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I think Breaking Ground. Making History added many historic space race parts and a scenario maker but not much else. The Breaking Ground not only adds the robotic parts but also new science parts along with contracts for that science. If that was not enough it also adds anomalies like ice geysers, trees and rocks you can pick up.  Unless you really want to create custom scenario  that other people can play, I would go with Breaking Ground 

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The main draw for Making History are the 1.875m and 5m rocket sizes, as well as the player-created challenge missions (there's a subforum here dedicated to that).

The main draw for Breaking Ground are the mechanical parts, and having more to do on a celestial body than just planting a flag and leaving again.


If you asked me, I'd make the player-created missions the deciding factor. If you're into that sort of thing, they will offer you far more playable content than Breaking Ground does. If you don't care for them, then Breaking Ground is the better package.

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