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  1. When we set out to make something, the requirements weren't space, more a functioning rocket. Budget obviously wasn't going to be high, but we considered companies sponsoring us. In terms of what I'm doing, its only going to be small in terms of budget and target altitude, but it's worth setting your sights for the stars if there's a project in mind.
  2. MCR Document I: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zZnHW4WfhLd2of3qkQEq7OgJy1FAJ7c65x8Gf0CBbS0/ MCR Document II: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m4_Pxs_pbh9KcwccquD0aJ5n-y2M-eIXagT-i1T-SuU/edit?usp=sharing MCR Document III: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1awHICO40A6pUHL-meGXNDB41Zw45Ex8cm2798jIqe5o/edit?usp=sharing MCR Document IV: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dXKAlMZjOic4W20pg1JCfGknUNzuxdwb8H0Kf0hjbiI/edit?usp=sharing MCR Design Portfolio I: https://docs.google.com/document/d/195VNV8cFF5kj_RtQasVp3CBNtt9TXnJyMlmPzHdOi2k/edit?usp=sharing Origin - The start of my personal project: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bf0n5Bp6U1BP9ar4fp-U-31yAxfjzs2qeIsSbqQx7zo/edit?usp=sharing
  3. A while back, I was leading a project to begin making and launching a small sounding rocket. Using my limited knowledge I created several documents to help educate the rest of my team which I thought might be nice just to show you all and see what is thought of it. Unfortunately, the project has been suspended indefinitely (I expect forever), due to the joy we like to call Coronavirus. As you can tell, I'm not exactly an expert, so a lot of information within there may not be 100% accurate. What you're going to see are the works I tried to make, so that rocketry is accessible for everyone. On a happier note, Project Origin, one of the documents you will read, is being taken on by me as a personal project, where I'm going to build up skills to develop a fully autonomous Sounding Rocket, and hopefully at some point a space capable rocket. For now though, enjoy.
  4. I'm Sorry, but no. I'm back in the game @Space Nerd
  5. Thanks for that. This now really shakes things up in the Dr Who world
  6. Hello guys. I've found this on the trailer for Dr Who season 12 and I don't know weather it is a Soyuz or something else. Anyone got any ideas? I seek your Superior Russian knowledge
  7. This is an allowed logo as it is of the "Sponsors" ownership. Watch out, the ones posted that were from YouTube are not legitimate entry's See post(s) above
  8. Sorry to ruin your dreams but, as you've already posted this on Reddit the entry and your previous entry (which may I add would probably have one, it's spectacular and the second I saw it I knew what you took inspiration from) will be invalid due to this section (see below) sorry to disappoint, however you could have been disqualified for the whole competition Also as a helpful reminder as I've seen this a bit you cannot submit ANYTHING that has either A) been shown at an art display featured in a video or any other media at a display IRL or B) That you have POSTED ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET (apart for the first time that you post it on this forum as a submission) AS THAT IS PUBLICLY BEING DISPLAYED. Sorry if I sound like I run this thing but I want to make sure that all users get a chance and its not fair if they miss the small clause above Also sorry mods for stealing your job
  9. This is genuinely beautiful. Wow. Thank you for making this beauty!!
  10. I agree it is the most beautiful animation I've Ever seen, especially when we have the handheld kind of feel whilst inside the command pod in orbit around the Mün (?). That was the most stunning part. And the reflections are spot on, as in I find in some games everything is super reflective (the GTA6 trailer is an example of this) but it was all spot on thank you Star theory for this!
  11. Will engine exhausts become more realistic as you climb into a less dense environment?
  12. I think considering that this is a real world physics simulation that Special relativity should be taken into some account. As we know Special relatively is very complex and modeling it accurately will be very hard so a simpler more watered down model could be used, and you've got to make space for those really Kerbal moments where you go faster than the speed of light for no reason!
  13. I'm in complete agreement there. DLC's are non essential to have a great gameplay experience and since I have never got one it works with me. To pay for a game at $60 and pay more just to get good gameplay really is taking it over the edge Anyway still hyped for it but keeping myself reserved
  14. I'm in full support of having no microtransactions. It would ruin the game and for players like me who have never bought anything in any game would be a great disappointment as we could not play the game to its potential. And this things going to hurt us $60! Which is too much for me to get as it roles off and then a further few more payments just to be able to play! I hope that KSP2 will be a better and true to KSP1 as it can possibly be.
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