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  1. Check on the first page, there is something official
  2. At least we now know why the devs forgot. They were too busy working on KSP 2!
  3. This is incredible, it's almost a year ago that I started playing Kerbal Space Program and from that time I've learned a lot more about Orbital mechanics and spaceflight than I ever would have. It does sound as if squad will not be the main development team behind KSP anymore so I will be sad to see them leaving the main dev team. In my year of playing its been great and it's unlikely that I will be the first to get KSP2, but I am glad to hear that KSP1 will still be getting updates so I will continue to play KSP1 until the prices come down for KSP2. As most others are I'm very surprised about this new game, and I'm sure nobody saw it coming. It looks like KSP2 will be focused on interstellar travel. This is a worthy addition however it may start to ruin the feel of KSP and make it more like a si-fi adventure game, rather than a realistic sandbox game. Also great new music, nobody's sad about that I want to wish Squad good luck, Star Theory Games good luck, and all the Devs THANK YOU for KSP1 and good luck with KSP2
  4. Your wish is Squads command. Plus you get a new game with it!
  5. Although I think this is a fantastic idea, it would be in a way promoting the Martian. (I sound like I don't want it, but I'm trying to show the other side of the argument). I also feel that Easter eggs in KSP are normally related to real spaceflight endeavours that have changed the industry, or KSP related items, eg the Kracken. Although its a great idea its not real and I think Easter eggs should be reserved for only spectacular moments from spaceflight history.
  6. If anyone else thinks this is a good idea please post, and tell the community what you think Plus it keeps the thread nearer the top so it's more likely to be a feature
  7. This would be a great way to gain new Science and just another fun way to play KSP
  8. I certainly think that it would take a lot of disc space so adding a delay, say 1 Kerbal year, or a real world time delay would help I also think that on atmospheric planets/moons, the wind should be a factor that we use so dependent on the atmosphere of the planet, the tyre tread and boot prints should wear away over a few Kerbal hours. In terms of rocket engines on surfaces, that should only happen on more 'dusty' surfaces, for example the Mün or Duna. If you look at the footage of the Apollo landings, the effect that is on there would work really well. It would be best if all items in the Landing gear section create marks on surfaces, however there should be some areas that are excluded from having marks on them, for example Rocks (eg a mün arch) or tarmac (at the KSC)
  9. Not sure whether it's already been asked, but if it has, it's not got enough support. Kerbal Space Programme is super realistic! And since we've seen the previews to the planets (if your reading this in the future you've got them, lucky!) then you'll know it looks a bit stupid how rovers are going over ground and not leaving tyre marks! Not only that but for a while I've thought about how it's silly when Kerbals do a surface Eva and don't leave footprints, and one of the most iconic pictures of Human exploration is of Buzz Alderins boot print on the Lunar surface. I think to go with the 1.8 (I know this is stretching you to the limit if you guys did this) it would be a great asset to KSP and to stop making some of the textures looking so strange
  10. 10,000 of Tim Peaks Sokol space suits. Sell them back to Russia and make billions.... And keep one so I can go to space.
  11. They had enough money to add a c part to the - Why does BBC Sounds Exist
  12. I'd be happy to help with the station in preparing the modules, if you can give me some spesifacations of the individual modules and then I'll send over the craft files once completed
  13. Just found this and it looks great! @Ultimate Steve do you want any spesific things making for the station, as I know there's a few things still to be made but I take it you want these things launched in order, so I can make them for you.
  14. Thanks! Now to start work on a new top secret plane......