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  1. 4472TJ

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I saw this in space today, and after a bit of editing this is the final effect. A Solar Eclipse
  2. 4472TJ

    Mission Coms- A full dialogue of Missions

    Now what?: Part 3 KSC: 002, KSC how's it feeling there? Gllald: [incomprehensible] Agh! Jongung: Danbel get out of there! [Incomprehensible] KSC: 002, KSC, what is going on up there! Jongung: KSC, this is 002, all engines online and powered to 100%. We're just having a moment. KSC: Ok guys, but you had a few of us getting sweaty down here, good to see you guys going. KSC(EVA): Guys we need you to start breathing O2 now as I need 2 of you out on EVA to check that wing and the shuttle. Jongung: Ok I'll start, Danbel? You with me? To be continued...
  3. 4472TJ

    Mission Coms- A full dialogue of Missions

    Problems in orbit: Part 2 KSC: What is your situation 002 Jongung: We have little control over everything! I have no rudder control or pitch. Gllald: I'm seeing no starboard wing outside. Computer: Engine shutdown. KSC: Ok well your spinning should be slowing now, SAS is kicking in. The guys down here think your good to continue the mission. Jongung: KSC,002 coming into orbital burn phase KSC: Copy 002, let's see those engines work Computer: Engines online KSC: OK we are powering up those bad boys Jongung: Hold on, this could be brutal. KSC, 002 we are ready for orbital burn phase. Computer: Powering to 100 Still to be continued...
  4. I have tried the holding F key and for me it doesn't seem to work. A more simpler thing like a button(s) on the SAS list would make it more workable with, rather than having it so complex
  5. I had never heard of the hold position F key. Me too ^ But I think we can all agree adding a hold horizon button on SAS would be useful
  6. 4472TJ

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Tried to make my first orbital rendezvous, all in all the craft ran out of fuel and is now (or should be PRAISE WARP TO VAB) stuck in orbit.
  7. I think your overcomplicating something very simple. The idea for this is to create a system where by it is your choice of lock position without Mechjeb or any mods being involved. For example, pointing a rocket at 45° relative to the horizon. You could press a button that locks your current position (45°) and like lock to Prograde it will keep you there at. Some people were mentioning uses: Aircraft horizontal flying Space plane re-entry Rocket launching Making Space Stations keep a position to make them look cooler Plus more I don't know about. I'm a new(ish) player so don't kill me for not mentioning something.
  8. 4472TJ

    Mission Coms- A full dialogue of Missions

    Mission Coms Part 1: LAUNCH! Kerbin KSC Launchpad The ship: SCS(Stump Class Shuttle SCV-002) KSC: Check fuel SCV-002(Jongung): Fuel showing OK KSC: Ok we are we go for launch?.. We are go for launch. T-minus 32 seconds Computer: Control relived of the KSC KSC: OK guys we'll wish you luck for the launch. Jongung: see you later Kerbin Computer: T-minus 10 KSC: Engines throttle max Computer: 4...3...2.... KSC: Water noise dampening on Computer: 1 KSC: And liftoff of SCV-002 to deliver KerbSat-01 to orbit. Jongung: Keep to your checklists, don't forget to check them Danble: This is crazy! Oh wow! Computer: T+ 50 Prepare for stage 1 separation. KSC: You guys have got the new system so let's see how it goes Jongung: KSC, 002 we are spinning! We have lost all control! To be continued...
  9. Has anyone ever considered making an example piece to show squad... Also I have a few music making instruments, if anyone needs me...
  10. I was more meaning what @Mad Rocket Scientist said though a new set of buttons for lock position and anti lock position would be required:
  11. The addition of lock position, ie. Lock to horizon or lock to current facing position would be a good idea. This would help in rocket launching and not wearing out our fingers pressing 'A' and 'D' to correct bearing. It would also help to make space stations look even cooler, as they would now stay locked to the horizon or locked to another position. The addition of time warping to stop spinning is great but, not any good for pointing in the right direction. I think that this tiny change could make a large impact on KSP in new ways much like 1.5 but more on the mechanical side of better visuals rather than just the looks.
  12. Again I'm Back Launch Orbital Burn Re-Entry Landing at Island Airport Some pictures are used from other flights as I forgot to take the pictures, but I can assure you I did do it all in one flight. No mods used all stock.
  13. 4472TJ

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    ah, I can see now
  14. 4472TJ

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Thought it was electrical, but I wasn't sure if it was the solar arrays...
  15. 4472TJ

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    incredible. Easy joke, not good but still funny Major Tim Peake's Sokol space suit Huge picture of a Soyuz I'm not sure what these are though