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[PartTools] Exported .mu files don't work

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Hello people,

I'm having quite a few issues with the new PartTools for Unity. I'm trying to create a simple model and export it in .mu format, yet the .mu model is not properly compiled on export. There are no issues when exporting the .mu in Unity, everything works fine, yet the resulting .mu file is not readable by KSP or by Blender (when trying to import it with the .mu plugin it throws an error "Unrecognized format: 7654 5") I even tried downloading complete Unity projects with PartTools preinstalled from the following thread, but even that didn't help to create usable .mu files. (I used a fresh Unity project and exported the model that was included by the author @Beale, that didn't work sadly.)

Whatever I try, nothing seems to lead to results. Did anyone encounter something similar? This is truly frustrating, I'm hoping anyone can point me in the right direction...


EDIT. I'd like to add that I'm using a fresh install of both game and unity and that the textures used for the models are not saved in the unsupported .DDS format but as a PNG. (The more information the better I suppose :))


Yours sincerely


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