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  1. Just out of interest I have been able to make an SSTPO with only aircraft parts just as my second aircraft I've ever made.
  2. Here is the space (pun intended COME ON ITS A SPACE GAME!) where all your questions and worries will be answered by the noble community of KSP.
  3. Can we add a new category? You may consider this as an SSTO but it is more of an SSTPO single stage to partial orbit. Nowadays with plans for space tourism, why leave out the Kerbals? An example if an SSTPO would be an aircraft that flew fast enough to get the navball to change to orbit but not any higher than 100km aka space. It would have to fly from a rolling takeoff and be able to land at the KSC. Takeoff speed would have to be under 120/ms but minor allowances could be made. This could be charged at a high price per passenger and this would give the company a fair bit of money. If you would like a (bad) example of what I mean ask me and I shall give. 4472TJ CEO of Kerbal Space Tourism and CEO of Kerbal Space Program's SSTPO Sector
  4. 4472TJ

    Mission Complete

    Sure links will be available
  5. 4472TJ

    Mission Complete

    Welcome to Mission Complete where I post the missions I have done with pictures, tutorials and the craft I use for download. The way the forum works is the earliest missions are towards the start (eg pages 1, 2, and 3) and the missions done nearest to the time of reading are at the back (eg pages 25, 26, and 27). Happy Reading!
  6. I've not been to either so do tell me what there like
  7. I like the new livery but the number change isn't good. I've got 2 model railways currently and a possible third coming along Guten tag. Spreken Deuche (but I can't spell)
  8. Ive tried rendezvousing with a craft in LKO but I was very bad and missed by 100's of KM. But as they say practice makes perfect
  9. @Rocket In My Pocket got any tips for launching the station. Should it be in segments or as a one launch. Plus I've got some pictures of my first orbital craft up there in space (they will be coming soon).
  10. So after only recently joining KSP I have achieved, after 10 hours play time, a stable Kerbin Orbit and a successful deorbit. I am now ready to start launching my first space station.
  11. Ooooh you know your stuff. Yes it really does mean Flying Scotsman (followed by my initials) but not because I'm Scottish but because a member of my family once drove the Flying Scotsman.
  12. Really, I thought I'd typed it all out. Maybe the forum doesn't like the letters "rld"?
  13. Sorry I hadn't realised. Well lest us not worry. I will continue the thread however a slight change will differ it to others as this thread will offer tutorials and detailed craft analysis on all parts