Five Uses For Ejection Seats * KSP 1.7.3 w/ Making History/Breaking Ground DLCs

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A cautionary tale about not calling up that which you can not put down. Oh, and fun with ejection seats in the latest version of Kerbal Space Program!

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I originally planned to do this video when KSP 1.7.3 dropped, but then I came up with a video idea for #Apollo50 that I just had to do first.

And yes, all my videos for new versions of KSP will feature improvements that nobody else cares about. Better silly and willy-nilly than shrilly. Really.

In loving memory of the Rotary Rocket Roton SSTO.

Oh, and Nagun Kerman, she'll be missed, too, I suppose.


Kerbal Space Program 1.7.3 with Making History and Breaking Ground DLCs
Additional parts and retextures are from Restock/Restock+:
Extra KSC buildings are from KSC Extended:

What is a Kraken?

More fun with glitches:

I Accidentally The Entire Planet
Munslide! Friction glitch in KSP
The Infiniglider In Its Natural Habitat

Music from
"Sweeter Vermouth", "Le Grand Chase", "Darkness Speaks", "Piano Cue One", "Epic Unease", "Flutey Sting", "Seventh Seal", "Music to Delight", "Der Kleber Sting"
by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (

Sound effects from
License: Creative Commons 0 (

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