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[REQUEST] In-Game Kerbal Translator

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I'll get straight to the point. I haven't seen anything that can make a Kerbal talk. Sure, there's Chatterer and all, but you can't exactly control what the kerbals speak. So here's my request: a in-game Plugin that makes Kerbals talk (In Kerbalese, of course). Preferably connected to animations.


How I think it might work:


Anyways, we all know Kerbals speak backward Spanish. So we could get 2 Spanish speaking volunteers (one male, one female), and record all the letters in 3 ways: Angry. Happy, and Neutral. Then we would need to process the sounds so each of the letters are backwards. That's the easy part. Then we need someone to write an plugin so that it would work in-game. There should be a volume slider. Then, the player types in what they want the kerbal to say, and it gets converted to Kerbalese. Of course, they should select angry, happy, or neutral, and gender should default to the gender fo the kerbal. Preferably, it might also interface with the Kerbal animations so it looks like the Kerbal is talking. Needless to say, this isn't easy, and we might need a translator plugin for it to work.


Also, I found this:


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