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  1. So... I don't want to start a holy war here, but Steam Remote Play is a little more laggy than a couple of other free solutions. It also has some benefits over other solutions, such as Steam integration and ease of setup which are important as well. If you decide to try any twitch-type games like Doom or even Halo, you may want to have a look at Parsec or Moonlight - that's another holy war as to which is better and why, but they can both deliver 100FPS reliably on wired gigabit with ballpark 10ms lag including the encode->network->decode phases (depending on your video card). If you want to get more info on either of those, pop over to https://old.reddit.com/r/cloudygamer
  2. That's unfortunately going to hurt on either title at least for now. Both have seen significant FPS bumps over the past few months, and much more planned. If you've got a solid network setup, check out streaming over your LAN - you might be surprised. If you can get both machines on wired GbL, the latency when using Parsec or Sunshine/Moonlight for in-home streaming is really, really good now. I used to game competitively, and I'm an absolute framerate and latency junky, but I'm in-home streaming now probably 50% of my gaming time without issue. If you want to try this out, I can point you to some resources.
  3. Are we even sure that Colonies is still the next roadmap item? Given the changes to Science/Exploration compared to what was mentioned in old dev interviews, I'm kind of expecting the unexpected at this point.
  4. I'm right back on the hype train now - having a great time with 0.2, and it's just made me hungry for w/e is next... Does anyone know if Colonies is still the next planned roadmap milestone?
  5. You gotta remember, the original announce trailer came out more than a year before the SX and PS5 were released so they announced support for what was available then. Fast forward 3.5 years, and we're deep into next gen lifecycle. In more recent announcements and interviews, IG has been really clear that previous-gen consoles are not going to happen. I mean, we may be approaching PS6 by the time console support ships. There are still going to be problems squeezing the game into current-gen CPU's, but you should not be concerned about it being hobbled by playability on doorstop-grade hardware
  6. Fingers crossed for this one, for sure. Setting up those crazy elliptical polar relay satellites was actually really satisfying gameplay.
  7. It was *so* easy to cheese money (and therefore science thanks to Admin building Strategies) in KSP1's career mode. You can have a fully upgraded KSC, all science nodes unlocked and 10's of millions of credits after just a few days of in-game time (not IRL time). This is before ever leaving Kerbin orbit. Money was a good idea for a mechanic, but the implementation was really just slapped together. There were a number of other really fun things in Career mode like upgrading buildings and Kerbals gaining experience that added some nice complexity. If the content gating had been planned more carefully, it could have been really toight. Fun fact: The original USS Enterprise had no bathrooms!
  8. This is kind of a core concept in a progression-oriented gameplay loop. There's quite a bit new going on under the hood to make that simple statement true.
  9. People get pretty whipped-up about this game, but I hope that was never interpreted as a lack of trust in you, the people of Intercept Games.
  10. I think this is being a little harsh... Yes, For Science! is probably the minimum viable product breakpoint that should have been released into EA, but with a fully bankrolled project like this, the developers don't have a lot of choice in what is released and when. The guys that own the IP and write the cheques have almost complete directive capacity over release schedules, even if they are completely unrealistic. Everyone we see in the dev interviews is literally a megacorp employee, and they take their orders from above. Note the timing of 0.1 - right ahead of T2's fiscal year end and in-line with earlier investor guidance - is not a coincidence. Could IG have arrived at the current state of progress by last Feb? Maybe, and maybe that's on Nate, but I think the first finger-point should be at the ones holding the purse strings and calling the shots. Probably a number of other concerns raised in this thread are related to the game being, so far at least, a recreation of KSP 1. Same solar system, same parts, same Kerbals, same tech advancement, etc. Why? Returning players have done all this before, in the same order, dozens of times. Did anyone in this forum even bother with a maneuver node for their first Mun intercept, or just eyeball it from doing it 100 times before? The extremely easy progression we're seeing is largely a factor of all the planets, orbits, distances and rocket parts being essentially identical to KSP 1. I still don't know how that decision made it past the whiteboard phase - that is something squarely on the dev's shoulders, and if we're going to furrow our collective brow over something, I'd suggest that's a good place to start.
  11. Lots of repetition, but some things bear repeating: 10. Legacy UI. Port it over and make it an option. It will quiet the masses. 9. Individual Kerbal progression. Kerbals may all look different now, but they all feel the same, and that stinks. 8. GIVE PORKCHOP. 7. Robotics - DLC is fine. 6. Kerbal Inventory/Attachment. 5. Discoverable CB's using telescopes, etc. Having everything already discovered is a drag. 4. VR flight controls and IVA/EVA (room scale, not that ghetto seated/controller nonsense) 3. Full Life Support, similar to USI's implementation and with cryo sleep pods. Make it it's own game mode and sell it as DLC. 2. Surface scanning using the SCAN-Sat (KSP1 mod) model. Some of the best integrated gameplay ever introduced by a mod. 1. kOS-like scripting (KSP1 mod) Can you have this out by... next Friday, say? tks.
  12. Guys - it's happening: As far as I'm aware, this is the first time KSP 2 has hit "very positive" in recent reviews. It also just eked above the 50% all-time mark for the first time since... March, maybe? Good to see some positive reception, finally!
  13. If some decision maker didn't see dollar signs at the end of the road, they never would have bankrolled development. No for-profit motive = no KSP 2. Nate & Co. are not Kerbals and actually require life support.
  14. For what it's worth, actual crashes should be really uncommon. Any chance your old vid card is heating up due to poor circulation or something? Assuming your NVidia drivers are up-to-date? Is it just the KSP executable crashing out, or the whole OS?
  15. I haven't given up hope of a SCANSat-like feature baked into this game. Nailing that polar orbit and watching the terrain/elevation/resource maps fill out is so satisfying - and immensely helpful! It really jives with the intuitive idea of sending a probe/relay sat and ground-imaging satellites before any kind of crewed mission to a new CB. All you need is a low, polar orbit and a lot of patience
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