pictures to show you the sort of thing that goes on.


Let me know if its a good idea and check out some of my other posts too!

Link to my first proposed scenario

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Mission Coms Part 1:





The ship: SCS(Stump Class Shuttle SCV-002)

KSC: Check fuel

SCV-002(Jongung): Fuel showing OK

KSC: Ok we are we go for launch?.. We are go for launch. T-minus 32 seconds

Computer: Control relived of the KSC

KSC: OK guys we'll wish you luck for the launch.

Jongung: see you later Kerbin

Computer: T-minus 10

KSC: Engines throttle max 

Computer: 4...3...2....

KSC: Water noise dampening on

Computer: 1

KSC: And liftoff of SCV-002 to deliver KerbSat-01 to orbit.

Jongung: Keep to your checklists, don't forget to check them

Danble: This is crazy! Oh wow!

Computer: T+ 50 Prepare for stage 1 separation.

KSC: You guys have got the new system so let's see how it goes

Jongung: KSC, 002 we are spinning! We have lost all control!

To be continued...


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Problems in orbit: Part 2

KSC: What is your situation 002

Jongung: We have little control over everything! I have no rudder control or pitch.

Gllald: I'm seeing no starboard wing outside.

Computer: Engine shutdown.

KSC: Ok well your spinning should be slowing now, SAS is kicking in. The guys down here think your good to continue the mission.

Jongung: KSC,002 coming into orbital burn phase

KSC: Copy 002, let's see those engines work

Computer: Engines online

KSC: OK we are powering up those bad boys

Jongung: Hold on, this could be brutal. KSC, 002 we are ready for orbital burn phase.

Computer: Powering to 100


Still to be continued...

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Now what?: Part 3

KSC: 002, KSC how's it feeling there?

Gllald: [incomprehensible] Agh!

Jongung: Danbel get out of there! [Incomprehensible]

KSC: 002, KSC, what is going on up there!

Jongung: KSC, this is 002, all engines online and powered to 100%. We're just having a moment.

KSC: Ok guys, but you had a few of us getting sweaty down here, good to see you guys going.

KSC(EVA): Guys we need you to start breathing O2 now as I need 2 of you out on EVA to check that wing and the shuttle.

Jongung: Ok I'll start, Danbel? You with me?


To be continued...


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